When it comes to meeting new people, first impressions are everything. The thing about meeting people is that those first impressions do a lot to reveal things about us. More importantly, first impressions can cloud our judgment and make us feel like we know someone when we don’t. The airs that people put on before they let their guard down are a lot like walls: they protect us from what we don’t want others to see. That being said, while it might take a bit of effort and some time, we can see a person’s inner self, and that person’s real self is often way better than whatever first impression they wanted you to get. Honestly, it all comes down to confidence in ourselves: we’re way cooler than we think we are.

Some people like to make themselves come off like a tough guy or an alpha girl, but it makes them come out looking a little more self-absorbed than needed. However, in reality, those people are the biggest teddy bears you’ll ever meet. Other people end up showing their flawed, insecure sides first, but once you get to know them, it turns out they’re some of the strongest people you’ll ever meet. Still, other people like to show off their weird side only to have way more nuanced and complex personalities underneath. Here’s how people see you for the first time and how you really are, according to your gender and zodiac sign. Make sure to also check out your moon sign for an extra look at yourself!

24Gemini Man – Looks Like A Know-It-All But Is Secretly Really Analytical And Questions Everything

Let’s be real, Gemini man: you can come off like a serious know it all when you want to be. You like to know everything about everything and sometimes you even get upset when you don’t know as much about something as you would like. Your ability to take command of most social situations can be great if you’re around people who don’t really want to talk because you’re great at helping people make connections. That being said, you’re also the kind of person who can overshadow someone who wants to speak up without meaning to. It’s not something you like to do, but sometimes you don’t realize when you’re speaking over someone, which can give you the reputation of being a know-it-all who doesn’t really listen to people.

That being said, when people get to know you, they realize just how intelligent you are. They see that you’re not speaking over people, you’re just literally overflowing with knowledge. You like to know things about everything rather than focus on one thing: being a jack of all trades means a lot to you. You’re the type of guy who’s really great at showing people what you know in a way that makes sense to them because of your social skills. When people are questioning things that are a bit over everyone’s head, they learn to go to you.

23Gemini Woman – Looks Like An Extrovert But Can Be Really Vulnerable And Emotional

As a Gemini woman, you’re the type of person who loves being the center of attention. At least, that’s what you come off like a lot of the time without meaning to do so. You feel uncomfortable in situations where you can’t be yourself, although you can actually adapt to different social situations because of your ability to make friends. The way you talk to people makes them think that you’re a huge extrovert, and they’re actually right in a few ways. You do like being around people and you make it a point to introduce yourself to people you don’t know and bring them into your circle and make them feel like they belong.

That being said, when people get to know you, they see that your inner self is far more vulnerable than you’re willing to admit. You don’t like to talk about your emotions until you absolutely have to, choosing instead to focus on the emotions of others. You can be so selfless that you forget that you yourself have emotional and mental needs of your own. You’re an incredibly intelligent woman who often doesn’t give herself nearly enough credit.

22Cancer Man – Looks Like A Pushover But Is Really A Force To Be Reckoned With

You’re the kind of guy, Cancer man, who is often defined by their emotions, at least by others. The thing with you is that you wear your heart on your sleeve in a way that a lot of men don’t these days. You don’t really know how to be any other way, and honestly, that’s great! People who choose to judge a man on expressing his emotions simply because he’s a man are thinking in a really close-minded way. Men are just as capable of expressing themselves as women are, and expressing one’s emotions shouldn’t be an activity that’s defined by gender. That being said, you yourself might find yourself frustrated with your emotional bandwidth and how it’s hard for you to be stoic when you want to be.

In reality, you’re the type of man who is the opposite of a pushover. People think that your emotionality makes you weak, but it’s your emotions that make you really strong and wise. You’re a bit shy in certain situations, but you’re a force to be reckoned with who can be scary when provoked. It’s actually really hard to pin you down correctly with a first impression, which is why it’s so important for people to get to know you before passing judgment.

21Cancer Woman – Looks Like A Mess Sometimes But Is Really The Glue Holding Her World Together

Like your Cancer man counterpart, you, Cancer woman, are also a really emotional person., Your moods are all over the place, which is why people tend to think that you’re a bit of a mess. Because you’re so emotional, people tend to think that you just don’t have your life together at all. They might also see you as too moody and unreliable to really be counted on for anything. It’s also really hard to pin you down with a first impression because of your moodiness, and it’s actually really difficult to even spot a Cancer woman with a first impression. You can also come off as messy because of how sensitive you can be to criticism. You take things personally, often so personally that you can hold grudges without trying.

That being said, your sensitivity translates to how you relate to other people. When people get to know you, they realize that you have the biggest heart out of the women of the zodiac because of how empathetic and caring you are in general. You’re a deeply intuitive person: if you have a gut feeling about a person, you’re often right. You might seem messy at first because of your emotions, but it’s your emotions that make you so strong.

20Leo Man – Looks Like He’s A Player But Is Really A Teddy Bear

As a Leo man, you’re the type who comes off way more like a player than you actually are. To be fair to everyone else here, you definitely are a player. You tend to dominate most social situations with your charisma and straight up animal magnetism. You don’t really go out of your way to commit in relationships, but you’re not necessarily afraid or wary of commitment either, so you tend to come off like you see relationships as trivial until it comes out that you most definitely don’t. You’re the kind of guy who comes off very arrogant because you hate being corrected when you feel in your gut that you’re right, which is something that can mess up the first impression when people first start dealing with you.

In reality, though, you’re the type of person who genuinely loves people in a way that most wouldn’t expect from you. You’re kind of a teddy bear, Leo man. Sure, you’re represented by the Lion and that definitely represents your personality well, but you’re also the kind of person who can be both a lion and a teddy bear without ever losing part of yourself. As people get to know you, they realize that you’re not a player at all, you’re just an outgoing guy who’s stubborn about what he likes and open to new things.

19Leo Woman – Looks A Bit Self-Centered But Is Really Much Smarter Than She’s Given Credit For

As a Leo woman, you’re the type of person who desperately loves attention, but not in a desperate way. I know how that sounds, but I think you kind of get me anyway. You’re used to being the center of attention in all of the ways you find positive. You’re used to being the person in a group that stands out from the crowd for whatever reason, normally a reason you think is a good one. You’re probably the person with the most Instagram followers and Facebook friends and you get at least ten likes on all of your selfies (and I’m pretty sure I’m lowballing that estimate). Other signs tend to see you as self-centered or even shallow because of that, and you know more than anyone how unfair that is. You’re also the type to have a shorter temper than most, leading others to think that you don’t care about the feelings of others at first.

That being said, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re way more sensitive to other people’s feelings than you’re given credit for and more importantly, you’re the type of person who’s way smarter than you’re given credit for. Let’s be real, you’re a gorgeous woman and you tend to get put into a box in people’s heads because of that. As others get to know you, they’ll realize that you’re being sold short in all the ways they weren’t expecting and you’re way more intelligent and creative than they think.

18Virgo Man – Looks A Bit Too Critical But Is Really A Great, Supportive Friend

Virgo man, you’re the type who sweats the small stuff. I don’t want you thinking this is a bad thing, but you might just think that considering how much other people judge you for that. You’re the type who’s all about the details: you cross your Ts and dot your Is with the best of them. You’re also the type to hold yourself and others up to a hugely high standard because that’s what you expect of yourself. That’s really great, but that’s also a quality that leads others to think that you’re a bit too judgmental and critical of others. People might even feel a bit insecure around you because they’re afraid you’re going to micromanage them into whatever role you think is best. That being said, while that’s part of your first impression, another thing people get from the first impression of you is that you’re a deeply reliable person.

While you’re a great person to rely on and you’re the type to handle your business, as people get to know you, they’ll realize how much more you bring to the table. You’re the type of guy who’s secretly really sensitive and empathetic and honestly, that’s what makes you one of the best friends out of all of the men of the zodiac. You’re willing to forgo attention for yourself in order to better serve others, and that’s something that’s really rare in the world these days.

17Virgo Woman – Looks A Little Obsessive But Is Really The Most Discerning Person Of The Whole Zodiac

You, Virgo woman, are charming, poised, and practical, making you one of the best women in any friend squad. In a world where people just don’t see the real consequences to their actions, you’re the type to plan ahead for any situation, making you a deeply intelligent person in a way that can be applied to real, everyday situations. On the other hand, you’re the type who can also get judged prematurely as being too critical or even obsessive over things that might never happen. They think that you’re so busy preparing for every eventuality that comes out in the future that you’re missing out on life in the present. You come off like you’re in your own head all the time and that makes it harder for others to get to know you because they think you won’t come out of your shell.

In reality, however, you’re the type of person who’s very present in your life on a mental and emotional level. You’re not constantly obsessing over random things that won’t mean much in the long run. If anything, you’re the type who can see where things are going to go way earlier than others can, making you one of the few who can potentially prevent your own heartbreak. Sure, sometimes you’re wrong about people and situations, but most of the time you’re right and as people get to know you, they’ll definitely see that. Even your critics end up coming around and seeing how wise you are.

16Libra Man – Looks Like He Has His Life Together But Is Really Kind Of Vulnerable At Heart

You, Libra man, are the type of guy who comes off like he’s three steps ahead of everyone else. When people first meet you, they see a man who has his whole life together. You’re the type who’s in a different stage of life than all of your peers. If your friends are struggling through school, you’ve already graduated and are working your way up society’s ladder. If your friends are living that single life and dealing with random heartbreaks, you’re already moving in with someone in a committed relationship and looking to get married, or are married already. It can be a bit daunting for people to meet you because they look at you and have their own insecurities realized. After all, if you have your life so much together, why don’t they?

As people get to know you, though, they’re going to realize that you’re a lot more than the perfect facade you put out there. You don’t even really mean to do that, you’re just a high achiever who often moves faster than most. The better people get to know you, the more they see that you’re just like them and you’re actually really vulnerable at heart. This doesn’t mean that you’re not strong: if anything it means that you’re strong enough to be vulnerable and open while still moving forward in life, love and basically everything else.

15Libra Woman – Looks Like Just A Pretty Face But Is Really The Best At Winning Any Argument

As a Libra woman, you’re the type who other people look at and think that you’re just perfect, at least physically. Let’s be real, you’re the type who cares about how they look and values their reputation, and while other people might see that as a little shallow, there’s really nothing wrong with that. It’s why people end up feeling really jealous of you at first. Because you’re the type who focuses on your physical appearance a little more than most, people tend to think that you’re just a pretty face and have nothing else to offer. People who are determined not to like you will act like the only thing you’re good at is being pretty and try to bring you down by dismissing what you have to say.

Unfortunately for them, you’re way smarter than they’re giving you credit for, but the people who know you well already know that. You’re the type to let people underestimate you until the perfect moment comes to undermine them and make them feel dumb, and then you devastate them with everything you’re capable of. It just serves to make you that much more of an inspiring woman even though you’re already quite inspiring on your own merits.

14Scorpio Man – Looks Like He Doesn’t Care About Anything But Really Cares About Everything

As a Scorpio man, you make it a point to present yourself to the world as a mysterious sort of guy who really doesn’t care about anything. While most signs end up with a weird first impression through no fault of their own, you make it a point to construct that first impression with others so you have that image from the beginning. You’re the type to act like you have all of these dark secrets and people around you have to peel you like an onion to get to know you. More importantly, you love to present yourself like you don’t have any friends and don’t need to connect to other people at all so others just don’t try with you, or because you know people will try harder to crack your facade because of their own issues.

While you love to come across like you don’t care about anything, especially people, unfortunately for you the opposite is the case for you. You care about everything so deeply that you try to wall yourself off from that emotion because sometimes it’s just too overwhelming for you. People who get to know you do so very slowly, but when they do they’ll see that you’re still a really independent person, but you also have a really big heart.

13Scorpio Woman – Looks Temperamental, Sometimes Even Unstable, But Is Really Way More Complicated Than That

You, Scorpio woman, are the type of woman who is seen as a person who is just as beautiful and charismatic as she is absolutely crazy. You’re the type of woman who is often acknowledged to be among the hottest in your squad, if not the hottest in your squad. However, your temper and your moodiness often make it so people see you as on the wrong side of the hot/crazy scale. To be fair to everyone here, that’s a scale that only matters when it comes to whoever you’re talking to, but you are the type who tends to be talked about like you’re gorgeous but unstable. You’re also seen as a person who doesn’t really have a sense of tact: you tend to get down to brass tacks and cut to the heart of any issue, even if doing so hurts someone’s feelings. That’s enough to muddy the waters when it comes to a first impression.

In reality, however, you’re way more complicated of a person than you come off as. Sure, you’re the type of person who really values black and white solutions to problems in a world of gray, but you’re also the type of person who understands that life can be really complicated and you try to go with the flow, even if that can be hard for you at times. Deep down, you’re a person who is way more reliable than people think you are. You’re not a flaky or helpless person and when people cross you, they regret it quickly. You may have some self-destructive tendencies that end up sabotaging you, but deep down, you’re a wonderful friend, especially to those who don’t pigeonhole you.

12Sagittarius Man – Looks Laid-Back But Is Really Surprisingly High Strung

We need to talk about you, Sagittarius man. You’re the kind of guy who people see as always going with the flow. If anyone were to pick the guy they knew who would be the first to drop everything, pack your bags, and travel the world with only twenty dollars in your wallet, that person would probably be you. You’re the type of guy who’s down with talking about and doing just about anything, making you the sort of person who comes off like anything goes with you. You love talking about things that are taboo and that make people uncomfortable, which is why people get the first impression from you that you have no real boundaries as to what is off-limits for you. For you, anything goes, at least to them. You also seem like you can be a little dismissive of others when they’re not as focused on finding the true meaning of things as you.

When people get to know you, they realize just how high strung you can be. You’re not the type to go on lots of adventures because it’s fun (okay, you might do it partially because it’s fun). In reality, you do lots of new things and put a lot of stock in going on new adventures because you’re the type of person who’s always looking for meaning and truth in your life. You’re actually very stubborn and high strung about that. As people get to know you, they’re going to realize that you’re less of an adventurer and more of a philosopher.

11Sagittarius Woman – Looks Like She Has No Set Values But Is Really Searching For The Meaning Of Everything

As a Sagittarius woman, you’re the type who’s going wherever the wind takes her, no matter where that happens to be. You’re almost incessantly, annoyingly curious about everything in a way that almost annoys yourself. When you meet someone, you want to know everything about them, but not necessarily in an obnoxious way so you actually make friends pretty easily regardless of your personality. Because you’re such an adaptable person who doesn’t bat an eye at anything, people tend to see you as this person who doesn’t really have set values of your own. Sure, you’re the type to value free thought, independence, and honesty, but other than that, you come off like nothing else really matters, and when people first meet you, they tend to feel like you’re a bit too much of a chameleon.

That being said, when people get to know you, they realize that your flexibility is just one example of how you’re the type to search for all the answers yourself. You want to know everything about everything and will do anything to find out whatever you want to know. This is what makes you a great friend to have around, especially during those times where your friends are dying to know things. Not only are you a great conversationalist who knows how to pick someone up when they’re feeling down, but out of everyone in your squad, you’re the best detective!

10Capricorn Man – Looks Like A Party-Pooper But Is Actually The Funniest Guy Of The Zodiac

The big thing with you, Capricorn man, is that when people first meet you, they think that you’re boring. This sounds entirely unfair considering the person you actually are, but other people who don’t appreciate your drive and ambition choose to interpret that instead as you being a workaholic just for the sake of it. You’re the type who values keeping your nose to the grindstone for as long as you can without totally overworking yourself, and let’s face it, one of your biggest impulses is to keep working at something until you collapse from exhaustion because that’s the way you #yolo. That kind of work ethic makes people feel like they’re not doing enough to better themselves and instead of using that feeling to look inward, they basically look at you like you’re doing something wrong.

In reality, you’re the kind of person who really does know how to have fun. You just don’t want to be the person who values having fun over doing what needs to be done. You’re not the type to be the life of the party at any point, preferring instead to listen to others, but people who get to know you often find out that you’re one of the funniest people they will ever know. You’re a mature person who will claw their way to the top by any means necessary, but you also don’t take yourself all that seriously either, making you way more laid back than you even give yourself credit for.

9Capricorn Woman – Looks A Little Manipulative But Is Really Just Driven And Tired Of Being Criticized For It

Hey, Capricorn woman. You’re the kind of woman who’s constantly exasperated with the world around you. Let’s be real, when people first meet you, they tend to think you’re a bit unapproachable. It’s not even really your fault, either. The big thing with you is that people often think that you’re manipulative and some things you do can actually come across that way. You don’t see yourself as a manipulative person, though. Rather, you see yourself as someone who understands people and how they work and if you can get ahead by using that understanding of people, the better it is for you.

That being said, when people get to know you, they are going to see the most driven woman alive. That’s honestly just who you are as a person and to you, if other people can’t see that, it’s not up to you to change their wrongheaded beliefs. They’re also going to see that you are, on some level, totally exasperated with society as a whole. People, in general, feel strange about a woman who shows her ambition and wears her drive on her sleeve, which is the whole reason they see you as manipulative, to begin with. Even if you’re not a feminist, you’re the type to speak out against injustices and stand up for what’s right.

8Aquarius Man – Looks Very Detached From The World But Secretly Loves People

Aquarius man, you’re the kind of guy who seems like they’re always somewhere else. Other men of the zodiac are often accused of being too much in their tempers or in their hearts, but you’re the only guy of the zodiac who ends up getting so stuck in your head that you end up living there. People who first meet you end up thinking that you don’t care about getting to know them and that you’d rather be a hermit focusing on your intellectual pursuits than out in the world. On some level, there is a part of you that’s way more comfortable being alone than most men of the zodiac are. You’re comfortable that way because you’re comfortable knowing who you are when no one else is watching. Because you come off so detached, it’s easy for people to write you off at first by acting like you’re a follower with no real opinions of your own.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, you’re a trailblazer sort of a person who loves indulging in their weird side. People who get to know you often end up being taken in by your weird, offbeat nature. You’d never say you were the most charismatic person in the world and people who know you well wouldn’t say that either. What they would say is that you’re a deeply caring person who’s charismatic in a way only you can be.

7Aquarius Woman – Looks Like A Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl But Is Really A Subversion Of The Trope

As an Aquarius woman myself, I can actually speak a little on how easy it is for women of my sign to fall into the manic-pixie-dream-girl role. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a trope in literature, film, and TV that describes a woman whose job it is to bring light and happiness to a sad, depressed guy who ties everything good in his life to her. Her entire story arc is often tied to the guy who’s idealizing her to the point where she doesn’t seem like she has an inner life of her own. She’s quirky and weird and not like anyone else you’ll ever meet, which describes the Aquarius woman to a T. That being said, if you’re an Aquarian woman, you might find yourself not being taken seriously the more you lean into your inner weirdness.

It’s easy to feel like your manic-pixieness is your sole reason for being in the world, but in reality, you are a subversion of the classic trope. You are the main character of your story and you are more than the boxes other people put you in. You’re a smart, logical person with your own hopes and dreams and the more people get to know you, the more they see that you’re not just a quirky person because you want to appear that way, you’re just being yourself.

6Pisces Man – Looks A Little Flaky But Is Really A Creative Artist Type Who’s Always Thinking Big

You, Pisces man, tend to come off a little flaky. This isn’t even really your fault, people just make that assumption at first because they’re not used to dealing with a guy quite like you. Your personality is kind of a hodgepodge of all eleven zodiac signs that came before you, making you one of the hardest men of the zodiac to pin down to any set of traits. You can be just as direct and physically strong as an Aries or Taurus, just as intellectual and logical as an Aquarius or Gemini, and just as emotional as a Cancer or a Scorpio. The difference between you and them, however, is that your whole motivation is about your inner journey as a person more than any other sign. Other people tend to see you as a person who’s too much of a daydreamer to really do things in the real world.

That being said, in reality, you’re the type of person who is both a sweetheart and absolutely terrifying when you want to be. Your personality is fluid in a way no other man can be, and that’s awesome because you can empathize with just about anyone. You can be both easygoing and stubborn, both self-confident and filled with turmoil. When people get to know you, they see your limitless imagination and the depth of your creativity.

5Pisces Woman – Looks Like She’s A Little Too Sensitive But She’s Way More Complex Than Anyone Gives Her Credit For

The thing about you, Pisces woman, is that you are a person who wears her heart on her sleeve. Unlike some other signs, who do so because that’s the only thing they know how to do, you are open to your emotions as a conscious choice. It’s not a manipulative thing for you to do that (okay, sometimes it is, but that’s the exception rather than the rule), it’s just part of your philosophy of life. This often leads people to think that you’re way too sensitive to live in the real world. You come off like you have such a gentle heart that you’d let people walk all over you for no reason. People also tend to dismiss you because you often make decisions based on how you feel in your spirit rather than in your gut, which is something many people just can’t understand.

When people get to know you, however, they’ll realize that you’re one of the most savage women of the zodiac, rivaling way more extroverted personalities. You’re way more complex than you’re ever given credit for. People who dismiss you out of hand see your sensitive nature, but they miss the fact that it’s that quality that enables you to make moves based on things that their brains could never understand. You’re an extremely passionate person, which also fuels that sensitivity, and unlike other women of the zodiac, you couldn’t care less about critics. You know your worth and the people around you know who you are, and that’s what matters to you.

4Aries Man – Looks Like Kind Of A Meanie At First, But Is Really A Sweetheart

You, Aries man, are the type of man who tends to come off a little self-absorbed at first. This is by no means a reflection on you or anything. We live in a world where we adhere pretty strongly to certain social norms and for many people, your straightforward way of talking to people is alienating for them. They feel like you’re coming out of your face and being overly combative when you’re really just talking and you’re not trying to mean anything by it. That’s why when people first get to know you, they think you’re a little bit of a meanie and they might actually shy a bit away from you because of that.

That being said, when people get to know you, you’re the type of person who really shows off their sweet side. Again, that’s not something you do on purpose to be manipulative because you don’t really think anything is worth getting through manipulation anyway. When people get to know you, they realize that you’re one of the sweetest guys they’ll ever meet because of the very qualities that made you hard to approach at first.

3Aries Woman – Looks Way Too Impulsive But Really Cares About The World Around Her

As an Aries woman, you look like the kind of person who would leap into a volcano before realizing what it is you’re doing. You seem so impulsive at first that others who meet you might get the first impression that you never think logically or even that you’re a mess in your personal life because you’re so prone to making snap decisions. You also tend to come off like you think you’re better than other people, but that’s not actually your fault because that’s other people putting you on a pedestal, not you doing it yourself.

In reality, you are far more than your decision making and people will see that as they get to know you. You care so much about the world around you, which is saying a lot considering your sign is often associated with the self and a more individualistic way of viewing the world. You’re the kind of person who often surprises people by how informed and intelligent you are, which is why you don’t mind being underestimated so much. To you, being underestimated is just another chance to prove yourself and show your true potential.

2Taurus Man – Looks A Little Lazy But Is Really Headstrong And Set In His Ways

As a Taurus, you’re the kind of man who comes off a bit lazy. This isn’t really because you’re a lazy person, though. You just tend to move really slowly all the time, almost at a glacial pace. You’re the kind of guy who appreciates the finer things in life and will indulge in material things far more than the average guy of another sign would. That’s one of your favorite things. You’re also a guy who comes off like he’s really old-fashioned, and to some people who don’t appreciate your traditional mindset, you might even come off as gender-biased because of your old-school ways. However, to other people, you might come off as one of the kindest, most courteous people they’ve ever met simply because of those old-school ways, so don’t go changing because you’re afraid of being seen a certain way.

Deep down, however, you’re the kind of person who handles everything in life with determination and drive. Hard work means an awful lot to you. You’re the kind of guy who will keep trying and trying until he gets something right, and it’s one of the best qualities about you. You’re also the kind of guy who will absolutely show his passion for something if it’s necessary for that to happen. You genuinely love doing things that matter to you and you will take charge of a situation like that.

1Taurus Woman – Looks Like A Traditional, Conservative Girl But Is Really Scary When She Wants To Be

As a Taurus woman, you’re the kind of girl who comes off really traditional. This is true whether you’re a Taurus sign or your moon sign is in Taurus, by the way. You’re going to have that streak of conservatism in you, and while you might be annoyed with it a bit because of how you might get dismissed because of it sometimes, it’s honestly a great trait in the right environment with the right people. You’re the type of person who is the quintessential woman: feminine in all the ways society expects you to be feminine. This often leads to people choosing not to take you seriously because stereotypically feminine traits are often seen as lesser than traits that aren’t always associated with women by society.

That being said, when people get to know you, they see that that feminine, docile side of you is just an overlay: when your claws come out, people can get hurt. You have a temper to rival even the most intense of the other zodiac signs, and honestly, you can be really, really scary when you want to be. Just because you’re very feminine in your personality doesn’t mean that you can’t be just as persistent and stubborn as anyone else, and don’t let anyone tell you different!

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