The sensitive cancer is at home in the feeling. Pronounced empathy and intuitive grasping of the soul states of his fellow human beings make him a loving and caring, but also lustful partner – if he can feel safe and in good hands in the partnership. A partner who not only accepts the lunar emphasis of cancer, the influence of its ruling planet, but also sees it as an enrichment, will discover an ideal companion in cancer. He will be loyal to him in all situations, will take care of the family with sacrifice and will not neglect tenderness.

Cancer & Pisces

The zodiac signs Cancer and Fish are very close. Both are capable of enormous depth of feeling and indulge in their dreams in their own world. The deep understanding of the two partners for each other helps them to stay together in the here and now. If there are problems, both love to reconcile in a romantic way. So a long-lasting partnership can be successful.

Cancer & Aries

The domestic, calm cancer is often caught by the enterprising and dynamic of the ram. If the ram can be enthusiastic about tenderness and intimate togetherness at home, this relationship can still last. It is only important that there is a clear division of tasks and that none of the partners feels disabled in their life style.

Cancer & Bull

A characteristic weakness of the zodiac sign Cancer is its pessimism.
Cancer finds a strong and balanced partner in the bull who, like no other, is able to meet the security and stability needs of cancer. Home, home, family, material security are the foundations on which the strong partnership is based. The bull’s emotional stability is the ideal balance for the changing mood of cancer, which in turn helps the bull to transcend its earthiness. The bull’s perseverance and the devotion to cancer also promise an extremely enjoyable love life.

Cancer & Gemini

The two zodiac signs Cancer and Gemini are very different. The lightness and dynamism of the twin can sometimes wipe out the cancer, as he would like to spend quiet hours at home. A lot of mutual understanding needs to be put in place here for the relationship to work. The deep feelings of cancer must come to understanding and similar feelings in the twin, otherwise this connection is unfortunately doomed to fail.

Cancer & cancer

When two crabs connect, it is because of their deep feelings for one another. Both love peace and security and therefore understand each other almost blindly. It is important that both partners not only hang back to the past, but also look to the future and grow together as a result, otherwise the relationship stagnates and becomes unhappy.

Cancer & Lion

Crayfish are very romantic people who are waiting for great love.
If a cancer and a lion enter into a partnership, it is because opposites attract each other. The lion always wants to do great deeds and tends to surprise domestic cancer in the process. If the lion cannot curb his desire for the grand entrance, he can hurt the cancer, which can ultimately lead to the failure of a relationship.

Cancer & Virgo

The Virgo is a wonderful addition to cancer because they complement each other well. Both signs of the zodiac are united in the pursuit of security and orderliness, both are keen to show respect, understanding and trust to the partner. The virgin is able to anchor the castles in the air of cancer on the floor, the cancer gives the virgin the courage to be generous with her feelings. A harmonious team in life and in love.

Cancer & Libra

A connection between cancer and Libra is usually problematic because the two zodiac signs are quite opposite. While cancer calls for security and security, a Libra will strive for logic and clarity. If the Libra is not ready to give the cancer the closeness it needs, there are major problems here that can sometimes make cancer unfortunate. However, if both have great tolerance for one another and harmonize their need for harmony, a relationship can last.

Cancer & Scorpio

Crabs and scorpions don’t need big words to know what the other is thinking.
When two watermarks combine, there are always very big feelings involved. With cancer and scorpio this can go so far that they can understand each other without words. If the scorpion doesn’t become too possessive and jealous in a relationship, there won’t be any major problems. Because of the depth of the feelings, this connection can last a lifetime.

Cancer & Sagittarius

When cancer and Sagittarius meet, it’s only because opposites attract each other. The cancer is domestic and has a great need for security, but the shooter wants to travel, discover new things and constantly research. If they don’t have a lot of understanding and tolerance, this relationship won’t work.

Cancer & Capricorn

Whether a relationship between a cancer and an ibex works cannot be clearly said. Both signs have to learn to understand the peculiarities of the other and show a lot of tolerance for each other, so that from heaven-high cheering is not quickly grieved to death. Basically, both zodiac signs are very different, but complement each other very well, depending on their form, and can teach each other a lot.

Cancer & Aquarius

Cancer should work on its jealousy if it is to work with Aquarius.
A connection between Cancer and Aquarius is again about feelings, only this time they are of a very opposite nature. Freedom and lightness are very important to Aquarius, which spurs cancer’s jealousy. Here, too, opposites can attract each other if both partners leave their idiosyncrasies to a certain extent. Aquarius must give cancer a bit of security and cancer must give Aquarius his freedom so that both can be happy in the long run.

The typical cancer is a humble, friendly, emotional, clever, economical and purposeful person. Crabs are looking for great love and once they have found it, crabs do not want to give it back so quickly. They don’t care about superficial relationships or fleeting affairs. In addition, crayfish are very domestic people, to whom the family is more important. The same applies to really close friendships.

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