he stars already suggest that 2021 will be full of big changes in all aspects of life, and let’s face it, after a rough past 12 months, we’re open to some newness. For some of us, situations will change for in a positive way, whereas for others, things will all go completely downhill. So, what about you? Will your zodiac sign’s life improve or be totally turned upside down? We reveal which 4 horoscope signs will have to learn to adapt to change in one way or another.

Change is on the horizon according to Susan Taylor’s 2021 horoscope and 4 zodiac signs will be particularly affected; some in a good way and others in a bad way! 

4 Zodiac signs whose lives will change in 2021

1. Aries – Exciting prospects

Aries could face big upheavals on the social front. There will be some mixing, including meetings and departures. From a financial point of view, changes are likely, but the first sign knows how to react and could even end up selling their property. Whatever happens, nothing will keep these natives down for too long

2. Taurus – Positive vibes all round

Taurus will continue the process of change that they began in 2020. These natives will be in the midst of an internal upheaval, needing more freedom and becoming more impatient with their obligations. Taurus could therefore reveal themselves and show themselves in a completely different light.

3. Leo – New everything

Change of relationship, change of job, change of bank, change of partner? Leo is in full upheaval in 2021… but these natives already felt the wind turning in 2020. Some of them will even want to give up everything to start all over again in a different way, but will they dare to see it through? 

4. Aquarius – Express your creativity

Full of desire and potential to evolve in their social life will mark Aquarius’ year. However, these natives will however often face imponderables that may upset their plans. They will have to learn to move forward whilst being held back by quicksand, though, they’ll nevertheless be full of creativity! 

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