You are a damn stubborn person and it is very difficult to convince yourself of something. If you want and like a man, there is nothing in the world that could convince you that he would not be good for you. Even if he does the worst things, your eyes will only be on him and you won’t stop until he is yours or you break on it. That’s why you fall for the wrong men. 


You are a workhorse and you always want to make everyone around you happy. In addition, you are someone who doesn’t tie up so quickly, but as soon as you do, it’s hard for you to let go. You give people the “second and third chance” far too often, even if they absolutely don’t deserve it. It is difficult for you to give up someone, even if you have realized that they are poisonous to you. But that’s how you are knitted. 


You are simply not a slacker. You are very persistent so that you can drive some people crazy with it. You are ready to fight for someone until they finally go out with you, even if they don’t want to at first. It’s doomed to fail but those are things you don’t want to see because you want it too much. Don’t force it and let things go. 


Naivety and credulity are among your greatest weaknesses. You assume that the man you want to be with is interested in you, but he only plays his part well and you don’t want to admit that you have figured it out. Because you want it so much. Stop it, because in the end you will only be hurt.


It’s hard to get you to show interest in someone. You don’t open so easily and don’t really trust anyone. But if someone manages to win your trust, you will always be loyal to them. That’s why you fall for the wrong men, because the less they show interest in you, the more it excites you. And so you shower them with your love and they know how to use it for themselves.


There is a part of you that thinks you deserve to be hurt because you think you are “stupid” because you always fall for the wrong ones. The other part of you is happy and loving, but this dark part of you punishes you for clinging to the wrong men. 


You fall for the wrong men because you believe that your love can change people for the better. You have more than enough love in you and you are not afraid to show it. You are deeply emotional and empathetic, so you give the wrong men the key to your innermost. You think you can change her heart and lead her on the right path, but unfortunately you are wrong. 


Persistence and pride are your strongest qualities. You are attracted to wrong men because they give you the impression that you cannot have them. And that’s something that makes you want them even more. At a certain point you are no longer concerned with love, but with your principle. It’s about the stubbornness of not wanting to see that someone is not good for you. 


When you fall in love you are absolutely blind to everything around you. You overlook all warnings and signs that tell you it is not for you. Open your eyes and recognize the danger. 


You are basically a positive person and you always see only the best in people: until they use you and throw them away. You fall for the wrong men because you believe to the end that there is something good in them somewhere. 


You are a fighter without fear. You don’t run away from problems and challenges and that’s why you fall for the wrong men. Even in the most difficult cases, you only see one challenge that has to be overcome. You won’t see the forest for the trees until you stand in front of the ruins of a relationship. 


You are a magnet for difficult men. If a nice guy stands in front of you and tells you that he loves you, you would choose the bad boy who just walks past because he broadcasts an “I want you to have”. That is why you fall for the wrong men because you are attracted to those who are bad for you.

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