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Which sign has the strongest energy?
The secret is that energy can be very different. Being divided into four elements, the Signs of the Zodiac carry its power in different ways. Find out what energy your zodiac sign possesses
Representatives of fire signs are distinguished by impulsivity and extremely high energy. They are active, passionate by nature and most often find themselves in the spotlight. Their overall quality is the desire for leadership. Since the Fire Signs energy is very active, it is sometimes necessary to clean it.

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ARIES: perhaps the most active of the fire Signs of the Zodiac. Their energy is essentially unquenchable. They were born leaders.


LION: softer than Aries, are more methodical. Operated by the Sun, and traditionally it is believed that their satellite is good luck.

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SAGITTARIUS: their energy is not uniform: they can usually flare up unexpectedly and cool down unexpectedly as well. But they always hit the target clearly.

In terms of active energy, they are inferior to the Fire Signs. But the Signs of the Earth rehabilitates the fact that they achieve everything gradually and persistently, which sometimes makes them in the eyes of others extreme stubborn people. And the reason for everything is their even and balanced energy.


Taurus: they are more noticeable than others attract family well-being and stability, although sometimes they have an explosive character. Their strength is in reliability.


Virgo: it is not for nothing that Libra is next to this Sign in the zodiacal circle: it is very reminiscent of Themis, the goddess of justice. They are really fair and extremely hardworking.


CAPRICORN: Perhaps, representatives of this Sign have more quality than others in this group as a leader, even if it sometimes implies hidden leadership. Perfectionists by nature, they do not stop at the goal. Sometimes they do not have enough luck, but there are several methods by which you can set yourself up for a positive day.

We can say that the representatives of this element personify thinking and intellect in their pure form. In many ways, they are impermanent and elusive. Their direction is innovation, ideas and diplomacy.


Gemini: they always surprise with their thinking abilities and often manifested ability to do several things at once. Sometimes it seems that next to you is not one person.


LIBRA: the highest manifestation of beauty and wisdom, seasoned artistry. Libra is better than others can be impartial and consider the situation as fully as possible. Until their feelings are hurt.


AQUARIUS: the representatives of this Sign have extremely non-standard thinking, they are the driving force of progress. Their impracticality can be annoying, but in many respects it is thanks to the Aquarius that the world is being updated.

Representatives of this element are so deeply sensitive that very few people ever dreamed of it. Their ability is to perfectly navigate in the world of human feelings and emotions, while they have the ability to get along in difficult situations. They feel the energy of other people best and are distinguished by empathy. This helps them to have an interlocutor to themselves, and if necessary, to strike at the most sensitive place, picking up the right words.


CANCER: energy is aimed at protection. It operates constantly: first of all, its impenetrable shell protects Cancer itself, and in emergency situations it is able to effectively protect loved ones.


SCORPIO: it is the most punchy of all the Signs of water and is completely uncontrollable. All his energy is aimed at destruction. Moreover, they are capable of effectively keeping their intentions and camouflage like no one else.


FISH: It is often said that representatives of this Sign tend to possess paranormal abilities. They best merge with the existing situation and situation, and also deeply understand the feelings of another person on an intuitive level.

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