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Often we are drawn to certain people by pure passion, although we know that they do not suit us in the long run. In astrology, the signs of the zodiac or its sister elements are traditionally compatible. So, earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) are compatible with the signs of their earth element or water element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) get along well with each other and air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini). There are also elements that are usually considered incompatible with each other: earth / air, fire / water, air / water, earth / fire. But we do not always act according to the rules and do not always look for what is good for us, but rather what satisfies us at the moment.

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Here are incompatible pairs, between which often there is a strong chemistry.

1. Aries and Scorpio

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This couple, which often have hot love relationships. Both signs are controlled by Mars – the planet of sex, aggression and energy. Passion will be a real superglue that will keep them together. It is necessary to prepare for endless tumbles in bed, and later on for conflicts.


There will be such a heat between them that they can hardly tear themselves apart. Aries men are completely reckless and rush into a new romance with a head, possessing a sense of male superiority. A Scorpio woman will tie him with his calm attitude and hidden passion. Her seductiveness will become his weakness, and his confidence – her weakness.

In a pair of Aries woman and Scorpio man both will keep each other in suspense.

2. Scales and Fish

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When the dreamy Fish meets the idealist Libra, a romance arises between them, built on the fantasy of both. The desire to escape from reality will create an idyll that will mask the problems until they are completely denied.

This is one of the most difficult combinations, full of love. Both signs want to make the other happy with the help of sentimental gestures.

Fish want to live in a distant world, cut off from the reality of daily stress. At the same time, Libra is always in search of an ideal partner who will meet all their standards.

Fish will force Libra to believe that they are made for them, even if it is just an appearance.

Unfortunately, when difficulties arise in life, both signs will begin to elude them and escape from reality.

3. Leo and Taurus

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A responsive, vibrant and sentimental relationship will arise between Leo and Taurus. This is the pair that annoys everyone by publicly expressing their feelings. The Leo, ruled by the Sun, yearns for admiration, while Taurus, ruled by Venus, simply wants a comfortable life.

Lev likes Taurus sensuality, while Taurus will be flattered by how Leo can make them feel loved and special.

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Since these are both fixed signs, they will be loyal to each other, but very stubborn and not inclined to change their habits. They do not agree to changes that can hurt Leo’s pride and Taurus’s complacency.

When something goes wrong, both are not ready to admit their guilt. Both are intractable and do everything in their own way that will end in conflict.

4. Sagittarius and Virgo

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These signs balance each other, but at the same time can drive each other crazy. Sagittarius – relaxed and inclined to look around in search of new places and people. Virgo is restrained by nature and inclined to ask the price, and not to rush into a romance with her head.

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Sagittarius liberates Virgo from excessive tension and intractability, but sometimes it will put her in an uncomfortable situation. For her part, the Virgin will deter Sagittarius from reckless acts and make you think about the consequences.

These two will have a relationship of constant attraction and repulsion, which is unique chemistry in bed. As a rule, these signs meet in their youth in high school and remain together, despite their differences.

5. Capricorn and Aquarius

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These signs will have a connection, because for both the co-ruler is Saturn – the planet of limitations and karma.

Capricorn is an adherent of traditions and respects rules and boundaries, expecting the same from others. Aquarius is a rebel who hates borders and always tries to break them.

Since Capricorns always behave like gentlemen, or like exquisite ladies in public, they have secret inclinations of which no one suspects until they are in bed with them. Aquarius does not hide his quirks either in public or in bed, because this will complement their thirst for experimentation and innovation.

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Since Aquarius benefits from unpredictability, and Capricorn does not like surprises, this will lead to real explosions, both in good and in bad sense.

6. Cancer and Gemini

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Cancer is prone to mood swings and can go from a state of happiness to a state of depression in a matter of seconds. The twins are carefree, but they change their minds at the slightest occasion. The relationship between Cancer and Gemini will resemble a roller coaster, as both signs are unpredictable when trying to cope with emotions.

Twins will not take Cancer irritability too seriously, as it is a logical sign that thinks with the head, not the heart.

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On the other hand, Cancer is driven by emotion and intuition. This creates an equilibrium where one sign has a strong point that the other does not have. But it will also be a source of frustration and misunderstanding later. In bed, the twins go with the flow, and Cancer maintains a healthy and romantic relationship.

7. Aquarius and Scorpio

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Aquarius and Scorpio are two signs that love to explore the forbidden fruit and talk about things that many people do not even feel comfortable thinking about. They will be intrigued by each other and this will lead to long conversations until the morning.

Both of these signs are fixed, which means that they are uncompromising and are not ready to compromise when a conflict arises. Aquarius can be quite arrogant when someone does not support his values, and Scorpio hates when they talk down to him, and can lose his temper if he causes a feeling of inferiority.

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In bed, Aquarius will fuel Scorpio’s sexuality, revealing a rare form of intimacy that few people suspect, as they rarely show their emotions.

8. Libra and Scorpio

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Scorpio is closed and rarely attracts attention. Scales have a radiant look and an open smile that attract the attention of everyone around them.

Since Libra is very contacts, they will help Scorpio out of his shell and have a good time. Scorpio will appreciate it, as he met people he did not think he had in common with.

Scorpio rarely talks about what’s going on in his head, and Libra will be curious to know him better. In bed, Scales will help Scorpios to feel loved and adored.

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Problems will arise when Scales is faced with the cold behavior of Scorpio, and Scorpio will be annoyed by Libra’s desire to find out information that they do not want to share.

9. Aries and Cancer

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Aries likes to feel like a hero, and Cancer needs protection and salvation. This is especially true for male Aries and Female Cancer. She will be the one who needs help all the time, as she often looks rather vulnerable, and he will be happy to subdue her and come to her aid.

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This is a good combination for intimate relationships, where Aries will lead Cancer into a real fairy tale. For the time being, it will flatter Aries until he finds a significant drawback – her emotional dependence.

Those born under the sign of Aries need space and independence, and this will offend Cancer, who will feel unloved and unwanted. Without knowing it, Aries will touch Cancer and will feel guilty just for being himself.

10. Fish and Sagittarius

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Both signs are controlled by Jupiter – the planet of expansion and good luck. Both signs rely on external forces in matters of direction in life, they love knowledge and the spiritual side of life, which is reflected in the intimate sphere.

However, Sagittarius is a man of action and pursues his goals when luck is on his side.

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Pisces is a watermark that likes to read other people’s intentions and relies on them to act on orders. Sagittarius is satisfied, but he does not want to deal with the consequences if he makes the wrong decision. This will disappoint Sagittarius, and Pisces will be offended when they are told that they will have to do everything themselves.

Since both signs are changeable, they can easily adapt to each other’s shortcomings, but their approaches do not coincide.

11. Leo and Capricorn

Both of these signs love status and authority, and this is what draws them to each other. Leo is a good-natured and passionate sign, while Capricorn is cool and practical.

They look at everything differently, although their values ​​do not match. Leo has a strong ego and self-esteem, which is easy to shake, if you ignore it.

Capricorn will put Leo in place, pointing out his flaws through constructive criticism. This can either lead to Leo, who was not used to someone going so far, or would infuriate him. In turn, Leo can bring a lot of light into the dark nature of Capricorn.

However, this is one of the most difficult pairs, as both can hardly meet the expectations of each other.

12. Taurus and Libra

This pair will have a special romantic spirit, since both are ruled by the planet Venus. Venus wants beauty and harmony, which at first glance can be a good basis for compatibility.

However, Taurus needs comfort, and it relies on tactile perception and taste. At the same time, Libra loves aesthetically beautiful things, and relies on visual sensations and sense of smell.

This will bring a lot of sensuality in their pair, but both signs will consider the other dependent. Libra needs emotional security, and Taurus will be the owner, and he needs physical security. Scales love to flirt, and this will be a problem for Taurus, as he wants to know that their partner is fully owned by them.

13. Cancer and Leo

Here we meet the combination of the Sun (ruler of Leo) and the Moon (ruler of Cancer). Both will have a special connection, where one complements the other, as they are two adjacent zodiac signs. The man Leo wants to subdue the woman of Cancer and treat her like a princess.

Cancer is a homebody and will show Lev the simple joys of life, such as love, devotion and family values. This can create a basis for a favorable relationship if there are large differences between them. Cancer has a tendency to anxiety, and if they start to patronize, it will interfere with Leo.

A joyful by nature Leo considers this a negative feature that will put out their fire. A lion may be demanding to offend sensitive Cancer.

14. Aquarius and Fish

Both signs are curious enough and will be ready for adventure. Initially, they will be interested in the company of each other and, perhaps, they will have a lot in common. Fish will have fun with Aquarius and try to take them away to the world of their fantasies. Whether Aquarius will want to follow them is another question.

Aquarius needs freedom and prefers to explore the world by its own rules. Pisces is sympathetic and considered one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, while Aquarius prefers someone less emotional.

In bed, Aquarius is likely to take control, and Pisces will agree to be led. However, in the end, both of these signs will be difficult to meet the needs of each other.

15. Aries and Capricorn

This is a strong couple, and is a good mix for a business relationship, but not a romantic one.

Both signs are leaders by nature, but they have their own approach when it comes to moving up. This will lead to a struggle for power, which will complicate the situation and hurt each other’s egos.

Although Aries needs a little conflict to feel a spark in bed, he will not do very well with too much rivalry. Capricorn usually controls himself well and prudently approaches success, while Aries is a pioneer who rushes headlong without a clear plan.

Being an earthly sign, Capricorn methodically performs actions, knowing full well what will happen. Aries are comfortable not to know and just assume that everything will turn out in their favor.

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