Each zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are impatient, too sensitive, too proud, or are not quite up to the task when it comes to a relationship. For some, their weakness is also a strength when it comes to letting love into their lives.

Some zodiac signs are more difficult to love than others, even if each one is unique. Here is a list of the zodiac signs sorted by rank 1–12 who is the hardest to love:


People with this zodiac sign have the largest heart among all zodiac signs. You are by nature someone who cares about others and takes a relationship seriously. You have the ability to love unconditionally.

In a relationship they are loyal and will do everything to make the partner feel good. They just know what it means to love and how beautiful it is to be loved.


People in the sign of fish are known to love intensely and profoundly. They are usually emotional beings and have no problem expressing their feelings.

This means that in a relationship with the fish, there would never be a problem with communication. In a partnership, they make an effort and want to keep the relationship as long as possible. 


The Libra values ​​peace, harmony and balance in her life. What the Libra wants is that everyone around them is happy. For this reason, she does everything to ensure that the partner feels comfortable in the relationship.

A Libra will show your partner what true love is and it will be the best version of yourself and pull the partner with you. 


If you want to be with someone who stays true to you until the end, then the bull is the right choice. If he loves someone, he always plans long term and immediately imagines a future with that person.

In addition, he never has a problem playing with open cards and putting everything on the table so that the partner feels comfortable and never feels deceived.


Even though the lion is intimidating due to his confident manner, he only wants to be with someone who fights for the lion and shows that love is real.

If the lion is in a relationship, then he wants to lead and not be led. And if you give him the freedom he needs without a doubt in a relationship, it will be relatively easy to love. 


Aries are passionate people with a certain fire in them. They tend to make their partner the center of their life in a relationship.

They motivate their partner to become a better person and they offer the partner a shoulder on which they can cry if necessary. The only weak point is when the ram rushes things because of his impatience.


This zodiac sign is one of the most ambitious and hardworking beings in the zodiac. Just like in the job, they work hard on a relationship when it has a crisis.

They are usually loyal and also feel obliged to the partner. On the other hand, they can also appear distant. It also takes a lot of time to penetrate the hard and sometimes cold shell of the ibex. 


The shooter is one of the people who get bored quickly and therefore often make wrong decisions out of their boredom. They tend not only to jump from one thing to another, but also from one person to another.

But if you find someone who can keep up with their volatility, they will stay that way. But it can be very exhausting to keep up with a shooter in the long run. 


Aquarius people are known to be very reserved and “cool”. It is really difficult for them to open up to people, which also makes it difficult to enter into a relationship with these people.

Your way of thinking may also seem very strange to others because you think in deeper levels. But if you get along with someone and find a common ground, then Aquarius can also show his vulnerable side from which a long-term relationship could arise. 


The person in the sign of twins is usually extremely indecisive and very emotional and does not want to show others what he thinks, feels or does next. He also has great difficulty in sharing his true feelings with others.

Because of these characteristics, a relationship with the twin can be challenging. However, once these initial difficulties are overcome, it can lead to a lasting relationship. 


The scorpion usually never knows what he really wants. He jumps from one extreme to the next without taking a break. Being in a relationship with a scorpion can be emotionally stressful.

Add to that his secrecy and intelligence, which allows him to play games that can make you very tired in the long run. The scorpion needs unconditional trust so that it can drop. For these reasons, it is also the second most difficult to love zodiac sign. 


Now we come to the champion in the list of the most difficult to love zodiac signs. The virgin is analytical, loves freedom, and tends to be a control freak. The virgin is often not even aware of how much they want to control everything, but they do so only to be absolutely sure and to be able to trust.

Before they can start a relationship, they have to tear down their thick walls, which is almost impossible for someone who thinks and questions so much. 

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