Which partner suits the zodiac sign Scorpio?

Scorpions are strong-willed, fearless and reliable.
Hardly any sign of the zodiac represents so much extremes and passions as the watermark Scorpio. Jealousy, fanaticism, obsession into the abyss – all of this is said to be the bearer of the zodiac. Scorpions are considered possessive, lust-driven, dominant, bluntly direct and relentless fighter natures. The Scorpio ladies are said to be vamps, who smile with a cold heart and leave behind a trace of broken hearts and also exude a strong sensual aura, with all the self-awareness that distinguishes both female scorpions and the Scorpio man. But scorpions also have other characteristics – they are self-critical, instinctive, hard-working and brave.

Although the scorpion exudes his erotic aura, he is very loyal in a relationship and sticks to his partner. However, he can also be resentful, especially if he only sees the bad things in life. Not every zodiac sign is up to the scorpion.

Scorpio & fish

Two watermarks usually have a very harmonious relationship, which is characterized by deep feelings. In this particular case of scorpion and fish, wordless communication can go so far that outsiders can no longer understand anything. But everyday mood swings can have an impact on the relationship and one of the two can quickly be injured. When both partners are firmly in life, nothing stands in the way of a happy partnership.

Scorpio & Aries

Aries and Scorpio can have a very passionate relationship.
These two zodiac signs are characterized by passion. And yet scorpions and rams can enter into a long-term, happy relationship if they focus their passion on a common goal and don’t let arguments throw them off the rails. If the ram wants to go far because of the deep feelings of the scorpion, the communicative strength of the scorpion comes into play and he always brings him back with targeted arguments.

Scorpio & bull

The stubbornness of these two signs quickly stands in the way of a relationship. Since there are often small disputes in everyday life, scorpio and bull go together on a physical level, with a short flirt. A relationship can only last if both partners persist in it and do not give up. But then this connection means work for everyone involved.

Scorpio & Gemini

The lightness and spontaneity of the twin irritate the scorpion, which is why jealousies can occur. The characters of the two characters are so different that a relationship tends to fail in the long run. With a short flirt, however, both can enjoy the initial fascination for each other and there is no time to argue.

Scorpio & Cancer

Cancer and Scorpio can have a very intimate and deep relationship.
The deep feelings that are typical of watermarks connect the scorpion and the cancer. For this reason and because they are very similar in other respects, both partners develop a deep understanding of each other. Since the scorpion can show insight if the cancer is honest with its feelings, these two zodiac signs can always quickly overcome conflicts. So a happy relationship shouldn’t be a problem.

Scorpio & Lion

There will always be great attraction between a scorpion and a lion. However, whether this can lead to a short adventure or a relationship depends on the personal commitment of the two partners. When there are power struggles, both partners have to work very hard so that the relationship does not break. The two zodiac signs are not ideal conditions for a happy partnership.

Scorpio & Virgo

The scorpion, like its animal brother, is not very easy to handle.
Since the two zodiac signs Scorpio and Jungfrau do not like superficiality, the principle “completely or not at all” applies here. The different characteristics of the two zodiac signs mean that they can complement each other well and learn a lot from each other. If both partners take a step towards each other in physical love and speak openly to one another, a relationship between a scorpion and a virgin can last a lifetime.

Scorpio & Libra

A relationship between Scorpio and Libra is not easy, as the two are very different characters. The scorpion, who does not like to compromise, takes the Libra by surprise with his deep feelings. And when the two talk to each other, the scorpion sees the utterances of the Libra as evasive maneuvers. There is a lot of potential for conflict here, which makes a relationship very difficult.

Scorpio & Scorpio

Whenever two identical zodiac signs meet, their characters come to the full. With scorpions, this can mean that a deep understanding of one another is created, but it can also lead to a kind of love-hate relationship if the more negative characteristics, such as the tendency to jealousy, come to the fore. If both find an outlet in physical passion, they do not have to degenerate into power struggles and can be very happy with each other.

Scorpio & Sagittarius

Tensions can easily arise between the scorpion and the shooter.
The two zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius form an exciting connection in which opposites attract each other. The different characteristics can complement each other very nicely. And yet there is potential for conflict if the scorpion becomes jealous because the shooter is very freedom-loving. In addition, the shooter sees the scorpion as rigid and stuck. If both partners try to understand each other better here, this relationship can still be very happy.

Scorpio & Capricorn

Both scorpions and ibex tend to be stubborn and see life more seriously. However, these properties are very similar, which can lead to a deep understanding of each other. Both partners must be careful not to get caught up in power struggles, but to help and teach each other to understand each other better. If there is real trust here, this relationship can last a lifetime.

Scorpio & Aquarius

Aquarius’ love of freedom is rather strange to the Scorpio. Both are very different, although they are watermarks, which has some potential for conflict. The scorpion has to put aside his jealousy here, so as not to scare off the partner, otherwise a relationship has little hold. But then such a connection can be very instructive for both characters and not least also very happy.

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