Why their love became less. Based on their zodiac sign.


You just couldn’t keep up with their pace. Because a ram woman is someone who always goes full throttle in all areas of life. She hates when she has to do “slowly” and patience is not a virtue of hers.

She wants to make the most of her lifetime and when she realizes that she’s just wasting her time, you only see a cloud of dust from her, sounds hard, but as I said, she wastes no time.

And if you try to tame it, it won’t play along. She’ll move on without you and look for a man who can meet her at eye level. Follow us here on Instagram.


The bull woman’s loyalty and loyalty is more important than anything else. And if you’ve lost a woman like that, it’s most likely because you were unfaithful or she didn’t feel like you were on the same team.

The bull woman must be convinced to the last fiber of her body that you are serious about her, otherwise she cannot let herself go.

For a woman like her, the fact that her love for you became less has only to do with the fact that she wasn’t really convinced that she was the “one” woman for you. Follow us here on Instagram.


A twin woman is usually someone who is difficult to concentrate and who gets bored relatively quickly. A woman like her is difficult to impress, so it’s often a struggle to keep her happy.

She hates routine and when something always follows the same pattern. In conclusion, it remains to say that you lose a woman like her the moment you take her for granted. Follow us here on Instagram.


A cancer woman is a very kind and sensitive soul. She always has a heart for others and helps wherever she can. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need help herself and is always strong.

She needs a man with characteristics similar to herself, someone who sometimes takes care of her and is there for her.

And if you cannot be the man, then she will see that this love is only one-sided and she will go. Follow us here on Instagram.


You are likely to lose a lion woman for the one reason that you have put too many questions and doubts in your head. She is a lioness, so she also has an ego that is looking for confirmation and that won’t work if she doubts the relationship.

She just needs to tell her how much you love her and how happy you are. Compliments and affection are important to her in a relationship. But you missed that, so she never felt safe with you and the doubts gave her the rest. Follow us here on Instagram.


A virgin is probably the most difficult personality under the zodiac signs. She is an absolute perfectionist and rarely is satisfied with the “mediocrity”.

Yes, she also has high expectations, but she doesn’t make it a secret and she would not be satisfied with a man who does not meet these expectations to a certain extent.

She has a lot of love for detail and is good at analyzing the quirks of other people immediately. You really have to be a good man when she gets involved with you. But if she leaves you, head up, she herself, her greatest critic and herself, often stands in the way of her own happiness. Follow us here on Instagram.


She is a woman with a strong sense of justice. Her peace is very important to her and she will always treat you fairly. You only lose a woman like her if you act constantly selfish and selfish.

You have to show a woman like her that you also have a heart for others, but if you only think of yourself, it doesn’t take long for the scales to pull the ripcord and disappear from your life. Follow us here on Instagram.


If a Scorpio woman leaves you, it’s only because you haven’t made her feel safe enough with you to open up. A woman like her is very mysterious and only reveals things from her life piece by piece.

It takes a lot of patience, effort and understanding with her before she allows you to get closer. If you push her, rush it, or otherwise corner her, she won’t want to have anything to do with you very quickly. Follow us here on Instagram.


In order to lose the love of a Sagittarius woman, it is enough to take away what is most important to her, the need for freedom and individuality. Yes, she knows that every relationship brings a little restriction of freedom. But you can’t make her give up everything immediately and let go of the life that she had before you.

She is a free spirit and her wings must not be trimmed. Give her the freedom to love yourself in her way, if you don’t, she will spread her wings and fly back to her single life. Follow us here on Instagram.


A Capricorn woman is someone with great goals and dreams. And she won’t have a relationship with anyone who prevents her from those goals and dreams.

Nor will she be able to love a man who prevents her from becoming the woman she needs to be to achieve all of this.

It is usually a jackpot and should be treated as such. But she is not someone to be held back from life, much more you should give her all the freedom and even support her. If you don’t, the Capricorn woman will go far. Follow us here on Instagram.


As a man, you were probably not intelligent enough for this type of woman. Aquarius women tend to be very intelligent and actually only surround themselves with people with whom they can talk about topics that require a certain intellect.

This means that she gets bored relatively quickly when she talks to people who are not on one level with her. You have to be very open-minded and profound if you want to arouse her interest but also want to maintain it. Follow us here on Instagram.


The Pisces woman is a dreamer by nature. She lives in her mind most of the time. She always looks at the world, however bad it may be, from an optimistic point of view.

The pink glasses are part of her standard luggage and she hates dealing with pessimists. Cynicism and negative energy are her kryptonite and if she leaves you it is only because you are not an optimist and you are someone who emits negative energy. Follow us here on Instagram.

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