• July 24, 2019

Your Hidden Personality Quirk Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Can go bright red if embarrassed.


Can convey lots of meaning with one facial expression.


If they are bored, they may not even say bye, but just quietly leave.


For sensitive people, they may find insensitive things hilarious, like someone slipping and falling over.


Very dramatic when upset. Person: Can I have the last slice of pizza? Leo: YOU HATE ME DON’T YOU?


Can suffer from terrible anxiety in every day situations, but in extreme circumstances, they can usually hold it together better than the rest oddly.


Good at giving advice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they follow it themselves.


Is excellent at understanding the deeper meaning in frivolous statements. Someone could say, “I bought a book today.”

And a Scorpio could understand it to mean, “you are a Bookworm loner that suffers from crippling social anxiety and this is your way of telling me.”


Manages to ask deep questions about life and the way the world works without making it too serious and heavy.


Good at time keeping. “Do you know what th…” “It’s half seven!”


From the moment they look at you, you can tell they are intelligent, maybe even intimidatingly so.


Is really good at mimicking and imitating people. This can be a really funny trait of theirs.

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