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A revenge you take is determined by your Zodiac sign. It’s worth to know what each Zodiac’s way of revenge is before you give them a reason for that…


They are rather not good at intriguing during a nighttime on how to hurt somebody. Aries react. They don’t wonder who will hurt the most. Above all, they need to relieve themselves. They can punch you, burn unfaithful partner’s things, throw them through the window, cut tires in your car… Their anger will disappear almost immediately and they will think that the matter is over. They are equal now, so they can keep getting along. Aries people can even help to cure bruises they themselves made to somebody, and they become best friends again.


People with Leo Zodiac will not show that they were hurt. They will proudly keep their head up and walk away majestically. On the closest occasion, they will call you for a confrontation. During a meeting they will prove you have no competencies, they will laugh at you in a company of your friends. The way Leo people take revenge is very theatrical, they need a big audience for that. There cannot be any doubts that it’s them who win and defend their honor. If you let them win, you will communicate well.


There are so many more interesting activities than plots of revenge. If, however, you expose them too much, they will deal with you in their own way. For example, you will challenge sports competition: basketball game, bicycle marathon in the mountains or extreme walk to the knee in the swamp. They will creep over you, they will torment you and still have fun. After all, give your sweaty palms and recognize the whole thing between you as an invalid.


To mess up with Gemini is like mess up with paparazzi. If Gemini people want to take a revenge on you, you can only change your name and move to the other end of the world. Because all your secrets will be seen on the covers of magazines in such way, that denying anything can only bring opposite effect. It is the betrayed Gemini woman who spreads the news about her lover who left her. That he had no common sense or was out of his mind.


Peaceful mind gives a lot of trusts and you really have to work hard to provoke their revenge. If they decide to retaliate, they perform it in white gloves, using other people, which they wrap around their finger and persuade to avenge their honor. At the same time, they do not cease to smile sweetly at you. After all, what’s happening to you has nothing to do with it. Oh, justice of fate.


The only way to be truly free is to forgive and forget. However, if you put too much pressure on your skin or hit a less developed type of Aquarius, you have to reckon with the fact that the devices will stop working with you. You will lose the bank account password, your phone will be in the database suspected of terrorism and ceiling sprinklers will start up spontaneously every hour.


People with Cancer Zodiac sign can never forgive anything… Therefore, their revenge can be something really scary, although they will not call you for a fight. If they are hurt, they will become withdrawn and they can attack even after a couple of years. They will take revenge not only on you but also on your descendants for faults of your ancestors. Cancers are bitter just like Edmund Dantes from a book entitled “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas.


They can be subdued for everything and for nothing and they avenge themselves most. They patiently wait for the right moment to attack, while gathering all information about you and looking for a hook. They hit the most sensitive point. But they will not get you right away, they will play with you like a cat plays with a mouse. Their revenge is often related to se*.


They feel great in the role of a victim, they like to arouse sympathy. With such an attitude it is difficult to want revenge. The Pisces people also believe in karma. So they leave it to you when and how they want to punish you for your fault. If, however, the fate is not too fast and you are still doing well, you must take matters into your own hands. They take revenge with black magic, curses, and needle-punched voodoo darts.


They are aiming their cold, without any emotions and without mercy. So they do not have the slightest satisfaction, they just think they are doing what they should do. Lists your losses, including moral ones, and amounts that you must give to them. They are ruthless in enforcing what they think they belong. They will be dragging you through the courts and will not rest until the bailiff calls you.


The most important values to Taurus are comfort and convenience. Why all those tensions caused by the awareness of an unsolved issue? Better beware of touching their belongings… If you steal their things, deceive them in business, “steal” their partner in whom they invested much, they will take away the most important issues for you: customers, wife, husband, house, company… It can last for quite a long time, but Taurus people are patient. Their revenge can last for years and will be something big for sure.


In most cases, Virgo people are able to convince themselves that revenge is irrational. Only if the analysis of profits and losses shows that the revenge will be beneficial to them or will teach you something, their revenge can take place. Then, only because of a feeling of pure duty, they will take a revenge on you. And they will plan it in smallest details. They will cleverly set some traps for you and precisely set the purposes for an attack. Until you are out of your depth.

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