Which partner suits the zodiac sign Taurus?

The bull is a real connoisseur. Bulls are very vital, creative and connected to nature. You can rely on them in friendships and relationships. The family, a well-tended environment and material security are very important for the bull. He likes to cook and enjoy and is therefore the ideal host. He also enjoys sensuality and sex in love. However, it can also be stubborn and inflexible; he rarely revises his once formed opinion or decision. In general, however, bulls are life-affirming people.

The bull focused on values ​​and quality and it radiates them. In addition, bulls are usually very creative, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t live in reality. A bull wants to have security and stability in his life and is reluctant to give back what he has achieved.

The loyal bull also wants to know what he is up to in love and makes no secret of what he wants. He doesn’t want to have an argument with his partner in his cozy home – he doesn’t like long discussions either. He takes pleasure in the simple things in life and appreciates them.

Bull & fish

A fish brings the soul and the imagination into a relationship. Romance, tenderness and love are very important for both partners, which is why a relationship can be very harmonious and long-lasting. The two zodiac signs go very well together.

Bull & Aries

The zodiac signs Taurus and Aries don’t really fit together, because the two are very different. The ram is too enterprising and stormy for the bull. A relationship can only work here if both partners accept each other and respect their traits.

Bull & bull

Bulls share their interests and can therefore be happy for a lifetime.
When two bulls meet, there is not much in the way of a happy, lifelong relationship. Both are domestic, loyal, peaceful and security-loving. The only point at which things could get stuck is finances. But if they are regulated, there are no problems.

Bull & twin

Basically, a relationship between a bull and a twin is not a good star. The adventurous twin and the domestic bull are just very opposite. The connecting element here is the conviviality, which are characteristic of both zodiac signs. To have a happy partnership, a lot of tolerance is required of both. If this is given, both partners can learn a lot from each other.

Bull & Cancer

Cancer and bull are both domestic characters, the cancer finds the nest warmth that it wants in the bull. They complement each other: the bull is more physically and materially oriented, the cancer, on the other hand, more mentally. They are both attached to traditions and values, are skeptical about new things and therefore often inflexible. If the bull accepts the moods of cancer, it can be a good partnership.

Bull & Lion

The bull, like its animal representative, prefers to be in its familiar surroundings.
The bull and the lion are connected by the gourmet, even if they are otherwise quite opposite. The bull understands and does not like the enterprising spirit of the lion and his urge to constantly improve everything. If both signs of the zodiac show themselves a little flexible and engage with each other, they can still harmonize well.

Bull & Virgo

The virgin, like the bull, is an earth sign. However, the virgin is even more focused on the material, not so enjoyable and mostly pedantic. This pedantry often makes the bull impatient. But they both share the material about which they sometimes forget to enjoy.

Bull & Libra

The Libra as an air sign, like the bull, is inclined towards the beautiful and the enjoyment. Both want to live in harmony and shy away from conflicts. If they don’t face it, they live side by side instead of together.

Bull & Scorpio

Bull and Scorpio get along well in bed, but not in everyday life.
The bull and the scorpion go particularly well together with a small flirt, since it harmonizes in bed, but the procedure is very different in the real world. Since both signs of the zodiac are very persistent to the point of stubbornness, there are often frictions. Both have to lose something of this stubbornness so that a relationship can last.
Bull & Sagittarius

These two zodiac signs are very different characters. The bull is domestic and does not like changes, the shooter wants to go far and seek his luck there. A bull has to be careful here that its type does not restrict the shooter. If there is no great tolerance from both sides, a relationship will not work.

Bull & Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign that goes well with bull, better than the virgin. He spares no effort to make his family happy. He builds the house – the bull decorates it. It is stricter and more angular than the bull, but both harmonize well. The bull knows he can rely on the ibex.

Bull & Aquarius

In order for it to work between Aquarius and Taurus, both have to make compromises.
Since both zodiac signs are more quiet representatives, they can reconcile their opposing characters with clear discussions. Aquarius is too freedom-loving for the bull and is not only looking for happiness in the familiar. With tolerance and communication, a happy relationship is still possible.

The bull is a cozy, calm, frugal, thoughtful and enjoyable contemporary. However, it can also be possessive, passive, stubborn and stingy. If you want to take on the bull, you should share your interests and therefore be close to nature and calm. The bull is not particularly open to new things or to experiments. He prefers to follow his usual rhythm and is reluctant to be disturbed. The bull is easily impressed by money – if he can make a bargain, he usually strikes. A partner who can offer him a lot financially is preferred by the bull. As for the figure of the partner, the bull has his preferences. The partner of your choice is welcome to have something more on your ribs. 

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