The most beautiful week of the year is coming up in the Rhineland and other carnival strongholds: the carnival. Rose Monday and Shrove Tuesday are used there to celebrate the so-called fifth season, and many a happy couple have already got to know and love each other under a disguise. So let’s see what the stars promise for the next week.

ARIES 21.3.-20.4.

Aries born have a good time. And this does not only mean the tingling in the belly, which often occurs in the early spring, but it can also wait for an acquaintance that will advance your career. All in all, things look consistently good at work, and the atmosphere among colleagues is fine, which is usually very important to Aries.

In love it is definitely time to do nails with heads. What should you wait for? In terms of health, everything is in the green range, if you don’t look at one or the other tiredness. These are the best ways to combat the rams with activities in the fresh air. Follow us here on Instagram.

BULL 21.4.-20.5.

The bull wants to go through the door with its horns, and that is not exactly pleasant for the partner. Therefore: show willingness to compromise! In others, a bull-born is best received when it shows its natural nature.

Because if he bends, which is difficult for the bull anyway, it will quickly put on. A little sophistication does not hurt at the moment when it comes to the professional position. Because those who do not tell the boss what they are doing are often overlooked.

Bulls therefore currently have good chances that the badly strained account will recover and that one or the other extra wish can be fulfilled in the future. If you start to do sport frantically, you should rather fall back to a normal level. This is the only way that actuation can make a difference without harming you. Follow us here on Instagram.

TWINS 21.5.-21.6.

The twin-born are enterprising in the carnival. But you shouldn’t go so far as to hurt the partner inside. He didn’t deserve that when he always kept the back of the twin free.

To make matters worse, the job is turbulent. But that doesn’t just have to be negative; there can be positive changes. The twins should be careful not to be upset and make mistakes happen.

Most twins don’t feel fit after the week. But that’s not a bad thing; with a little relaxation that can be straightened out. But you should definitely take this time. Follow us here on Instagram.

CANCER 22.6.-22.7.

The crabs tend to wall themselves in at home. But you shouldn’t do that. If you have the opportunity: off to the carnival. And if you don’t like that, you should just go out like this. In any case, you have to get out to get to know someone or to gather new impulses for a established relationship.

In the job, it currently looks like changes. This can be an opportunity that cancer should use. After all, one or two progress can go in the right direction. The motivation that cancer is currently showing is not only pleasing to colleagues.

It is also good for your health – because highly motivated, one or the other fitness program can be carried out more easily. Follow us here on Instagram.

LION 23.7.-23.8.

Even if this is a foreign word for the king of animals: willingness to compromise is the order of the day! The lion should learn from his partner in particular that he does not always want to get his head through. Even singles keep giving new friends the impression that cherries are not good for them. Therefore: some piano.

Professionally, things are going well, although the lion is – as almost always – dissatisfied. But instead of insisting on change now, the lion should wait silently.

The lion can draw on health from the full. Even if a small cold knocks on the door: otherwise everything is perfect. Follow us here on Instagram.

VIRGO 24.8.-23.9.

There are currently inconsistencies in steady relationships. But if you get to the bottom of it, one or the other quickly turns out to be a misunderstanding. So better talk to each other beforehand!

The maiden cannot be careful enough professionally. Because inconvenience lurks everywhere. One or the other goes wrong, and even if not, a small mistake can trigger a large avalanche. So be careful on all fronts.

We also have nothing positive to say to the virgins about fitness. Because they have a hard time getting up and are constantly tired. When it comes to sports, they tend to exaggerate and do damage. Follow us here on Instagram.

LIBRA 24.9.-23.10.

Beautiful, like most Libra-borns, and funny and charming, the world is at their feet. And especially in the carnival, when you can get to know one or the other. For everyone who is in firm hands, this is reason enough to let the partner share in how well they are doing.

At the moment it doesn’t look like anger or positive events in the job. Rather, it is the case that everything is done routinely, which is definitely in their sense. If the others show cooperative, if the scales do, then the best way to get there.

On the health level, it is advisable to take a little rest. Because whoever is only traveling at the highest level does not only do his health good over time. Young, fit people also need relaxation from time to time. Follow us here on Instagram.

SCORPIO 10/24 – 11/22

If there is tension in the scorpion, it should insist on a debate. This can be with friends or with colleagues, or in a relationship. But everywhere it helps to speak honestly.

Professionally, it looks great for the scorpions except for the misunderstandings mentioned. However, you should be careful what the boss wants to tell you through the flower.

Activities like sports are not their thing at the moment. This is not a bad thing, but should not remain so for a long time. If the fear of movement persists, a visit to the doctor is advised. Follow us here on Instagram.

SAGITTARIUS 23.11.-21.12.

The shooters can expect a great week. They flirt in the carnival, meet old friends again and are completely satisfied. How could it be otherwise if you even have vacation to really celebrate! If you have to work, you shouldn’t do it too hard, because this has a negative impact on the appearance of the shooters.

Fitness is a good idea for the weekend. Because as energetic as the last days and weeks have been, a break is now necessary. Maybe two or three days of wellness? Her body would thank them! Follow us here on Instagram.

CAPRICORN 22.12.-20.1.

Capricorn-born children should definitely go to the carnival! Because they are in the right mood to flirt and have fun. Professionally it looks like no obstacles after a week; everything goes its regular way.

But if the manager comes up to them and asks for help, they shouldn’t react too modestly. The ibex can also ask for something for its services.

The stars are good for health. If you want, you can do a little sport, but that’s not a must. It also looks like a healthy, good time. Follow us here on Instagram.

AQUARIUS 21.1.-19.2.

The watermen are currently on the move with unbridled passion, both with their partners and with strangers. Do not exaggerate! But even at work, they can hardly be stopped, which can easily be interpreted as doggedness. So let the reins loose here too. Flexibility would also be good for the watermen.

In terms of health, they are a bit battered and vulnerable. Therefore, the Aquarius-born should rather shift down a gear and beware of colds and co. Eat lots of vitamins! Follow us here on Instagram.

PISCES 20.2.-20.3.

Pisces-born may have a birthday this week and are looking forward to it. They shouldn’t let anyone take that away from them. Even if there is a crisis among friends or even in marriage: simply ignoring helps the best.

When the fish are celebrated, they only realize who they really care about. That should have ramifications for the future. And at work it is also time to rethink everything in peace. In terms of health, everything runs smoothly, provided that the fish maintain their usual programs. So: look forward to the special day! Follow us here on Instagram.

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