Your attitude to life when you are single. Based on your zodiac sign.

There is a misconception that only people in relationships are happy and those who are single would miss something in life.

But life is just as beautiful regardless of relationship status. Even if you are single, there are many ways to enjoy your life.

Every person is different. Some like to be single and remain alone out of free will and there are people who would like to be in a relationship but cannot find the right person and there are those who concentrate on their careers and therefore want to stay single for the time being.


You are a leader by nature and thanks to your energy, vitality and your irrepressible will, you are someone who can also manage his life well on his own. You are an independent person and are used to being on your own. Impulsive, optimistic and open to changes and new experiences.

You like the tension and the back and forth in a getting to know each other. As long as the other can stimulate you, it is interesting for you, but as soon as it subsides, the object of your desire quickly becomes something that bores you. That is why it is so difficult to “conquer” you need someone to stay tuned and challenge you. 


You are loyal, patient and bring stability. But you can also be stubborn, possessive and have a penchant for materialism.

You like to take a lot of time before you get involved with someone. Half a relationship or a quick shot is not for you. You are also not interested in something short-term, either something with a future or not at all is your motto.

Therefore, the bull tends to remain single for a long time and, if you look at the average, has relatively few relationships in life, but has long and stable relationships.


The twin is the master of conversation. You can reach every person after 2-3 sentences and are always well received. They are charming and have a great sense of humor.

The twins are also known for getting to know new people and exploring new places. You want to keep in touch with many, have lots of conversations, and travel the world instead of settling down with someone.

You need a partner who is equally sociable and patient enough to keep up with the twin. 


Crayfish are intuitive and have a strong psyche. But they are also sensitive, sensitive and take a lot of things personally. They want a partner with whom they can understand and connect physically, emotionally and mentally.

They give a lot of themselves, care for the people they love and are expressive and are looking for someone who deserves this kind of sincere love, so they stay single for a long time until they meet someone like that.


The dominant lion has leadership qualities, a high self-esteem and a pronounced self-confidence. But he also has a generous heart and is very creative. But it also includes qualities such as arrogance, vanity and the constant feeling of wanting to lead.

The lion likes to be single because nobody knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. He knows how to be happy alone. He can be in a relationship, but he won’t turn his life upside down to be in one, everything can, nothing has to.


You are reserved, humble, pragmatic, hardworking, analytical and in constant conflict wanting to understand yourself but also the world. You have the ability to have a solution for just about everything, your flexible mind also allows you to make complex thought processes look simple.

You know exactly what you want and you are methodical when it comes to your goals. Modern dating is not for you. You would rather get to know someone in a traditional way. That’s why you are long single because you are looking for something “real” in a “fake” world. 


You are very diplomatic and have a strong sense of justice. You’d like to be in a relationship, but you wouldn’t want to give up the balance in your life for it.

You like to go out, meet people, like to flirt and find out what your chances are in the single market, but you wouldn’t get involved with anyone you don’t trust 100%. That is why you are single for so long because it fails on the last step, the trust. 


You are the most intense and passionate of all zodiac signs.

When you fall in love with someone, it is very difficult to let go. When someone you love cheats on you, it’s hard to deal with and sink into your own dark world. You tend to be possessive, even possessive.

You’re not going to have short-term love affairs. In fact, the scorpion may develop feelings relatively early in a familiarization phase, which could put off a potential partner.

The scorpion is often long single because he is suspicious and can overwhelm someone with his feelings. 


You are ambitious, constantly driven, generous, focused, freedom-loving. You are looking for a challenge and are open to new ideas, innovations and experiences.

You enjoy your single life to the fullest. You love your freedom and don’t want to be with someone who is possessive or too dominant.

You want someone who has as wild a soul as you have. You are also in no hurry to be in a relationship, knowing that life offers so much more than always looking for its better half. 


You are level-headed, rational, independent and disciplined. Your little world is always orderly and almost always has a haven of peace to which you can mentally retreat.

You value stability and security in your life. If you would like to have a partner, it would be someone with whom you can build a stable and secure basis for a happy future. But it is also not an obligation for you to find someone because you can also work on your own future.

You are open to new acquaintances, but you would not put your current life in the back just to get to know someone. 


You are mentally strong, independent and value your freedom.

Your goals in life are clear to you and you need a partner who is equally motivated and is not intimidated by your thirst for success.

Reaching your goals is your top priority right now. Although you are open to a relationship, finding a partner is not high on your to-do list.


You believe in true love and you are a romantic. If you get involved with someone, they have to knock your socks off and nothing less than that.

Your creativity and your imagination are things that concern you. You write diaries or entire essays about your emotional world and that is something that makes you special. You have been single for a long time because you are disappointed by society, which usually has a different idea of ​​love than you.

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