• GAME OF THRONES CHARACTERSLove the Game of Thrones series and hope that author and creator, George R Martin doesn’t kick the bucket before the series finale? We don’t blame you! We are curious enough and ardent fans too of the series that has the whole world in a flurry. With so much fan following and theories based to justify the various outcomes, have you ever wondered what the zodiac signs of your favorite Game of Thrones’ characters?

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  • WHO IS WHO?Is Cersei Lannister a regal Lioness aka Leo and Jon Snow a Pisces or Margaery Tyrell a Gemini? Let’s explore the zodiac signs of these characters to know what defines their core personalities!
  • ARYA, THE FEISTY ARIESArya, the tomboy is a very unlike her delicate and beautiful sister Sansa. Very un-lady-like, Arya is a true warrior like the Aries zodiac sign. She loves a good fight and is always up for challenges. She doesn’t fear the unknown and is hard-headed, stubborn, and impulsive and has a tough time following rules. She is adventurous and has followed a different path to make it on her in the series so far.

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  • TYRION, A TRUE TAURUSThe third and the youngest scion of the Lannister House, Tyrion, better known as the Imp, loves beautiful women, luxury, and his wine. He is stubborn, bullish and has a quick wit, a great sense of humor. However, when faced with adversities (read war and punishment), he uses his brilliant mind to conquer it all just like a Taurus who doesn’t believe in giving up just yet.

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  • MARGAERY TYRELL, A PROPER GEMINIA true Gemini to the core, Margaery Tyrell is popular, knows how to draw information out of people, is manipulative and of course very much two-faced! Given the latest twist in her character in the recent episode, she seems to be planning something against the High Sparrow while seeming to be in his good books. Incredibly intelligent, she is capable of looking after herself like a proper Gemini.

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  • SANSA STARK, THE SENSITIVE CANCERSansa Stark fits the Cancerian bill perfectly. She is sensitive, beautiful, talented, and delicate yet has a strong sense of pride. Married to Ramsay Bolton and been put through hell, she still forgives Theon Greyjoy as he is family. However, like a true crab she rises to the occasion to save her family name from extinction and joins her half-brother Jon Snow.

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  • CERSEI LANNISTER, THE REGAL LIONESS AKA LEODid you have any doubts about the Queen of Seven Kingdoms being anything else but a Leo? She is a true lioness at the core. She loves power, is rightfully or not, jealous, intelligent, generous and a proud Lannister ruling over her brood. When threatened she doesn’t waste time with hollow threats but plots to kill instantly. On the other hand, she is a devoted mother of three and truly loves her brother Jaime.

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  • PETYR BAELISH ‘LITTLE FINGER’, AN ORGANIZED VIRGOOften misunderstood (not) for his real intentions, Lord Baelish or Little Finger as he is known, is super organized. Plotting and planning, practical and cunning, Petyr Baelish is someone who uses his power of observation to know what his next move should be. He is great at hiding his emotions and keeps his real intentions hidden. He knows what people what to hear and plays along accordingly. He has a keen eye for detail and is analytical just like a true Virgo.

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  • EDDARD NED STARK, THE JUST LIBRANEddard Stark was a much-loved man, a great warrior, a beloved father and of course, a loyal hand of the King. Like all Librans, he wanted things to be in a fine balance – not too evil, not too good but just. He was a just man who wished for peace to prevail for the people. He never feared to speak his mind and always the truth even if it meant opposing the king. He was kind and a great friend like a true Libran.

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  • TYWIN LANNISTER, THE SHREWD SCORPIOA man of few words but great action, Tywin Lannister was a true Scorpio. Blessed with an intense gaze, a single-minded focus, secretive, and extremely fierce towards people who wrong him or spite him! It is not a joke when someone wise says, it’s not wise to ever cross a Scorpio and hence, Tywin is the perfect example of the zodiac sign. He leaves no stone unturned to rescue his son Jaime and doesn’t care how he treats his daughter Cersei or Tyrion, his dwarf son.

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  • DAENERYS TARGARYEN, THE ADVENTUROUS SAGITTARIUSLife has not been fair to the last surviving Targaryen, the mother of dragons and Khaleesi, Daenerys. Yet, she won’t give up just like her true Sagittarius spirit. Having been on the move forever, she has made an equal number of friends and foes in her wanderlust to exotic and foreign lands. No amount of fire can harm her and be a fire sign, she is a miracle in every way. However, she is prone to restlessness and impulsive behavior which has led to trouble in the past.
  • BREINNE OF TARTH, THE LOYAL CAPRICORNBrienne of Tarth, the unlikely and an uncommon woman warrior for her time, is very loyal and hard working like a true Capricorn. Taking it all in her stride, be it appreciation or disappointments, she never takes her duty or position for granted and is always striving for perfection. She will always do what her duty calls for, sticking to the right. Having pledged herself to Lady Catelyn Stark, she will do anything to protect Sansa and Arya.
  • BRAN STARK, THE VISIONARY AQUARIUSBran Stark, the last surviving boy of the Stark house, is a visionary literally. He is different than all other characters, even his own family and his is own special perspective and vision to view the world. He prefers openness and his quest to understand the nature of life, on the whole, has led him onto a new path altogether. He is compassionate and very independent of thoughts and action, even though he is. He represents all the true qualities of an Aquarius.
  • JON SNOW, THE SENSITIVE PISCESJon Snow is indefatigable. His unwavering spirit and compassionate heart has always been his boon and bane yet he refuses to give up. Like a Pisces, he is sensitive, lovable, wants to see the good side of people, trusting and a great leader in the making. His sensitivity towards all people (night watchers and wildings) has seen him rise as the people’s champion. His untimely death was much talked about and his resurrection has renewed hopes in all. He knows how to make peace and draw the best from any situation.

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