Fish are dreamy, emotional watermarks. You need someone at your side who responds to your feelings and understands them. Then you will be able to accept and understand your counterpart.

They are very sensitive to the feelings of others and like to make their problems their own. In a relationship, fish need a lot of intimate togetherness and rest, because they don’t tolerate fast ups and downs very well. Fish are in need of harmony and strive for security and security.

However, fish don’t like it when they are analyzed and others expect them to commit. They like to keep their feelings to themselves, so that their fellow human beings can only guess what it looks like in them.

This means that partnerships and business suffer above all. Even the dreamy species can be fatal if they try to escape reality. In the following we will tell you which partner suits a fish.


If two fish meet, it may be that it sparks immediately – and with luck, forever. They are quite similar, the one could practically be the reflection of the other. Peace and balance dominate the living together, both fish understand each other without words and even silence is never uncomfortable. 


The combination of fish and rams can be very tiring, but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work in a relationship. With its temperament and impulsiveness, the ram balances the reserved vein of the fish.

While it can be wild and sexy in love life, the different characteristics of the zodiac sign strengthen the relationship, so that a harmonious coexistence is definitely possible. 


Bull and fish could harmonize particularly well with regard to their love life. These two zodiac signs are immediately understood on a date.

The fish that tends to be sentimental could have experiences and become vulnerable, but the strong bull will give the fish some of its strength. The sex becomes wonderful, the fusion of the romantic fish and the passionate bull result in fireworks.


Fish and twin are sexually attracted, but the deeper hold is missing for a relationship.

Both zodiac signs are so different that a long-term relationship often fails. But there is hardly a better partner for fish for romances and flirts. 


The sensitive fish notices the mood of the cancer and reflects it. This is the foundation stone for a happy relationship.

But be careful with longer relationships – this shows the tendency to jealousy with cancer. If the fish shows no understanding here, the relationship may ultimately fail. 


With the lion, the fish has a strong partner at its side.
Lions are saviors and protectors and this is what fish like most.

Even if the lion dominates the relationship, the calmness of the fish complements the lion and sometimes brings it back to the ground of fact. This relationship is the perfect symbiosis, since both zodiac signs complement each other. 


Relationships between a fish and a virgin are very complicated. The compromises decide about heaven or hell, a relationship is often shaped by many disagreements, tears and dramas. Only if the two zodiac signs go one step closer can love last. 


Nothing stands in the way of a short flirt or adventure with the combination of fish and scales. But to make a relationship out of it, both partners need to understand each other and approach each other.

Because the Libra prefers to be an air sign in company, while the fish like to rest. 


As long as both can keep their fighting spirit in check, nothing stands in the way of a happy relationship. At first glance, a combination of two watermarks, such as fish and scorpion, looks very harmonious.

Both partners have a lot of feelings and tend to show them very openly. However, if the two zodiac signs are not firmly on the ground with both legs, or if one of the two games is playing, problems can quickly arise, since both the fish and the scorpion are combatants. 


Although both zodiac signs are very adaptable, the fish and the shooter encounter the world in very different ways. The shooter is a fire sign and therefore very busy, which can make communication between the two partners a problem.

This requires great tolerance for being different. Even in love life, the shooter must be very sensitive so as not to hurt the feelings of the fish. 


At first glance, the combination of fish and ibex seems very contradictory. But sometimes opposites attract each other and for this reason the two partners actually complement each other perfectly.

It only becomes problematic when the ibex takes up too much power and the fish goes under. 


Fish and Aquarius can hardly make a happy couple.
A combination of fish and Aquarius, although both are watermarks, is not necessarily successful because misunderstandings can very easily occur.

However, if both partners have a certain intellectual maturity and can communicate with each other, mutual acceptance and a long, happy partnership can arise. 

The typical fish is charming, sensitive, sociable, selfless and dreamy. On the other hand, anxiety, hypersensitivity and unreliability also characterize his character.

The fish is difficult to understand because it does not like to talk about its feelings for self-protection. Nevertheless, he is a very sensitive partner who knows without big words what his counterpart thinks and feels. The fish typically raves about people with a lot of power, but they can only conquer them with great sensitivity.

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