I should never stop being ambitious or hardworking, but I also have to find breaks and occasionally sit on the side of the road to my goals to rest and take care of myself and my emotional / mental wellbeing.


I don’t have to be someone with only one facet – I can have deep and complex feelings while also having a silly and boisterous side about me. I can be calm and thoughtful as well as quiet and superficial. I can be anything I want. Just never perfect, I have to learn that. It is part of being human to discover yourself and in 2018 I will find time to find myself.


I should always be proud of my sense of compassion and selflessness for others, but I have to take care of myself first of all. Enough battles for others, enough battles that are not really my battles and enough of going through storms for others as they get to safety.


The adventure called life will always try to seduce me from all possible directions, but at the beginning of every decision I have to make, I will always take the time to think about my wishes and needs. I will not make any decisions that will hurt me afterwards, no matter how much I want it at the moment, I will really listen to my stomach, ask my mind and follow my heart this year 2018.


Yes, I deserve to have people in my life who are as strong and loving as I am, but that doesn’t mean that I have the right to be picky and prejudicial. I have to learn that not everyone has the stamina like me, that not everyone loves the way I see them.


I don’t have to apologize for being sensitive – I have to take care of my own feelings and not be afraid to share my feelings with people I trust. Everyone else who smiles at me for my sensitivity doesn’t matter because they will never understand me and my emotional side. Because they are not in the same starlight as I do. From their point of view, the universe is different from my own. I have to learn that some will never learn it.


I will not hold on to the things that burden me (pain, drama, disappointment, past). I will work on myself, quietly but effectively and then I will let go of it all so that I can feel the lightness I deserve in life.


Being a leader who leads and is confident means working hard and believing in yourself, but it also means being humble, listening to others and always remembering that there is always something to learn or there is another way of growing alive than mine. There is always an experience out there waiting to be done by you.


Although I like to have goals, dreams and plans, I should always be open to try something new or to leave the beaten track. I should leave my comfort zone every now and then and find the courage to face the things I’m afraid of. Because success is often waiting behind a wall of self-doubt. I will believe in myself.


I will pass on all the love that I have in me and I will give every day of my remaining days in this life to be the best version of myself. And I will not care which version others expect from me, I will always be the version of me that I would like to see in the mirror …


I will use all my energy and my mind to make my dreams come true, but I will also not forget that I do not have to do everything alone – because there will always be people who count on me. Who believe in my potential and sincerely wish to get where I belong.


I will be kind to every person I meet or spend time with. I will be kind and do good without ever expecting anything. I don’t owe the world anything, but I owe it to myself to be a good person …

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