In the middle of winter, for some there is a breather in the form of the school winter vacation, most of us are a bit sluggish and listless. But maybe a few encouraging words from the stars will help, and then everything will work again on its own.

ARIES 21.3.-20.4.

It is currently worthwhile for the Aries to be fully committed, whether privately or professionally. Because they have their luck within reach, and only need to mobilize their strength one last time. But that does not mean that everything is going smoothly for the Aries-born in terms of love. Maybe there are even bigger differences here. But the Aries should try to settle if they care about the relationship. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s a good opportunity to apologize for one or the other inattention. 

BULL 21.4.-20.5.

As usual, the bull is full of zest for action and should seize his chances. Because then a long-cherished wish can come true – privately or professionally. In the job, for example, this can be a new challenge or a new job in which he is better served and paid more fairly.

But even if the bull is happy about it – it should never neglect friends. The time is coming when he needs it more than ever. So always enjoy your free time and see if someone in the area might need help. 

TWINS 21.5.-21.6.

The twin-born have not had a good time. Many of them are sad and have blown misery. Now they should let it go and plunge into the joys of life. Health is also the best – what more could you want. So the twins should use their energy and do something good for themselves, without a guilty conscience.

In financial matters, it is better for the twins to hold back a bit. Otherwise it could lead to a bigger problem. 

CANCER 22.6.-22.7.

The crabs would be advised to be a little more sensitive to their fellow human beings. Because even if it was not meant that way, many a sentence can be misunderstood. Don’t behave like the elephant in a china shop! In terms of health, everything is in the best way, and crayfish don’t need to do much right now to keep it that way. As for money: the crabs like to give others advice on what to do with their money. Now use it yourself, and cancer will be lucky. 

LION 23.7.-23.8.

The lion basks again in the attention it receives from all sides. Then his overall condition is also positive, because the lion is only good if he is admired by everyone. But it’s slowly time to realize that you have to do something if the cash register is to ring. Usually the lion is lucky and gets a lot of gifts. But now it is actually the case that he has to overcome his indolence so that money ends up in the account. A typical lion-born is therefore in a bad mood, but nothing helps now! 

VIRGO 24.8.-23.9.

The virgins (men and women) are currently particularly erotic. These should not only use the singles, but also those with a permanent partner. Because he or she also deserves attention. However, the body finally needs a little rest, because the virgin-born have been overworking lately. A lot of sleep helps and a little relaxation at all. They deserve it and should take it slow in the near future. 

LIBRA 24.9.-23.10.

Libra-born are currently not to be envied. Because they are often eaten up by envy instead of thinking about their enormous abilities. Since most scales are currently physically active, they are also doing well. So there is nothing to complain about in terms of health. Only in work and private life would it be appropriate to no longer care about others, whether they are negative or positive examples. Financial progress is being made step by step, and most scales deserve it. 

SCORPIO 10/24 – 11/22

Oh no, the scorpions are getting really big from all sides. And on top of that, they also tend to let themselves go, and wonder if you don’t pay attention to them. But now get off the sofa and do an extensive pampering and fitness program! Then the good mood looks out of the mirror again, and then one problem after the other can be tackled, even if it does not (currently) look like it. It gets better, I promise!

SAGITTARIUS 23.11.-21.12.

The shooter has exciting days ahead. But don’t worry, it can also be positive! Otherwise it looks good, because financially and health-wise everything is in the green. However, the Sagittarius-born should be careful not to spend too much. This is only apparently a reward for what has been achieved. The worries you have afterwards don’t make up for that. There are a few major issues coming up in the near future, for which the shooters should prepare themselves with an austerity program. 

CAPRICORN 22.12.-20.1.

The ibex are really happy right now. Since they are always friendly, they usually take the hearts of others by storm. Many ibexes are already in carnival fever and are happy to their hearts’ content. In addition, upcoming work is easy to do, and she is particularly pleased because she sometimes has a hard time here. The zest for action is great, and so something can be created that will be useful later. 

AQUARIUS 21.1.-19.2.

Many watermen absolutely want to get to the top of the job, but it doesn’t really work. Then you should definitely try it now, because the stars are cheap for such projects. In addition, nothing can harm the Aquarian-born right now – they are bursting with energy. But the watermen should not pursue their goals so grimly, with a little more serenity some things are easier to do.

PISCES 20.2.-20.3.

There will be little excitement for the fish next week. Neither positive nor negative is much to fear apart from the series. If the fish need some help in the financial area, they can also accept it from good friends. You really mean it well. All in all, the fish are currently built close to the water and weep quickly with emotion. That is not bad, who knows it, knows how to classify it.

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