Your first date with that special someone is super important. Even though it seems like many people these days have forgotten about how fun actually going on dates can be and would rather skip right to getting together, going on a proper date shows that you really care about the person and want the relationship to start off on the right foot. But we admit that it can be really tough to decide exactly what to do. Sure, the classic idea is “dinner and a movie,” or if you’re a bit older, you might be tempted just to ask “Hey, want to grab a drink this weekend?” But let’s be a little more creative! If you’re totally stumped for ideas, we have some good news for you, there is a perfect first date idea out there for every zodiac sign. Here are some great first date ideas based on your sign!

15 Aries-Open Roads Ahead

You might be thinking, “Really? A road trip for a first date?” Well, sure, going rogue and driving cross country with a guy you just met would probably be a bit too much for a first date, but what about a little day trip out of town? Aries, you wouldn’t want to date a guy who isn’t up for adventure anyway, so might as well put that to the test right away. The perfect guy for you will be just as excited for a mini road trip as you are. Plus, a road trip will give you plenty of time alone together. And you’ll get to feel out his music taste and share your favorite playlists! You can even go old school and burn a mix CD for the drive. So get out the map (or, more likely, the GPS), pack up a cooler, and pick your favorite nearby destination!

14 Taurus- Take A Hike

Taurus, as an earth sign, there is almost nothing you love more than the great outdoors. You like to spend as much time outside as possible, and you’re looking for a guy who feels the same way. You definitely cannot see yourself being with a guy who freaks out over a little mud on his shoes. You need someone who is comfortable with roughing it every once in a while and loves getting in touch with nature just like you do! Why not put him to the test on your first date and invite him to go hiking with you? Get out your favorite pair of hiking boots, grab some trail mix, and make sure the weather for the weekend is looking bright and sunny. Then it’s time to see how this guy fares out in the wild! There’s nothing better after a long hike than a cozy, romantic nap.

13 Gemini-What Is Art?

Gemini, you have an appetite for knowledge. You’re constantly reading, you can burn through a new book in about 48 hours. You have a long list of documentaries that you’re working your way through. You’re always trying out some new hobby or learning a new skill. And on top of all that, you’re such a nerd when it comes to museums. Your friends will let you drag them along with you on a rainy day, but they don’t seem to get your obsession. But any guy you date will need to share your enthusiasm. So why not plan a first date at a museum? As long as you can find a museum centered around a topic that you’re both interested in, you can’t go wrong. If you need a guy who can have an intellectual conversation with you and loves looking at famous paintings and dinosaur bones, a museum is a perfect date spot.

12 Cancer-Cook Up A Storm

Cancer, you just might be the sweetest and most loving sign in the zodiac. And you feel that there is no better way to show your like for someone than through a home cooked meal complete with a delicious dessert to satisfy their sweet tooth, of course! There’s no way that you would want to spend a first date sitting in a restaurant. You would much rather enjoy a home cooked meal with your date! So why not plan a dinner date together, where one or both of you plays chef? You could even manage to spin this into a second date. Invite him over one weekend and cook for him, and make a deal that he’ll do the same for you the next weekend! Or you can both enjoy cooking together. Either way, cooking together is the perfect first date for any Cancer, you’ll both end the night feeling full and happy!

11 Leo-You Fancy Huh

Leo, when it comes to dinner dates, you are the complete opposite of Cancer. You would feel too much pressure to make a home cooked meal for your date (but maybe if he offered to cook for you, it would be a different story). Instead, you would definitely be up for a fancy dinner. And while you would absolutely offer to split the check, you would be hoping for him to pay. Leo, let’s just be honest, you want to be spoiled on a classic first date! You want the guy to ask, to pull out your chair, and to foot the bill. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a guy who will treat you. Just make sure to be conscious of his budget if he lets you pick the place! But hey, if he wants to pick the place and plan every detail of the night, you certainly won’t complain.

10 Leo-The More The Merrier

A fancy dinner date is a great idea for any Leo, but there’s also an alternative if you want something more than a one-on-one conversation, a group date! Leo, since you love to show off, if you’re really into your date, you might want to show your friends just how great he is right off the bat. Plus, getting a group of friends together to go out can help you let loose a little bit. You know if you do something silly or embarrassing, one of your friends will be there to help you out with a well-timed joke to take the pressure off you! You can also combine this with a dinner date. Choose a cool restaurant with cuisine that’s great to enjoy in groups, a sushi place or a tapas bar would be good options! Then hit up the group chat and rally your crew for an awesome night out.

Virgo-Hit The Books

Virgo, you’re a pretty hard worker, and you want to be with a guy who feels the same way. You do not want to put your studies on the back burner for a relationship. You feel like you definitely need to be able to find a balance between both in order to succeed and have a happy relationship. So you know that you can’t be with a dude who’s a total slacker. You also need to be with someone who has a strong work ethic. You would probably be the first to suggest a cozy “study date.” Maybe you’ll meet up in the library and find a spot where nobody will “shush” you for chatting, or maybe you would rather take your backpack to a nice coffee shop in town. Either way, you can think of nothing better than getting your work done with a little help from that special someone.

Libra-The Big Screen

A Libra girl prides herself on having good taste in all things. Naturally, you’re going to want a guy whose taste and aesthetic matches up with yours. Otherwise, the relationship just won’t work for you. So, how are you going to figure that out on the first date? Surprisingly, a classic movie date might be the right move. Finding out what kind of movies someone is into can actually tell you a lot about them. As a Libra, you’ll want to know what he finds entertaining, and if your tastes will actually match up. So why not check out what’s playing at the local theater, or invite him over for a night of Netflix? Pick a movie that you really love, and see how he reacts. If he’s into it and is down to discuss it after, you may have found a keeper! If not, well, on to the next one!

Scorpio-Look Up

Scorpio, you definitely need to find yourself a sensitive guy. Maybe not as sensitive as you, because then the relationship would be a total mess. But you need someone who is openly romantic and affectionate, someone who understands you on a deeper, emotional level. You love first dates, because that’s when you really get to feel out what a guy is like underneath the surface. You don’t want a shallow relationship you want the real deal! You always don’t want someone materialistic, so you’d rather plan a first date that’s practically free. So, what’s the perfect first date for a Scorpio? Stargazing! Pick a clear night, grab a cozy blanket, and find a nice spot to hang out, relax, cuddle, and watch the sky. Even better if you can each point out your favorite constellations! This is bound to be a super romantic first date especially when he kisses you under the stars!

Scorpio-Shake Your Tail Feather

Another perfect first date idea for any Scorpio? A concert! Scorpios love live music. Obviously, music can speak to us in ways that no other art form can. Scorpios are often musically talented because it is such a beautiful way to express any heartfelt emotion. They often have a playlist for every occasion and feeling saved on their Spotify account, and it’s rare to find them walking down the street without headphones in. Live music takes this experience a step further, hearing those songs surrounded by people who love the band just as much as you is amazing! If you’re a Scorpio, bringing a special someone along to a concert with you might just be the ideal way to spend a first date. Even if things don’t work out, you’ll always have that great memory of seeing a band you both totally love. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get to meet the band after!

Sagittarius-Sitting By The Fire

Just like Aries going on a road trip, going camping for a first date might seem pretty intense! After all, you’ll be alone together out in the woods for at least 24 hours. That can be a lot to handle for a first date! But here’s the thing about Sagittarius girls, they’re total free spirits, and they don’t really care what other people would do on a “typical” first date. They would rather just do whatever makes them happy! And any guy who is prepared to date a Sagittarius better be up for the same thing. So, Sagittarius, if you really like a guy, why not invite him out for a camping trip with you? If that sounds like too much (or you don’t have the gear), you could always suggest another adventurous, outdoorsy activity, like white water rafting or zip lining! And if he’s not up for it, he’s not the one.

Capricorn-Tall, Dak, And Handsome

Everyone knows that Capricorn girls are busy bees. They have packed schedules, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Capricorn, you barely have time for a relationship, so if you do decide that you like a guy enough to go on a date with him, he should know that he’s pretty special! But he also needs to know that he’s going to have to squeeze any romantic time into your busy schedule, you’re not prepared to give anything up for a relationship! For a Capricorn girl, a quick, easy coffee shop date is the perfect way to kick things off. You’re also quite frugal, so this is an affordable option. Pick the cutest little coffee shop in town, and meet up with your guy for a cup of delicious hot chocolate or a toasty latte. If you’re feeling generous, why not treat him to a yummy pastry or muffin, too?

Aquarius-Not So Great Big Spender

Is it weird to go shopping with a guy? Even for a first date? Not if you’re an Aquarius. Aquarius, you already know that you do your own thing and don’t care what anyone else thinks, and you need a guy who feels the same way and feels comfortable with your philosophy. You would love to invite a guy out for a day of quirky fun spent in the vintage shops of your favorite nearby city. Maybe you browse through the antique stores and imagine the people who dropped off some of the weirder items. Maybe you spend an afternoon in a record store chatting about your favorite artists. Or maybe you go to a thrift store and pick out funky outfits for each other. If a guy isn’t down for any of that, well, he’s probably not the guy for you but if he is, you’ll have a great day!

Pisces-Enjoying Nature

Pisces, planning a first date makes you so nervous! You are a very sensitive sign, so that thought of anything going wrong really freaks you out. You need something laid back, something that you can’t really mess up. You love to spend time outdoors, you love a good meal, and you don’t like to spend a ton of money, so a picnic might just be the perfect first date for you! Plus, planning for a picnic is a ton of fun. You and your guy can whip up a few things in the kitchen together, or you can head to the nearest grocery store or farmer’s market and pick some of your favorite snacks and treats. Just make sure that the weather is nice and that the ants stay far away from your spread! Bonus points if one of you can provide a red-checkered blanket and a big, brown wicker basket.

Pisces-Life’s A Beach

Pisces, you are a classic water sign, and being near any body of water makes you feel calm and at peace. You probably daydreamed about being a mermaid when you were a kid, and even though you grew up and sadly let go of that dream, you still love the beach! A casual beach day makes for an awesome first date when it comes to Pisces. It’s super chill, and if letting a new guy see you in a bikini makes you nervous, you can always opt for a cool one-piece-they’re super stylish right now! If you live near the beach, now is the perfect time of year to turn this first date idea into a reality. Just go ahead and text that guy you’ve been chatting with and see if he’d like to soak up the sun with you this weekend. He’ll look even cuter with a nice tan!

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