What is the reason that most of your relationships end? What is your main reason for separation?

You may not know, but your zodiac sign will give you a possible answer to these questions.


It is important to you in a relationship that it never gets boring. Monotony and habit are unbearable because you get bored quickly.

A relationship should never become routine in your eyes, because once that happens you will want to break away from that relationship.

You have to learn that a relationship is rarely always fun and always exciting.

You have to put up with the fact that she is sometimes boring to stretch out and the routine creeps in, that is perfectly normal in a long relationship. 


As a bull, you are very careful and hate showing someone your weaknesses and opening yourself up. Even in a relationship, you don’t like to open up.

Therefore, you have a bad habit that once it gets serious in a relationship, you become afraid to reveal your true self. Because you are afraid of being hurt, this is why it fails.

Yes, you are afraid of being hurt and therefore shut yourself off, it is completely normal to be afraid of being hurt.

But next time, remember that there are people who are worth making themselves vulnerable. 


It is difficult for the twin to stay in one place for a long time, and this also applies to people and relationships. He would like to be with someone who fascinates and challenges him.

Therefore, the first phase of a relationship (being fresh in love) is the phase that the twin enjoys the most. As soon as he sees through the partner and knows everything about him, he loses interest relatively quickly …

And that is when the relationship fails because the twin lacks curiosity to stay with it.

He then looks for someone with whom he can start the “first phase” again. He just needs that kick. 


The main reason that cancer ends a relationship is when it feels that the partner does not appreciate it enough and cannot return the love that cancer has to give.

Cancer is a very emotional person and often the mistake is that they mistakenly believe that everyone’s heart is like themselves.

Even if you should never indulge in a one-sided relationship, you should still keep in mind that everyone loves in their own way.

Don’t end a relationship just because you are loved differently than you expect.


If you are a lion, you cannot stand it if you have to hold back. If someone criticizes you or wants to order you around, it is difficult for you to keep your mouth shut and be offered everything.

But do not forget that a relationship is always based on compromises and that it cannot always run as you want.

The main reason that you end a relationship is that you are a strong personality and difficult to subordinate to, even in a relationship.


Your biggest problem is not at the end of a relationship, but right at the beginning, even if you are not really aware of it.

When you decide to have a relationship with someone, you usually fall in love with someone’s “idea”. You fall, so to speak, in love with what this person could be, what is a mistake.

And as soon as this person does not develop as you thought, you will realize that you have misjudged the whole thing and this usually leads to the two of you slowly living apart and ultimately also separating.

In any case, your relationship ends because of your pursuit of perfection. 


You are someone who doesn’t want to settle for less than he deserves and this is one of your best qualities. But it could also cost some relationships to people you were really interested in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should keep your expectations low. I just ask you to understand that you will probably never find someone who fits your ideas perfectly.

This is also the biggest reason for separation, as soon as you notice a trait in someone you don’t get along with, you look far. 


If you are a scorpion, you have great difficulty forgiving and forgetting.

Even if you try to forgive your partner, you will hold it against them and never really let go of the resentment in your heart and it will ultimately destroy your relationships.

Even if you should never put up with being treated badly, you should still try to give people a second chance and see where it leads. 


It’s easy for you. You are afraid of responsibility and afraid of binding yourself, even if you do not seem that way, you are someone who is hard to commit.

In the beginning, every relationship is wonderful for you, but as soon as the serious things start, your fear begins to dominate you.

You are afraid of missing something and having to give up your freedom. It is unconsciously you who make a relationship end. 


I think it’s not what you want to read now, but the main reason for your breakups is that you are too picky.

You have incredibly high expectations for your partners and the moment they don’t reach them, they are down with you.

You are ambitious, hardworking, disciplined and plan your life and you are also someone for a long-term relationship, but maybe you should give someone a chance that at first glance does not meet your expectations. You could be pleasantly surprised. 


If you are an Aquarius, then you have great difficulty building an emotional bond, which usually makes your partner feel neglected or start to doubt your feelings. Your emotional coldness in a relationship is the main reason for a breakup.

You are not really cold, just you are one of those people who can not really express what they feel and the misunderstanding of others and interpret that as cold …

The next time you meet someone, keep in mind that if you’re too distant, it can lead people to interpret it as something you don’t want them to do. 


The problem with fish is often not in their current relationship, but in the relationships in their past. They often carry a lot of emotional ballast from their past with them, which leads to problems in their present.

The fish is convinced that everyone is what their ex is and as soon as they even recognize a similarity to their ex in their current partner, they will all result in a separation.

As a fish, you should always clean up in your life and leave the past behind before you start something new.

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