Well first of all these are two of the more positive traits a Pisces has so it’s nice to talk about them.

Typically Pisces have a deep love for humanity and a compassion for people and animals that knows no boundaries. They are very accomodating to others because above all they truly believe in people, that generally most people have good intentions deep down. This of course leads them to occasionally become taken advantage of. They are also very passive in terms of wanting everyone else to be happy and putting their own feelings as secondary. They go with the flow and allow others to dictate what happens. Many people see this as a nice trait as they are unlikely to give NO as an answer and very readily please others. However for the pisces this does have it’s downfalls. They often harbour resentment as a result of not communicating their needs and how they really feel. They are not always so happy to take a back seat, sometimes they are uncomfortable with doing something or simply do not want to do something and yet they feel they must, to please everyone else’s lives.

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This is the point when Pisces feels no one truly cares for them and may become quite self-pitying.

Pisces is also a very sensitive sign. This applies to many of the other signs as well but many seem to think that out of all the signs Pisces have the greatest sensitivity. When we’re talking about sensitivity this means they are sensitive to the feelings of others. They are extremely considerate in that way and because of their own suffering and pain in life they are very careful of not upsetting others. So if you’re going through a tough time this is one of the best signs to comfort you. They would never ever want to make you feel any worse when upset and would go to great lengths to avoid that, unlike other signs who are perhaps more blunt. This high sensitivity of theirs also means they take criticism very much too heart as well.

All of the harsh realities of the world, such as injustice and world suffering, are very deeply felt by the Pisces because of their sensitivity and they have a strong tendency when they are all too overwhelmed by the negatives in life to turn towards day dreaming and other forms of escapism. With such strong sensitivity it’s no surprise a Pisces can struggle to handle the negative things they see and feel. So a Pisces must come to terms with this sensitivity, accept it and avoid shaming themselves for feeling some things so strongly.

All in all Pisces is a great sign that seems to get a bad rep for being an over emotional crybaby but there is so much more to them than this.

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