Dates have become a very different matter today. The gentlemen are almost extinct. Almost everyone seems to focus only on themselves, their success and progress.

The great love is often no longer what is seriously sought. Rather, we have one-night stands or Friendship Plus. Tinder makes the choice easy for us, or maybe not ?!

They still exist. The romantic idealists among us. The people who yearn for true feelings and great gestures and who prefer a safe relationship over the hustle and bustle of the world. Every person and every zodiac sign is different.

Today the cosmos tells us a story about the perfect date of the stars and what it can absolutely ruin. Find out who your perfect crush is and who you should stay away from.


Your life takes place in the fast lane. You are a person who always has a goal in mind and knows exactly where they want to go. Hanging out all day and doing nothing would be horror for you. You are ambitious and determined and cannot take boring people away.

Your date should follow your fast-paced lifestyle. So that you can look up to him, he should also be a person who wants to achieve something in his life and is not a saggy couch potato. Follow us here on Instagram.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

As a bull, you are exactly the opposite of Aries in terms of data. You love to watch series on Netflix, snuggle up and feed yourself and your partner with popcorn until you both burst. Cozy evenings at home are what your soul needs.

So your date should also be a relaxed person who gives you security. You couldn’t use an adventurer at all, he’d just stress you out! Follow us here on Instagram.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

If you go to an appointment and the guy is sitting there with a tie and suit trousers and can hardly get a word out, you will flee as fast as you can. Maybe through the bathroom window ?! You are exciting and absolutely cool.

With your date, you should be able to steal horses. Everything else makes you yawn and is not for you. Follow us here on Instagram.


Your perfect first date with someone should be touching and honest. You are a person who opens up on a sentimental level and your partner should move along so that you can have intimate conversations and get to know each other really well.

That’s why a closed and jammed guy is not your case. Find a deep soul that has a lot to tell you. Follow us here on Instagram.


Your charisma is energetic and stirring. Therefore, you need an appointment that can be pulled along and drifts with you in the flow. Together you can experience life and have a lot of fun.

However, your partner should not be someone who criticizes your egocentricity, because that simply belongs to you. Follow us here on Instagram.


As an ambitious virgin, you are made to succeed. It is in your blood that you want to keep moving forward. Therefore, your perfect date should definitely be someone who supports you and strengthens your back. He should admire you for your hard work and not make it bad. Follow us here on Instagram.


You have a precise idea of ​​your values ​​and justice is at the top. The most important thing in your life is that you can trust the people around you and they can trust you.

You create a warm place for you and your loved ones. And if you want to get in there, you should also be reliable and have a big heart. Follow us here on Instagram.


What doesn’t suit you at all is a person who always holds back and says things like “I don’t care, you decide”. Because scorpions are strong-willed people who know exactly where to go. You need a confident counterpart, not a gray mouse.

In order to exist alongside you and make you happy, you have to have something to offer! Follow us here on Instagram.


Freedom and self-determination means everything to you. That doesn’t mean that you have to stay single to be happy. But the person who suits you should not be someone who constantly checks you and asks where you want to go again.

You need someone who leads his own life just like you do. Follow us here on Instagram.


Trust is your basis for all relationships. You can always count on yourself and your friends know that you would never suddenly become disloyal.

Your perfect partner should embody the same thing as you, namely reliability and a firm stand in his beliefs. Your connection will only have a chance if you are on a wave. Follow us here on Instagram.


Your person is difficult to see through, because you are not like most other people. Your date should understand that and it should make it even hotter to really get to know you.

You can be a tough nut and he should see it as a challenge to crack you because you are worth it! Someone who doesn’t understand this or wants to change you can safely be left out. Follow us here on Instagram.


You are a human being and you are very interested in others. That makes you a nice conversation partner and you get to know new people.

However, something deeper can only come about if your counterpart also faces you and approaches you just as openly and appreciatively. Avoid people who are too convinced of themselves! Follow us here on Instagram.

The one person who touches your heart and accepts you is waiting for you somewhere out there. So that you can find him and your search does not constantly find the wrong people who do not suit you at all, you can follow these tips from the universe.

The stars see everything: your inner being, your compatibility with other zodiac signs and your deepest feelings. Trust them and their knowledge to find your happiness in love.

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