You are anything but a possessive or jealous person. You want a life of freedom and self-determination for yourself and you are more than willing to give your partner the same freedoms in a relationship.

You are not the most emotional person and therefore it can be a little easier for you to detach yourself from people if you notice them restricting you. Also, you tend to be so distant sometimes that people who are with you often feel that you don’t care about the relationship. 


You are the free spirit among the zodiac signs and want to try out and enjoy everything that life has to offer and that does not change even if you are in a relationship. You are known for carefree living in the day and letting yourself drift. You really have no interest in constantly knowing where your partner is and who your partner is with.

This could also be due to the fact that you are very optimistic (some would say naive) and therefore do not waste any thought on whether your partner could cheat on you. You’d rather hope for the best and that’s why you’re not a jealous person. 


Even if you are a person who has long-term relationships or marriages, you are not really someone who has your partnerships under control. You are an “all or nothing” person. Either you invest everything in a relationship or you withdraw.

However, if you get the impression that your partner is distracted or not 100% sure of yourself, you will withdraw. But you won’t waste any strength in being jealous.

It’s always about harmony and balance in a relationship and for you jealousy or control is a waste of time and energy, because that would cost your balance and your peace, which you are not willing to give up. 


You are not really possessive because you are a very independent and freedom-loving person. You love to live your own life and focus on yourself.

You don’t like dealing with other people in the first place and even in relationships they tend to move away when the partner becomes too affectionate.

In a relationship, the twin gives the partner trust and space to develop and find themselves. Even though the twin can be jealous every now and then, he is far from being a control freak. 


Are the fish possessive? Yes, in a way, yes. They are very emotional and literally shower their partner with their love and they build up a strong bond with a person with whom they have just started a relationship relatively quickly. The problem with the fish is that they are afraid to scare off their partner with their attached nature, but what exactly happens.

They are possessive but not in the bad and mean way, much more in the caring and loving way. Fish people don’t want to hurt anyone.

But if you just take a deep breath and exhale and calm down, you could see that your partner is not your property and will not cheat if the love is real. 


The virgin tries to appear distant in a relationship, but she doesn’t really succeed. It cannot help but be attentive and notice everything. The virgin is not really jealous, it is much more her control craze, which she also has in everyday life, which could look like jealousy.

She would like to know where her partner is and who he is with, not for reasons of suspicion, much more, because she likes to have control over everything and is driven by her perfectionism not to make mistakes.

And a partner who could cheat you would be such a “mistake” that she would reproach herself for a long time. Hence her control addiction and caution. 


You work hard for everything in your life and so it makes sense for you to be possessive to a certain extent. You also protect everything that is important to you in your life, including your partner.

Therefore, this “protect” can be viewed as possessive, which could frighten one or the other partner. In essence, you believe that a relationship is based on trust and loyalty and you do your best that your partner can trust you, but in return you also expect someone to understand you if you want someone to understand your sometimes possessive nature. 


You don’t want to be jealous or possessive, I know that. But you care so much about your partner and the relationship that it can really feel like you’re a jealous person.

Your sensitive and thoughtful nature does the rest. You don’t want to look clingy or like someone who controls your partner and you defend yourself against one or the other jealousy attack, but you can’t help but be so caring and clingy. That is just your being. 


If you are in a relationship, there is only all or nothing for you. You want your partner’s undivided attention and don’t tolerate distraction, so you can get the feeling that there is someone else. You fight for the relationship and do everything necessary so that it lasts a long time, you expect the same from the partner.

You can’t stand it when your partner flirts with others or ignores you for someone else. This makes you angry and can lead to outbursts of anger, which is also due to your impulsive nature as a ram. The sad thing is that the ram is often right with his gut feeling when it tells him that the partner is cheating on him.


The bull has a strong need for security and stability in his life. When they are in a relationship, he has an urge to control them, just as he likes to have everything else in his life under control.

When the bull gets the feeling that the partner is no longer really involved in the relationship, he tends to become possessive. “If I don’t get the attention, then nobody else gets it,” the bull thinks. 


If the lion decides to enter into a relationship, it is not a matter of course for him and he also wants everyone who can see it.

His possessive behavior is less about jealousy and more about showing everyone what belongs to him! He makes it clear to everyone that they are in a relationship and everyone should keep their hands off their partner.

The jealousy of the lion under 4 eyes with the partner, however, is rather harmless and is limited only to the desire for enough attention.


Now we come to the champion in this category, the scorpion. He won’t even deny that he’s a jealous person with a penchant for control delusion.

He has thick and high walls around him that he hardly lets anyone see behind, and even if they let someone behind the walls, they tend to be paranoid in believing that their partner would cheat on them.

You will rarely experience a scorpion that is just so familiar to a person and even rarer you will experience a scorpion in a relationship that gives the partner all the freedom to act without being possessive. In your head the partner belongs to them completely or not at all, in between the scorpion knows nothing.

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