The month of December showed you that some things MUST change in your life so that you can find yourself again. You have become very aware in recent weeks that change must be easy. December showed you that certain things have to be released to make room for something new. Follow us here on Instagram.


The month of December clearly showed you that you should rely less on others and more on yourself. There were certain people in the past month that you shouldn’t have relied on afterwards. You yourself are a very reliable person and have always wrongly assumed that everyone else is like you . The bitter truth is that it is not. Follow us here on Instagram.


The month of December is the present and it has shown you that if you continue to cling to your past, you can never be happy. Everyone has a phase in which we wish the “old days” back and this phase is now over with you. You are now focusing on the present and the future. Follow us here on Instagram.


The month of December taught you that you shouldn’t put your own desires and needs behind. Instead, you should put them at the top of your list and finally be good to yourself. Your soul and your heart will thank you. Follow us here on Instagram


The month of December taught you to give up people who have long resigned themselves to losing you. Last month you realized that fighting people who see you suffering is not worth fighting for. Follow us here on Instagram.


Your addiction to control and the need to plan everything perfectly has become less and that’s a good thing. You are no longer so stressed and take things much more relaxed, which is noticeably good for your soul and your mind. Follow us here on Instagram.


The month of December showed you that it is important to learn from your own mistakes. Nothing is stupid than sticking to old mistakes because you don’t want to admit that you were wrong. And that’s what you understood in December . Follow us here on Instagram


In December you learned to worry less and take more risks. You have become aware that always playing it safe is not really the meaning of life. Follow us here on Instagram.


In the month of December you learned to be more patient with the things in life but also with yourself. You don’t let anything or anyone push you or make decisions that are not in line with your life. Follow us here on Instagram.


The month of December was a time when you learned to work hard, even if there is no “applause” for it. The recognition of others is no longer so important to you, because in the end it is the respect for yourself and what you have created that counts. This lesson you take with from the month of December . Follow us here on Instagram.


In December you looked deeply into yourself and realized that you should love with all your heart and not hold back or swallow your emotions. Nobody can read minds and nobody should have to grope in the dark just because you restrain yourself. That is the lesson you discovered and understood for yourself in December. Follow us here on Instagram.


You tend to hastily trust people, which you have often had to pay dearly in the past. But the month of December had a lesson for you and this showed you that a healthy level of mistrust is never wrong. Follow us here on Instagram.

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