Do you want to save a lot of heartache and heartache next year? Then you should listen to the stars. Because they know exactly which people will enrich you and which not.

By 2020, some zodiac combinations should not come about. From people with these zodiac signs, you should especially keep your fingers off.

Others, you can do well next year. They will overwhelm you with their positivity and bring you further in life. The people who are in a different phase of life than you will only cause unrest in your life.

Because they can not do themselves justice and leave their frustration with you quickly. Which zodiac sign you prefer not to date in 2020, we’ll tell you in this post. 


If you belong to Aries, you should not fish any fish next year. People with this star sign are usually very sensitive. When a ram encounters a fish, two worlds usually collide.

Since the year 2020 is already very taffy for the ram, a fish can ruin his plans with all his emotions. Do not be deterred by your goals, dear ram. Then you will be successful too! 


For the bull, the twin in 2020 is not a good option. Because both signs have something big in mind. However, it will not be easy for them to reach their goal.

They need someone who is their rock solid and catches them when it does not work.   Since both are unable to do so, their relationship with each other has not helped them. They would rather pull themselves down than support each other. 


Twins should not have a date with a cancer next year. Because in 2020 crabs are completely focused on starting a family. For this, the twin is not ready yet and will be overwhelmed. For this reason, a relationship between the two is not possible. 


Even the cancer and the scales are not a good combination in the year 2020. Next year, Libra is increasingly looking for the meaning of life. Cancer has asked this question much earlier and left it long ago.

Both are simply at very different points in their lives, which causes some conflict points to be preprogrammed. Thus, a relationship between the two signs makes little sense. 


In 2020, the lion should rather keep its fingers off the scorpion. There is a high sexual attraction between the two signs of the zodiac. However, the two will never agree next year. This will only lead to unnecessary discussions, which will sooner or later separate them. 


Virgins are strongly attracted to Aquarians because they are enthusiastic about their intelligence. However, this attribute of Aquarius will not make the Virgin happy in the next year.

Because, like Aquarius, she needs someone who is down-to-earth. Unfortunately, the relationship would not work in 2020. 


The year 2020 is a very special year for Libra. It should therefore concentrate better on itself. For this reason, no star sign is really suitable for them next year.

But if she gets involved with a bull, it could distract the scales so much and make them lose the idea that they are losing themselves. 


The scorpion will be plagued next year by a strong yearning for closeness and intimacy. He should not rush things though. A Sagittarius brings a lot of fun, but will not give the scorpion what it needs. That’s why this would not be a good combination. 


Gunners are magically attracted to virgins – and so is the other way around. However, there are times when the two would rather not cross each other’s path.

The year 2020 is such a period in which a relationship between the two zodiacs would just fail. Because next year the virgin simply lacks the spontaneity that the shooter expects from her. 


Capricorns can sometimes extend their horns. At such moments, a bull would not be a good choice. Capricorn needs a partner who can calm and regulate it.

A relationship with the bull would only cause headaches for both zodiac signs in 2020. Therefore, keep your fingers off each other! 


Aquarius, too, should not dare ram in 2020. Because you both will have surprisingly little in common. There would be too many points of conflict, unnecessarily complicating your life. Go at this point rather the easier way and orient yourself to other zodiac signs. 


Dear fish, please do not fall in love with a lion next year. Although lions are very passionate and can easily captivate the fish, the fish should try to avoid it.

Because the lion will not be able to swim on its wavelength. So a relationship between you two would not work. 

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