You don’t take your ex back because they had their chance. Your life is not a game for you, you do not take back anything that you once gave away, there are no repetitions for things that you know how they end when you are done with someone, then you are done. Point.


You won’t take your ex-partner back because the disappointment was bad enough for you the first time, you would never give them another chance to hurt yourself again. You have become more vigilant because you have realized that people cannot always give you the love you deserve. Your ex can break another’s heart now, but never yours again. Without him, you will feel better, is the lesson you have learned from it.


You won’t take your ex back because you know they haven’t changed. They are still the same person they were when the relationship ended, and even if they say they have changed, you know them well enough to see through their masquerade. You won’t take your ex back because you no longer believe in the love that comes from their lips, but in the one that they show you with deeds.


You won’t take your ex back because you know today that everyone who warned you about him was right. And you really don’t want to tell everyone again things that you already know secretly, so you leave it as it is and go your way without your ex.


You won’t take your ex back because you realized that if they had loved you the first time, they wouldn’t need a second try. You are not a game ball to get out of the closet when you are bored. You don’t want to be with someone who takes your love for granted and believes your door is always open to them. You want someone to give everything for you and that’s not your ex.


You will not take your ex back because you are resentful and always think about the mistakes that were made when you were together. You are very hesitant about forgiveness and you cannot forget. You are not ready to exchange the quiet life you have now for a life full of drama when you are with your ex again.


You won’t take your ex back because you want a love you deserve. You don’t just want to be with someone because you have no one to be with. You start to realize that your ex is not good enough to give up your loneliness.


You will not take your ex back because if a relationship is over for you then it is over. If you decide to close the door to someone, you will do so without any ifs and buts. You don’t like open ends, temporary separations or breaks in relationships. When it’s over, it’s over.


You will not take your ex back because you are a person who can quickly continue with your normal because you want to explore the possibilities that your life offers. You want to advance your career or do something else in your life, but your ex is not part of your new life. You don’t even have your ex on your radar. If your ex wants to go back, they are basically irrelevant to you. You are not cool You only know what you want and what you don’t.


You will not take your ex back because you realized that your relationship failed for a reason, either the timing was bad or the two of you just weren’t made for each other. You don’t believe in “recycling relationships”. It makes no sense to you to go back to them or that they go back to you.


You will not take your ex back because you believe in fate and because two people are made for each other and you and your ex are just not. You will not allow someone to come back into your life who you know does not belong there. You don’t hate your ex or wish them a bad life, you just never want to have a romantic relationship with them again, and that’s perfectly fine with you.


You won’t take your ex back because you know your love is in the wrong hands there. You would rather give your love to someone who appreciates it, not someone who takes it and only needs it for their ego. In your eyes, it’s not about the benefit someone has from a relationship, but about being with someone you can’t imagine ever being without.

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