The virgin mostly lives under the motto: “Check what binds forever”. Here you can see very well what is important for this zodiac sign. For the Virgo, order and organization is not just half of life, but everything should always run in a regular way. This zodiac sign checks extensively whether you understand each other and can spend the rest of your life together.

Virgins want to improve everything and make it clean and tidy. Her great weakness is the details, especially those that others hardly notice. So they often put themselves under pressure because they want to do everything optimally, but sometimes overlook the essentials. However, if you can win a virgin for yourself, you have a unique companion for your whole life, not only in good times.

Virgo & Fish

When opposites attract, virgin and fish can complement each other well. Since both are very easy to get along with, you can compromise for a happy partnership. However, the desire for the fish’s feelings and security can completely confuse the virgin, since she lives in reality. If both try to understand each other, a relationship can work.

Virgo & Aries

The temperaments of these two signs of the zodiac are unfortunately quite different. If the lightness and dynamism of the ram may have attracted the virgin in a flirt, a relationship is unlikely to last. However, if a business partnership supports love, then both partners can recognize the mutual benefits and complement each other very nicely.

Virgo & Bull

In contrast to people with the zodiac sign Taurus, virgins are very organized.
The domestic bull, striving for security, is almost a little too disorganized for the virgin. If both can enjoy life together, they can be happy with each other. Since both zodiac signs do not act thoughtlessly, they already know in advance exactly what they are getting into, which is a big plus for the connection.

Virgo & Gemini

When an analytical virgin and a logical twin meet, it sounds very good at first. This is a promising connection, especially on a business basis. But the twin is too spontaneous and easy-going for the well-thinking virgin. These differences create a lot of friction in a relationship.

Virgo & Cancer

The cancer gives the virgin a feeling of “having arrived”. These two are not only connected by a deep mental harmony, but you have an optimal connection that really works. Partnerships between crabs and virgins are particularly stable and survive all crises.

Virgo & Lion

Young cubs and lions are very different in character.
The beings of virgins and lions are very different. The lion appears to the Virgo to be too reckless in its enterprising and dynamic. She wants to plan everything, he prefers to let things come to him. These different characters offer great potential for conflict in a relationship.

Virgo & Virgo

Basically, two virgins get along very well in a partnership, as they are very similar in their peculiarities. But with all analytical thinking and all sense of order, too often the romanticism, which is not to be neglected in a relationship, comes up short. In the long run, this can be boring for both partners. However, if they do not neglect the fun in a relationship, the connection can also last a lifetime.

Virgo & Libra

A relationship between Virgo and Libra can only work if both are very tolerant. However, if the virgin engages with the love of the Libra for all that is beautiful and the Libra learns to understand the thrift of the Virgo, a happy partnership can arise. Since both are very communicative, problems can be discussed very quickly. Since both signs are considered to be rather closed, emotions should also be discussed in order to become clear about your own feelings and those of your partner.

Virgo & Scorpio

A soulful, profound relationship is possible between virgins and scorpions.
A superficial flirt is not possible with these two zodiac signs. The virgin analyzes and the scorpion senses the partner’s deeper feelings. This is how a deep relationship can develop. There are some differences in physical love that need to be overcome, but if the two take a step closer together, the scorpion can be less extreme and the virgin loosened, which then leads to a happy partnership.

Virgo & Sagittarius

Since both zodiac signs are looking for partners with similar expectations, the analytical virgin and the prolific Sagittarius will quickly find a common denominator. Unfortunately, the shooter is always drawn far away, while the virgin likes to analyze everyday concerns. If the Sagittarius does not appear too careless to the virgin and they find common interests, a relationship can work here, despite all the fundamental differences.

Virgo & Capricorn

The Capricorn is an almost perfect combination with the Jungfrau. Here you can really say that two soul mates have found each other. The rather pragmatic ibex appreciates and loves the sober nature of the virgin. These two characters can have a fulfilling relationship that can last a lifetime. However, fire and passion are secondary here.

Jungfrau & Aquarius

There is great potential for conflict in the relationship between Virgo and Aquarius.
These two zodiac signs basically have the same goal: They want to make a difference in life. But the paths leading there are fundamentally different for Jungfrau and Wassermann, which can lead to problems. The orderly life of the virgin and the love of freedom of Aquarius simply do not match in the long run in a relationship. There will be a lot of conflict, and the fact that neither is particularly emotional does the rest. This relationship therefore cools down relatively quickly.

People with the Virgo zodiac sign are analytical, hardworking, thorough, orderly, realistic and reliable. They like to think about everything and are critical observers of their environment. Success and achievement fascinate virgins and they are ready to put a lot of effort on the way up. They typically love everything clear, symmetrical, exact and are available for every reasonable compromise. Virgins are very demanding when it comes to their dream partner. But once you find him, you are very loyal and reliable.

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