Your zodiac sign shows you which part of your personality you absolutely have to part with because it pulls you down!

Most of us have deep beliefs that are not good for you. Sometimes we notice them and see how bad they are for us. Then we have the chance to detach ourselves from them and banish them from our lives. But we don’t always understand that they harm us. Or we protect them and close our eyes from how much they drag us down and burden us.

So that this does not happen to you, the zodiac signs open our eyes today and explain which of your traits you should better say goodbye to in the future, so that nothing can poison your life.


You are a person who dares to go through life untamedly. You always get to know a lot of people and you have a special gift to sweep them away and inspire them. You love life and the challenges it brings. However, you have one quality about you that leaches you out and pulls you down: It is often difficult for you to distance yourself and just be for yourself. Treat yourself to a break and relax. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything and can return with new energy afterwards! Follow us here on Instagram.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

A strong lone fighter – that’s how you could be described. You know what you want and you prefer to make your own way. Then you know exactly where you are. But we humans are social beings and need contact with others. It would help you a lot to get involved with others from time to time and to open something up. There is a fear in you that others could restrict you and as soon as someone approaches you emotionally, you flee. Try to see closeness as a gift. You don’t have to do anything, but you can accept the affection. Give people a chance in your life and try it with them. 

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

Decisions are very difficult for you as a twin. You are just not good at listening to yourself and feeling clearly what you want. And that’s because you’re too concerned about others. You are afraid of doing something wrong and disappointing someone. Don’t worry, you can just be yourself and listen to your gut feeling. You don’t always have to please everyone. Let go of this worry and listen to yourself. This will help you to feel less pressure and make decisions easier. 


You are an absolute optimist and therefore often do not have the realistic perspective. You see the good in the world and in people, which is great in itself. But that’s not always all you should see. Keep your head clear and don’t block your view of a person’s remaining traits. Everyone has worse sides too. So that you don’t get ripped off and disappointed, it is important that you also notice them. Do not close yourself to reality, but stay open, even for the not so good. 


You are considered strong and untouchable. The people around you admire you and you need that too. You always yearn for affection and recognition from others. But that makes you dependent on them and makes you small inside. Your weakness is that you cannot give yourself what you expect from the outside. It would be much better for you if you could take care of yourself and give yourself the acceptance you want so much. You are wonderful as you are and you should know that and not expect someone else to tell you. 


Perfection is the motto of life. As a result, you get off to a flying start in many areas and achieve your goals well. Other people would often like to be like you on this point. But they don’t see that there is not only a lot of self-discipline behind it, but also a lot of pressure that you put on yourself. You have already planned everything and have a clear idea of ​​how what is going to happen. However, if things turn out differently, you are pretty inflexible and that completely throws you off track. Try to get things a little more relaxed and relaxed. 


Justice is so important to you. Nothing is more important to you than everyone and everyone is well and treated fairly. You take care of that! Unfortunately, all too often you forget that you are not responsible for everything. You are not the savior of the world and you shouldn’t ask that of yourself. It is too much of a burden for a person, especially if they are as compassionate as you are. It is a wonderful quality of you to help so selflessly and to stand up for others, but learn to set limits so that you do not forget yourself. 


Silence instead of arguing when others are wrong is a real challenge. And also the point that you have to learn in your life. You are a person who is only too happy to persevere in their point of view and would like to convince others. You can’t stand it if someone disagrees and maybe even wrong. You usually know it much better. But your stubbornness not only makes life difficult for your fellow human beings, but above all for yourself. Let go and learn to give in. For your sake. 


First of all, a big compliment: you have a quality that is very enviable and distinguishes itself. You are a person who likes to interact with others. You can easily get in touch with them and they like you, because you know how to express yourself and how to arrive well. But sometimes this carelessness is in your way, because sometimes you could take a little more back. Learn to pause and to first observe a situation and the people in it. What is appropriate and what is not? And who needs what right now? The real strength often lies in calm.


Distrust is a quality of yours that blocks your path to a happy and fulfilling life. You have been disappointed many times and suffered. But do not forget that what was done to you is not the rule, but the exception! There are bad people all over the world and you are right to protect yourself by not trusting everyone blindly. But at the same time, don’t reject everyone, but give the right people a chance. 


You give so much and often get so little back. That pulls you down and is totally understandable. The solution is not to stop being devoted and open-minded because that is your nature. What you need is that you pay more attention to who is doing you good and who is not. Does your counterpart appreciate you? Does he spoil you like you do him? Does he give you his love as much as you give him yours? If not, turn your back on that person instead of wasting your time on him. 


You live in seclusion and it seems as if nobody really knows you. The reason for this is that you don’t even allow anyone to come so close to you to try to get to know you. But it could really help you to open up a little. Because: There is more in you than you think and you are a great and unique person. Show that to people. Show yourself to them. You will be surprised that you experience acceptance rather than rejection. 

It is difficult to change. Especially when it comes to things that are deep inside and that we are not even aware of. Perhaps you have now noticed what you are doing unintentionally wrong and what has secretly made your life so quiet and damn difficult. Now you have the chance to tackle it and change it for the better for yourself. Keep your head held high. Everyone has their flaw. The important thing now is that you take this gift of the stars and turn them to your advantage. I know you can do it!

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