Aquarius is known to run away from its emotions. Aquarians are big activists who want to change the world. Ironically, their need to do good can sometimes distract them from their previous commitments, causing them to hurt others.

Aquarians are deep souls and they can only love someone when the connection is strong. They are very hard to read, which is why they are most likely to run away from love. They unconsciously push their partners away because they are so mysterious. 


Twins love love more than anyone else – until they get bored with that person. They are the sign of the split personality. Nobody is more versatile than a twin. They crave for adventure, change, and they hate being locked up more than anything else.

That’s why a twin runs away from love. As soon as the hunt is over, he longs for a new challenge. Gemini need the drama to stay interested.


The Virgin runs away from love, not because she is afraid to be trapped, but because she is afraid of being hurt. She hides her sensitivity by giving herself as much as possible. She is obsessed with being the best in everything, so she tries to be untouchable. Virgins act so that nobody can hurt them.

They are the toughest critics and the hardest to impress. This behavior is a shield for their insecurity. Virgins are perfectionists, but also kindhearted people.


Capricorns are extremely goal-oriented people. They always have a million things running at the same time, and it can be hard to get their attention. Capricorns show their love through deeds rather than words. They surprise you with flowers rather romantically than they tell you every day that you look pretty.

Capricorns are very confident, they do not need much confirmation from their partners. Just because ibexes do not need the constant praise and compliments does not mean that they do not appreciate the affirmation. They are bosses and forget that sometimes they have to compromise. Their independence is one of their best qualities. 


The Aries loves challenges and they come into their own in everything he does. He needs a lot of passion and self-confidence. Aries fall in love quickly and fall for it faster than other signs of the zodiac. They love the intoxication of the game and when it fades, they want to run away to the next challenge.

The ram just writes people off too fast. They are very passionate people and their high intensity can scare off some of the more timid signs. They hate to rethink things and resolutely embrace everything. 


Sagittarius love to be loved and they love attention. They promise you a whole new world right away, but they are not the prince you thought they were. Sagittarius are very funny, playful people. They are contagious, which also makes them very dangerous lovers. Everyone can not help but fall in love with them.

It is not your fault, Sagittarius, that you are so irresistible, but it can be very intimidating for your partner. Sagittarius are great communicators and extremely expressive. They do not want to chase away love, but their thirst for adventure can keep them from settling down.


The lion loves to be the star of the show. Lions are very romantic and love big gestures. They are dreamers – and yet, like most dreamers, they can easily be disappointed. If they do not feel appreciated or their ego is hurt in any way, they can run away fast. The lion is very loving, but also very arrogant.

He does not compromise on his pride. That is why he usually runs away from love when his pride is threatened. Lions would rather be the first to go than to be vulnerable and for whom they love to fight. Being vulnerable is scary for the lion.


The bull is not the type who runs away from love, but he’s the guy who loves the wrong people. The bull loves to feel needed. She wants a partner in need. Although the bull is very practical, he seems to have thrown all logic out of the window in love.

The bull will never give up his partner, even if every sign tells him to run away. The bull is the sign that stays. While he seems like the perfect partner, when he puts all the work into this relationship, he may soon become very impatient.

Then he can break out and become extremely needy if he does not feel appreciated. He basically runs away from love by staying too long with the wrong person.


Fish are one of the most romantic zodiac signs. You still see the world with pink glasses. They think love should be like in the movies. The fish is the child who has survived growing up and is still happily waiting for it. The only problem is that life is not a movie.

Fish are extremely emotional and rely on deep connections for a relationship to work. But everything is not always as perfect as in the movie. Sometimes we have to work on relationships before the magic starts. If the fish does not grasp this, he will run away again and again and miss all his chances.


Scales are generally very undecided. Her traditional romantic side makes her fall in love with each new partner. They usually imagine a common life with this person immediately and share their world with this person.

But this commitment also scares them. They can not stand being alone, so they can jump from partner to partner in an instant. Scales are also very nostalgic and often come back to former lovers. 


Scorpions are great supporters of the truth. Although they can be the most sensual sign, they do not pass on their hearts to anyone. They need to know that it is real before they can trust. The scorpion protects his heart and does not let you in, unless you are worth it. Scorpions are very proud and hate to be wrong.

They do not often find true love. Relationships are rare for them, it may even take years for them to build that trust in someone. They are one of the signs of the zodiac that rather do not run away from love because they seldom choose love at first. 


The cancer will never run away from love unless its heart has been broken. Cancer is the most loving sign of all. He makes you feel at home. Crabs can also be moody and insecure.

They will shower you with compliments, but they are too scared to tell you when you hurt them. With this lack of communication, it can quickly happen to the sweet cancer that it is being exploited. 

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