Which partner fits the Libra zodiac sign?

Scales are very peaceful and harmonious people.
Libra born babies have a very friendly nature and balanced judgment. They have the ability to express themselves on any subject, and their statements are always impartial. As a result, the scales make a very good arbitrator, who is happy to mediate. The Libra does not tolerate criticism of its own person very well and considers it a personal defeat. Harmony is a very important need for her, which is reflected in a large circle of friends. The Wagge is a very sociable contemporary, which is expressed in open-mindedness towards other people. They are real party animals and enjoy the bath in the crowd.

Scales are also lovers of the fine arts and true aesthetes, so that they make their cozy home more tasteful than comfortable. This means that only those who are themselves impeccably beautiful and well-groomed can take care of them. Your partner should also be cultivated and cosmopolitan, the scale is very demanding.

Libra & fish

What connects these two zodiac signs is their desire for harmony. But while the Libra likes to be in company, the fish is looking for intimate togetherness. The problem of the relationship lies precisely in these differences. The fish is too communicative for the scales, which means that both partners easily talk past each other. A partnership can only work if both zodiac signs are honest with each other and learn to understand each other.

Libra & Aries

Libra and Aries have very different characters, which can lead to problems in a relationship.
When a Libra and a Ram enter into a relationship, worlds collide. But what seems incompatible at first glance can still work well in the long run, as the Libra can be a good advisor to Aries. Both partners can learn a lot from each other, which is based on mutual respect. If this is always maintained, nothing stands in the way of a long, happy relationship.

Libra & bull

Although air and earth signs don’t seem to be the perfect partners for each other, the differences between Libra and Taurus aren’t particularly big. Both are very in need of harmony, but show this in different ways. While the Libra likes to go out among people and live their conviviality there, the bull would rather enjoy the togetherness at home. However, if both face the relationship with tolerance, they can learn from each other and live together in harmony.

Libra & Gemini

Libra and twin share common characteristics, so that the relationship is extremely harmonious. Their bond is characterized by communication, with which they can clear all problems out of the way. The lightness that is inherent in these two air signs lets them find each other again and again.

Libra & Cancer

A relationship between Libra and cancer could be challenging.
Two very opposite zodiac signs collide here. The cancer has turned very inward, which the Libra does not understand – she would like to have more exchange. The cancer needs emotional closeness, which is rather strange to the Libra. Although both signs strive for harmony, there will be no lifelong relationship because both are very different.

Libra & Lion

The zodiac sign Libra and Leo complement each other wonderfully in give and take, which is why there will be no major problems. If the Libra succeeds in wrapping the lion around the finger, nothing stands in the way of a future together.

Libra & Virgo

If there is a connection between the Libra and Virgo zodiac signs, tolerance is required from all sides. The frugal and analytical thinking virgin is rather strange to the Libra, who loves everything beautiful. But if both partners understand each other, they can learn a lot from each other and complement each other well. However, this constellation is hardly suitable for a short flirt, since both partners have very different approaches.

Libra & Libra

A partnership between two scales has good prerequisites to last a lifetime.
Two scales form a very harmonious partnership, in which there will be no misunderstandings or injustices. But in the long run this connection can be a bit boring for both partners. Here both have to make sure that they allow their feelings and show them to the partner. Then a Libra-Libra relationship can last a lifetime.

Libra & Scorpio

The two zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio want different things in life. Research in the soul, which is so special to the scorpion, is foreign to the Libra. And when the Libra wants to compromise, the scorpion shrinks from it. Worlds definitely collide here. If both do not have a large dose of tolerance and understanding for one another, then this constellation will not work well in the long run.

Libra & Sagittarius

A relationship between a fire and an air sign is usually good. When it comes to scales and shooters, the focus is on playfulness and lightness, the shooter has many ideas, the scales are happy to be carried away. Both characters complement each other practically perfectly. If there are any problems in a partnership, then these can be easily eliminated through communication.

Libra & Capricorn

The rectilinear ibex confuses the Libra, who prefers to playfully. Although both partners are communicative, the ibex will find it difficult not to interpret the balance’s need for harmony as an evasive maneuver. If both have a certain tolerance, they can learn a lot from each other and the relationship can be successful.

Libra & Aquarius

There is a danger between Libra and Aquarius that they neglect love in their relationship.
A relationship between Libra and Aquarius works better on a friendship level than in love. Both zodiac signs are very communicative and so there will be no boredom. But since both partners tend to pay too little attention to their feelings, love can fall by the wayside with all the fun. However, nothing stands in the way of a lifelong friendship.

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