Forget about lions, fish, and scorpions when it comes to reading your horoscope. Let’s face it, you’re a nerd – and as a nerd, you need an equally as nerdy way to crack down on the secrets of your personality. That’s why determining what superhero matches your zodiac sign is perfect for figuring out what’s really going on at the core of your unique, geek nature.

For every zodiac sign, there’s a superhero that aligns perfectly with the best and worst traits of their respective astrological entities. Whether it’s their intellectual passion for building powerful gadgets, their charisma and wit, or their uncontrollable emotional states, these superhero zodiac signs may ring a little too true for a few of you.

Astrological signs for each superhero show which fantastic fictional character vibes with you the most. With a comic book character for each zodiac sign, you can find out how you’d deal with the intensely unreal situations that some of the most famous superheros of all time have to handle on a daily basis.

Aries: Deadpool

Aries (March 21 – April 19) is a bundle of energy – a natural born firecracker. The boundless energy along with the boisterous attitude of Aries totally reflects Deadpool’s stance as a perfectly admirable antihero. Charging into trouble with the stubbornness and sturdiness of a ram, Deaddy valiantly takes the reins in any situation. Aries and Deadpool also maintain highly competitive spirits – neither one of these bold characters likes to lose.

Taurus: Batman

The tactical and practical Taurus (April 20 – May 20) comes barreling in like a bull. Much like Batman, Taurus might be stubborn but will always be loyal. Sudden change doesn’t sit well with Taurus or Batman, making the two zodiac peas in a pod.

Taurus will also find that their intelligence combined with their materialism yields awesome results throughout their lifetime. In Batman’s case, these results manifest in the form of awesome gadgets.

Gemini: Iron Man

Ever-adaptable and completely welcoming to change, Geminis (May 21 – June 20) are awesome social chameleons – Just like Tony Stark and his superhero counterpart, Iron Man. Geminis are intellectual, making quick learners and witty conversationalists. They’re also spontaneous and flirtatious – taking on whatever the world (and lovers) have to offer. However, Gemini can be overly fun-loving and indulgent – if they don’t have the skills to back up an endeavor, they might find themselves biting off more than they can chew.

Cancer: Ant-Man

Ant-Man is a tiny barrel of larger-than-life, energetic emotion – just like the zodiac sign, Cancer (June 21 – July 22). The most notable traits of Cancers are their compassionate nature and loyalty, but they’re also well-known for their emotional insatiability.

Although Ant-Man might seem like a cool and collected burglar whose intellect assists him with cracking off heists without a hitch, he also bares the negative aspects of this zodiac sign. When under pressure, he’s proven to be erratic and overly-sensitive.

Leo: Thor

Ruled by the Sun and symbolized by the king of the jungle – the lion – Leo (July 23 – August 22) is a zodiac sign that asserts itself as a complete king or queen. Thor, God of Thunder, also carries Leo’s self-confidence, loyalty, and hardworking leadership abilities. However, these traits also come along with a deep sense of pride. Thor and Leos tend to collide with their own ego and arrogance. These traits can get them into trouble, but they can always be redeemed by their better ones, like their generosity and reliability.

Virgo: Robin

Virgo’s (August 23 – September 22) intellect and quick wit radiates, and so does that of Batman’s sidekick, Robin. The boy-wonder proves to be a valuable asset to Gotham’s crime-fighting scene, gracing them with not only his analytical street-smarts, but his never-ending fountain of puns and jokes. Virgos pay close attention to detail, which only compliments their intellect. This helps Robin lend a well-needed hand to justice when a tricky villain like the Riddler or Catwoman are giving Gotham a run for its money.

Libra: Wonder Woman

A bold, beautiful, and diplomatic bringer of justice, both Libras (September 23 – October 22) and Wonder Woman take charge of harmonizing fairness and keeping the peace. Libras have a passion and keen instinct for creating and maintaining balance in the world – traits that Wonder Woman certainly isn’t lacking. Ruled by Venus, Libras naturally protect their realm with love. Even though they have a strong will to carry out what’s right, Libras tend to carry a grudge, so any injustices won’t be forgotten.

Scorpio: Daredevil

Scorpios (October 23 – November 21) make their mark as a cool, calm, and fierce zodiac sign – just like Daredevil. Passionate and charismatic, Scorpios bring an alluring aura along with them. They’re also very elusive, harboring secrets they may never tell. This might make them appear suspicious to others, but it works out in Daredevil’s favor. This superhero is bursting with Scorpio’s finest traits, giving him the perfect personality to be a hard-hitting lawyer by day and a masked super-vigilante by night.

Sagittarius: Luke Cage

Luke Cage and Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) have much in common when it comes to their quick smarts and witty sense of humor. Sharing a highly optimistic nature even in the face of terror and turmoil, both Luke Cage and the archer are curious, determined, and driven by their morals and philosophical views on life. Sagittarii dedicate themselves to uncovering the true meanings behind things, and Luke Cage’s journey goes to show he’s not a man who can just leave secrets in the dark – especially when it puts people’s lives on the line.

Capricorn: Superman

The Man of Steel is a disciplined master of self-control and heroism. Solid and unmoving, Superman shares a lot in common with the zodiac sign Capricorn (December 22 – January 19). Separating himself from his home on Krypton and now residing on Earth as a protector of justice, these earthly beings ground themselves to their surroundings and stubbornly cling to their personal beliefs.

Although sensible and responsible, Capricorns can also be ruthlessly unforgiving, holding grudges out of anger or guilt. Learning to forgive so they can overcome their intense, personal feelings can prove to be a challenge for both Capricorns and Superman.

Aquarius: Wolverine

Flaunting an independent and headstrong personality, Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) and Wolverine are cut from the same cloth. The fun-loving nature and temperamental moods of Aquarius perfectly sculpts the personality of a snippy mutant wolf-dude. Like this Air sign, Wolverine needs constant mental stimulation. Without it, they’ll easily become bored. But don’t worry, the creative and quirky mind of the Aquarius will always be concocting some sort of trouble.

Pisces: Aquaman

The zodiac symbol for Pisces (February 19 – March 20) is symbolized by two fish – which also makes for the ultimate representation of Aquaman’s plethora of underwater superhero abilities. Pisces is also ruled by the planet Neptune, which graces these fish with compassion and grand intuition. Harnessing the mass amounts of empathy that Pisces expresses, Aquaman has become the protector of all the world’s oceans. Pisces maintain a creative persona which allows them to be innovative and, much like the ocean, both are adaptable yet fierce.

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