We all have feelings and in today’s society it can happen that you try to hide your true feelings. Some people see vulnerability as a weakness and therefore find it better to keep it to themselves. However, it is not always a good idea to hide our true feelings from the world for fear of being hurt.

Each sign of the zodiac deals with its emotions differently, read here to see how each sign of the zodiac deals with its feelings.


Aries is high on the list when it comes to emotional intelligence. When the ram becomes emotional, he first checks whether it is now appropriate to show emotions or whether it can be interpreted as a disadvantage. The ram is usually calm when it comes to emotions and even if they become emotional, they keep control of themselves. The ram is sometimes tense or can get angry, but such emotional outbreaks are rare for him. Follow us here on Instagram.


For the stubborn bull, emotions are one of the things it is hard to deal with. He knows that he is easily influenced by emotions and unlike other zodiac signs that can be kept in check, it happens quite often with the bull that certain feelings are deeply touched or hit and strongly influence his behavior. His stubbornness stands in his way, so that he doesn’t really know how to deal with it and can sometimes look stupid when it comes to emotions. Follow us here on Instagram.


According to the twin, emotions should be kept secret. So when you see the twin’s posts on social media, believe it is his true feelings. The twins have the ability to hide their feelings extremely well. So, for example, if the twin is angry with someone, they’ll pretend they don’t care. They can do that with almost any emotion. Follow us here on Instagram.


The cancer is unable to hide its emotions, it can be seen on their faces or their behavior. In addition, they cannot lie well, because even when they lie, they show feelings that they then betray as liars. The cancer cannot control its feelings, whether angry, sad or just happy, you can read everything in them without having to say a word. The cancer is honest and vulnerable and that is your real strength. Follow us here on Instagram.


The proud lion doesn’t think about how you feel when he does or says something. In general, the lion is considered to be extremely authentic, direct and honest, regardless of losses. For the lion, it is a kind of strength to express yourself emotionally from the start and not to hide your feelings. He sees it as something like “honesty”. Follow us here on Instagram.


The virgin is so busy organizing your life and learning and discovering new things that she has no need to reveal your deepest feelings. First, they believe that it is much better to keep certain things to themselves, and second, they simply don’t care what others think about you and your emotions. The only way that a virgin can carry her deepest inside out is when she is really bad. Follow us here on Instagram.


If you have ever seen a Libra, you will agree with me when I say that it often looks cold and invulnerable. But that’s exactly what Libra wants you to believe. There is a big difference between the inside of a Libra and what it shows people outside. Even if the Libra doesn’t show it, your emotions and thoughts are in a constant struggle. If she feels comfortable with you, then it may open, but before you get to see your core, be prepared to get to know a cold and hard shell beforehand. Follow us here on Instagram.


The scorpion hides his emotions deep in his soul. If you try to learn more about the inside of a scorpion, you may never get an answer, because once you get a clue about it, it behaves again so that it doesn’t match what you found out. He never takes off his 1000 masks and even after decades you will never really know who the Scorpio really is. When the scorpion exposes its emotions, it believes that it also shows its weaknesses, so it would rather remain the hard and mysterious stone than a vulnerable and vulnerable person. Follow us here on Instagram.


Shooters are pretty open. The fire sign may seem intimidating at first glance and overwhelm you with its openness, but that’s just your nature and if you get to know them better you can not pretend. For the shooter, vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, it is much more a way in which they can develop. It is normal for most of us to be open, but only with people we feel comfortable with. The shooter handles it differently because they know that everyone was a stranger before they became friends. This gives them the freedom to deal with everyone easily and openly. Follow us here on Instagram.


Capricorn’s strengths are control over his life and maturity. He is not someone who follows his emotions unless he knows that he can control it. He is afraid of being immature and that would be the worst thing for the Capricorn, who always wants to maintain an attitude. In certain situations, it can open partially, such as in an argument or discussion. But most of the time they prefer to have their emotions under control. Follow us here on Instagram.


Aquarius can be confusing when it comes to emotions. He is always friendly and only gives you little by little what you need to know how he is feeling. Even if he looks honest, it is not, it is much more a game in which he tries to reveal as little of his inner life as possible. Aquarius has a special talent, he can appear vulnerable, but he is not. Follow us here on Instagram.


The fish hides most emotions, but if there is something that makes him sad or sad, it may be that he opens himself up to selected people. Because fish can connect with other people, they intuitively process the emotions of other people around them, even more so than your own. Fish tend to be vulnerable when other people’s emotions get into your own life. It is more difficult for fish to deal with other people’s feelings than with their own.

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