Your weekly horoscope from 1.4-7.4.

ARIES 21.3.-20.4.

Aries-born are currently rather unspectacular in love things. You have neither good nor bad cards – everything is drawing so slowly.

Anyone who wants to experience something new or is looking for contacts urgently needs to take action; nothing happens by itself at the moment.

Professionally, Aries can currently spend themselves as they want – it doesn’t do much. So stay calm, do not invest too much time and energy and wait; their hour is yet to come.

A little rest should also be appropriate for health. Because one or the other health restriction can be remedied with a little braking. 

BULL 21.4.-20.5.

Bull-borns are passionate lovers per se. This is coming into play at the moment, because the bulls are already scratching their hooves when it comes to spring feelings.

Anyone who gets to know a bull should not be surprised if it gets down to business quickly, because it is not up to the bull to wait.

The bull is often wrongly overlooked in his career. This is because he is always ready to use and his environment has got used to it.

Now the bulls should show the boss that a little consideration would be appropriate, possibly with a bonus or a small raise.

The bull likes to be lazy in sports – but it is advisable to pull the reins a little. 

TWINS 21.5.-21.6.

The twins are not exactly world champions in diplomacy, especially right now they want to head through the wall. This is in no way conducive to the relationship.

Therefore, it is advisable to respond to the partner even if the partner is apparently wrong. He doesn’t mean bad. Atypical for the twins – that they can not decide.

However, twins are currently challenged in the job and struggle to speak clearly.

Health looks good, but to keep it that way, something should be done. A little easy training is the order of the day, nothing helps, because otherwise laziness grinds too much in this regard. 

CANCER 22.6.-22.7.

Crayfish are made to react sensitively to people. They should too, because it is expected of them. All in all, there is a crisis in many respects that is causing problems for cancer.

But he cannot change much at the moment, because it is not he who tries to break out. Communication is still a good guide!

The achievements of the cancer-born can currently be seen, also professionally. If a cancer makes claims that are justified, it looks good with the fulfillment.

You should definitely include this in your “catalog of measures” that you often tell the boss what you want.

There is nothing to complain about in terms of health, because the stars provide the cancer-born with the necessary energy and health. That is why it is easy for them to start with new fitness programs. 

LION 23.7.-23.8.

The confident lion is once again out and about in the china shop like the elephant. Then he should not be surprised if he is reluctant to meet others whom he would like to get to know better.

It’s better to switch down a gear with the big flap, and then socialize with the others!

Professionally, one or the other mistake could creep in, which the lion should absolutely avoid. This is because he is currently somewhere else with his thoughts. So please be a little more focused!

In terms of health, everything is in the green zone, even if it is not advisable to fly high.

VIRGO 24.8.-23.9.

Virgins are often the linchpin of the family. But that can also be exhausting. Therefore, a break is announced, perhaps in the form of a weekend as a couple?

Everything runs smoothly in the job, but the same applies here: take a break from time to time. Otherwise, unnecessary mistakes creep in, which can lead to negative reviews.

Health plays a role and gives the virgin-born the necessary power that is needed to fulfill their numerous tasks. 

LIBRA 24.9.-23.10.

The relationship is currently looking rosy for the scales. Many are newly in love and enjoy it to the fullest. You have been waiting for the right person for a long time and now you know that you have found him / her. Let them have it! Because life is not just about work.

Professionally there may be further training, which you should definitely take, because even if you are not on the hunt for a great career, it may be a good chance for the scales to show what they are made of.

Fitness currently comes of its own accord because the scales are sociable and run with esprit. There are no signs of fatigue in the bones. Keep it up! 

SCORPIO 10/24 – 11/22

Scorpions are stubbornly looking for the right partner. They are quite willing to try out a few things. Go ahead! In the case of the scorpion, it is advisable to experiment a little, especially with other scorpions.

Professionally it is steeply uphill, which is also noticeable on the account. Congratulation! The scorpions have earned it with a lot of diligence.

There is nothing to blame in health either. If you feel a little immobile, you can look for easy training. 

SAGITTARIUS 23.11.-21.12.

Shooters are currently spinning like this – nothing earth-shattering can be expected. Neither in the partnership nor in the job does it really look like innovations. So just see that you get through the week well.

It is worth keeping an eye on health – don’t risk anything! Otherwise, this can quickly end in a plaster cast. So all in all keep mindfulness up these days!

If possible, the shooters should not travel too much by car, walking is safer and healthier! 

CAPRICORN 22.12.-20.1.

Capricorn-born women should consider their partners this week. Because they feel somewhat neglected, and not without reason.

Singles should flirt, because that increases the well-being. It also looks good in terms of career, because someone who can reward this can finally see that Capricorn can do a lot.

When it comes to work, it is advisable to rely on your own feelings rather than reason. Maybe now is the right time to change places.

There is also no reason to complain in terms of health, because everything is fit and does not stand in the way of larger companies. 

AQUARIUS 21.1.-19.2.

Aquarius is currently foaming with erotic desire. But he shouldn’t overlook the feelings of the partner, who might want to take it a little slower.

From a professional point of view, there is no point in trying to hit the wall with your head, because the bottom line is that it only causes trouble.

All in all, the watermen should currently shift down a gear, also with regard to fitness and sport, because otherwise there is a risk of adversity.

It is good to move, but too much can cause injury and failure. 

PISCES 20.2.-20.3.

The rather tenderly strung fish are currently on the rise, especially when it comes to love and eroticism. You should show your partner that he is loved very much.

If you are alone and looking, you are now spoiled for choice, because some candidates are really lining up. Professionally, there are a few options available if the fish-born are trying hard and working hard.

It also looks good for them when it comes to sport and fitness, because they find one or the other sport new for themselves and find out how good it is for them. 

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