Pisces is the sensitive, creative 12th sign of the zodiac, gifted with a palpable intuition and a deep-seated desire to come to the aid of those who need it most. Pisces lead from the heart in all decisions, in choosing their careers, in dealing with everyday life and most especially in love!
You have what seems like a mysterious ability to know exactly what′s going on around you, and your bang on translation of someone′s feelings can blow them away by your level of insight. This ability can often drain you though, and being around negative people and situations can force you to escape to your happy place until you can recharge.
We would be so lucky to be in a relationship with a Pisces, for you are one of the kindest and most understanding of all the zodiac. They take their romantic role seriously and will have your back no matter what. If you want to sway a Pisces to your side though, you will have to appeal to their emotions or you will get zero buy in.
What is the Piscean relationship style? What are you like in love, and what should you be looking for to best secure the highest level of compatibility? Today we′re looking at some key things to consider when looking at compatibility: what are your key traits and values that will be too big to overcome if your partner cannot understand and embrace about you?

Pisces Pros in Love

  • You go with the flow, making you flexible and un-antagonistic
  • You are not competitive – which makes you a great teammate
  • You are highly romantic and love to talk about love
  • You are empathetic, easily understanding how someone feels
  • You can be self-doubting, which can be annoying to those with more confidence
  • You can be co-dependent, which can leave a self-sufficient partner feeling like they carry too much of a load
  • You are prone to addictive behavior, which can be very hard for someone who loves you to deal with
  • You find it hard to say no, which can put you in some pretty hard situations
    In general, you would do well with someone who tells the truth, who respects your unique characteristics and doesn′t take advantage of your gentleness and desire to help others. A partner who is comfortable enough in their own skin will not be phased by your need to drift off and be quietly alone from time to time, as they′ll know you just need to find your zen again.
    Finding a love match with your fellow water signs is a good bet, as you share a basic understanding of living life with intensely changing emotions, although you all deal with this in different ways. Earth signs can be relied upon to keep your grounded, but remember; if mixed together too much, water and earth make mud, and everyone feels stuck.

Most Compatible: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio

Steady earth sign Taurus is everything Pisces is not – pragmatic, with their heads on their shoulders, bulls know how to get it done, and have a determination like no other. In love, despite their reputations, they are quite gentle and affectionate with the right partner.
Taurus also has an introverted personality, and would prefer to stay home snuggled up with their sweetie than to go out to a rowdy party. They are also terrific listeners and give well thought out advice. Pisces will find a loyal and trustworthy match here, and Taurus will find someone who will never laugh at their aspirations or tenderness.
One of your water sign partners, Cancer, is just as romantic as you, and is looking for someone to understand their deep feelings and desire to create a happy and loving home for their family. The fact that you go with the flow and are not competitive will help you here, because it′s unlikely you will hurt the sensitive feelings of Cancer.
Your empathy will help you navigate the emotional waters of the crab and you can gently pull them out of their doldrums and worries by bringing them into your escapist, fantasy world, protecting each other from the storms of life. You should be careful though, these two signs can both be co-dependent, so it is possible to get too attached to someone.
There is a high chance of a great match with your other water sign counterpart: Scorpio, but they are a different kind of character. While they share the emotional gene with you and Cancer, they are more careful to hide it, and are twice as protective of their hearts. While scorpions are extremely sensitive, they need to fully trust their partner before they even hint at it.
Your kind and open nature can quickly win anyone over, but it′s your ability to make deep and genuine connections with people that will solidify your status with Scorpio. In them, you will find a fierce protector, and someone in whom you can completely trust – once they let you in, you have an intense and solid bond, as long as you don′t let them down.

Least Compatible: Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo

Air sign Gemini is an extrovert who loves to talk, and talk and talk. While they are capable of quiet moments to recharge their batteries, they generally move too quickly for security loving Pisces. The sign of the fish is looking for a deeper connection than the easily bored sign of the twins can offer.
Sagittarius is about as blunt as they come, and this frankness can really hurt the sensitive feelings of Pisces. Archers also like to go wild – they question everything, and while this can spark some fascinating conversations with thoughtful Pisces, overall, they will probably tire quickly of Sagittarius′ lack of commitment and high energy.
Leos need to be the center of attention, it gives them a sense of confidence they can′t always find within themselves. Pisces′ way of dreamily zoning out, heading to their happy place may anger bossy Leo, who wants all eyes on them at all times. While Pisces′ vast compassion will see right through this, it′s unlikely they′ll be together long enough to connect on that level.


Just because you don′t seem to align with someone on paper doesn′t mean it won′t work out. There are many other factors to consider, including the rest of their primal triad – their moon and rising sign. Having a birth chart done for both of you could definitely provide more insight into your compatibility!
For example, the 7th house rules partnerships and will tell you how you communicate and feel about being in one. For example, if you have Virgo in your 7th house, you′ll need a partner who understands you′re not cool with over-the-top or cheesy displays of affection. You just won′t be able to handle it!
You can try out Astrology Answers′ free love compatibility test here to get an initial idea of where you sit.

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