Aries : little deceivers who like to poke fun at people, moving, hiding or even stealing small things like keys, sometimes they just lead other fairies by the nose; but even though they take things, they always leave gifts in the form of stones or flowers; these elves and fairies glow like hot ash.

Taurus : they enjoy beauty, collect precious stones and other brilliant things, surround themselves with flowers, live alone and are not afraid of anything, they are often shown to people; they glisten like gold and their wings look like corn stigmas.

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Twins : they love to tease people and other fairies, they are sociable and live on / in trees, they especially like the technique and they can play with phones or something that glitters, they decorate themselves with feathers and flutter so fast that they are difficult to notice.

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Cancer : quiet, modest and fragile, fairies and elves Cancers take care of animals and perform various useful actions for everyone who is nearby, they live in small groups near water and it is quite possible that you will notice how they dance near rain puddles; their eyes sparkle like opals and their skin glows as soon as moonlight hits it.

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Leo : they are very beautiful, they collect pieces of brilliant things, and they also like to collect beautiful pebbles and, quite possibly, your missing decorations – they have, they are very sociable and cannot stand when they are left alone, they seek to protect their loved ones and their home; often shown to human children; they are like little stars dancing with fireflies.

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Virgo : these fairies often help people with cleaning houses or from small sewing projects, they are also healers and take care of forest animals, create houses for themselves in the trees and stay in nests with birds, they fit into the picture of the forest and decorate themselves with earth and leaves .

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Scales : harmony plays an important role for them, they live in small groups and build their own society, they keep in safety and healthy form those and the gardens in which they live, often chirp right in the ear of a person; they glow like Venus in the night sky, their skin resembles clouds, their smile is like the rising of the moon on the horizon.

Scorpio : these small magical creatures live alone and can usually be found near the water, but it is very difficult to find them, because they apply spells to those who dare to get close to them, however, sometimes they are looking for people themselves; they are very, very modest, they have dark eyes that seem to keep all the secrets of the world, and their skin is painted with intricate patterns.

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Sagittarius : they are brave and courageous, often do not live together just because they are very busy looking for and collecting all kinds of trinkets, they are sociable and often play with the children of people; their whole body glows and shines like a tongue of flame.

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Capricorn : they are quiet and restrained, live in gardens or forests and take care of all the plants there, they can also live in the ground and collect crystals, they help people with house cleaning and secretly add ingredients to our food to make it tastier and healthier; their skin is in the ground all the time, but at the same time it somehow glitters like mica.

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Aquarius : they exist to serve other elves, fairies, people and animals, live in groups with other members of their tribe, love to play all sorts of games and tease people, but at the same time help them, they also play with birds and butterflies, adorn themselves with flowers; their skin is colored like the wings of a blue jay, and they emit light like the moon through the clouds.

Fish : these little ones are always kind to all creatures, they live in or near the water, play with any animals and help them, and these particular fairies often share with people fragments of knowledge about the supernatural; their skin is nacreous, their eyes sparkle like light on water, and their wings resemble the night sky.

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