Which partner suits the zodiac sign Aquarius?

People with the zodiac sign Aquarius love to be independent.
Aquarius lives on freedom and independence. He needs his undertakings to be happy. He impresses with wit and charm, but cannot show his feelings particularly well, which can sometimes be problematic when dealing with the partner.

A Aquarius is very communicative and therefore always available for good conversations with friends. Since sex and passion are not in the foreground for him, he can completely engage with new people, even if they may not want a relationship but only friendship from him. The typical Aquarius has no tendency to jealousy, but loves his personal freedom and also allows his partner. He is therefore a rather uncomplicated contemporary who does not tend to great dramas.

Aquarius & fish

This combination of two watermarks can easily lead to misunderstandings. Aquarius and fish must always communicate very openly and honestly with each other in order to get rid of any problems. In a partnership, they have to learn to deal with their opposites and to take themselves as they are. Then they can be very happy with each other for a very long time.

Aquarius & Aries

With Aquarius and Aries, your own freedom is paramount. As a result, they will never narrow each other, as is often the case with other signs. Both zodiac signs stimulate each other and therefore they will never get bored in the relationship. Surprisingly, Aquarius and Aries go very well together!

Aquarius & bull

With tolerance, a happy relationship is possible between Aquarius and Taurus.
Although the two signs of the zodiac are very contradictory and a relationship therefore has a lot of potential for conflict, this connection can work. The reason for this is that both Aquarius and Taurus stand for factual communication with which they can clear all problems out of the way. However, the bull has to realize that Aquarius loves freedom and does not look for happiness so much in trust. Both can be very happy with tolerance.

Aquarius & Gemini

Since both zodiac signs are not prone to jealousy, Aquarius and Gemini go very well together in their entrepreneurial spirit. Both need their personal freedom and also allow themselves. The basis for this trust is that both partners are very communicative and can speak about their feelings. You will never be bored. However, if a relationship is to be permanent, both signs have to learn to communicate their feelings non-verbally.

Aquarius & Cancer

When an Aquarius and a Cancer meet, opposites attract. The rather jealous and definitely domestic cancer seeks security that Aquarius is usually not ready to give. He needs his freedom and his undertakings to be happy. Nevertheless, something special can arise here if the cancer touches Aquarius with his loving nature.

Aquarius & Lion

The relationship between Aquarius and Leo has a high potential for conflict.
Differences of opinion are common with a combination of Aquarius and Leo. Since both characters do not like to give in, a large dose of tolerance is inevitable in order to be happy in the long run. However, if both characters can accept the other’s differences and may even learn to appreciate them, many problems are solved and a relationship can actually work.

Aquarius & Jungfrau

A relationship between Aquarius and Virgo cools down relatively quickly, since neither sign is particularly emotional. In addition, both characters are very different in their approach if they want to make a difference. The virgin lives very orderly, which doesn’t suit Aquarius at all. All of these opposites offer great potential for conflict. Overall, one can say that this connection is not a good star.

Aquarius & Libra

Basically, a scale goes well with Aquarius. These calm fellows fit together and can still experience a lot through the swing in the life of Aquarius. At the same time, the scales bring peace to the varied life of Aquarius. Both zodiac signs complement each other perfectly and can build a harmonious friendship. For a love relationship, however, both signs of the zodiac lack the depth in their feelings.

Aquarius & Scorpio

The scorpion has to learn to keep its jealousy in check if it wants a happy relationship.
These two zodiac signs, although they both belong to the watermark, are very different. Of course, this offers a lot of potential for conflict, because Aquarius’ enterprising spirit and freedom love spurs Scorpio on in its jealousy. However, if the scorpion learns to give Aquarius his freedom and not to prejudge him, then both partners can learn a lot from each other. Both partners have to invest a lot of work and tolerance in the relationship, but can then be very happy with each other.

Aquarius & Sagittarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius can get along very well. A lively, independent fire sign meets the entrepreneurial spirit of Aquarius. You can experience deep understanding for each other and real harmony if you always maintain respect for one another in all discussions. Then real deep love for the rest of life can arise here.

Aquarius & Capricorn

Aquarius and Capricorn are very different in nature. The Aquarius, who does not believe in tight rules and conventions, is too reckless and restless for the ibex. However, if both partners show tolerance, they can learn a lot from each other. However, the other extreme can also enter here and the feelings can cool down because the two signs are moving further and further apart. A relationship between these zodiac signs means a lot of work. If both are not willing to do much for the relationship, they may be better off with a casual friendship.

Aquarius & Aquarius

Aquarians tend to have close friendships with one another rather than deep relationships.
A connection between two watermen thrives on good conversations and interesting discussions. A deep bond between the two is the basis for a long and intensive friendship. If a love relationship is to grow out of this, however, both partners have to invest feelings, which is known to be difficult for watermen. Since sex is not particularly important to both, a close friendship can also be the non plus ultra for both. However, clarity should be created here as early as possible, since watermen like to keep their feelings behind the mountain and do not show how they really are.

The typical Aquarius is sincere, charismatic, freedom-loving and unconventional. However, he also has an extravagant, cool and stubborn character that sometimes presents his partners with a challenge. He enjoys non-committal flirting and teasing, which can stand in the way of a happy relationship. Therefore, he should be careful in this regard if he has found his dream partner and does not want to lose him.

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