The vast majority of love and holiday friends crumble as soon as you unpack. And it’s not so much because of a busy schedule, but because these new friends do not fit at all in our daily lives. “However, these meetings have advantages,” says Knack Ann Caneman.

He was a butcher’s son and I lent him a book. He would return it to me when we meet again. But despite all the good resolutions, her parents and mine never saw each other again after these holidays in Yugoslavia. I vaguely remember that we spent hours together at the pool and playing board games under an umbrella. I wonder if he still has the book and if he remembers his owner.

Hard mattresses

Friendships and holiday loves: usually there is not much left once you have unpacked. On the last day, e-mail addresses and phone numbers are exchanged with the promise to contact each other. Sometimes we still send a few SMS, but most of the time we do not see each other anymore. Once you get back to school or work, the memories of those vacation friends are blurred. Not so much because of our busy schedule, but mostly because people we meet on holiday do not fit in our daily lives at all. What’s more, if you meet them at the cafe in Belgium, you hardly watch them.

When traveling, these differences are much less striking. We are relaxed, disconnected from reality and the topics of conversation are very easy. “Do you also find that the mattresses of the hotel are too hard? Is it a good idea to visit this old palace? How much did you pay for your tickets?” If in addition they speak the same language, the friendship is concluded within ten minutes. All of a sudden, Belgium seems ridiculously small and the people who live in two provinces seem almost neighbors. “Are you from Bruges, seriously?” “My cousin went to school,” we hear. That’s enough to book a lounge chair along the pool for the other or drink a Ricard or a gin-tonic together at the bar. And if children get along and have fun in the pool, nothing can spoil the holidays.

The muscular handsome guy

The same goes for holiday loves. You are traveling, you meet a handsome guy and the sun, the relaxed atmosphere and the cocktails do the rest. Without the emotional and practical baggage that you drag in your daily life, it is much easier to fall head over heels in love. Without protective parents or ex jealous in the vicinity, without exasperations and daily hassles, it is much easier to repress his demons and his little unpleasant sides. And in a heavenly place, the distance does not matter. Even if your lover met on vacation lives thousands of miles away, love seems to triumph over everything. Until we go home, we find ourselves confronted with reality and realize that we have nothing in common with this adonis,

Yet this is not a plea to avoid holiday friendships. On the contrary. Sometimes these few weeks of vacation are the only time of the year when we really discuss with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, education and income. Most of us stay with the people all year round. We work, we live, we play sports and we meet people on the same board as us, which makes us too often forget that everyone does not think and do not live like us. Going out of the cocoon in summer can be good, even if after the fact, this friendship is limited to a simple SMS.

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