Which makes you obnoxious when you are drunk. According to your star sign.


When you’re drunk, you tend to fight. You are looking for the confrontation and can not keep a cool head. You start fighting over inconsequential things and can also be very hurtful.


If you are drunk, you will soon get tired and you will lose the desire to continue celebrating. After a little alcohol, you want to go home and cuddle you to bed. When drunk, you are peaceful and calm.


You hate having to drink it alone, so you instigate others to drink with you. And so you do this all night, glass by glass, you’re forcing your friends to continue drinking, even if they have to leave tomorrow morning. You love society and enjoy life to the fullest.


When you’re drunk, you tend to get emotional. Maybe you shed some tears, depending on what’s going on in your life right now. If you drink too much, it could make you nervous and hysterical. You can be really exhausting, for someone who is sober while you are drunk.


If you’re drunk, then you’re in a flirting mood and sometimes flirting with body. You flirt with everything you have and spread good mood. A lion who is drunk can entertain a whole group of people alone.


When you are drunk, you are no longer really master of your senses. The usually reserved maiden then opens up and utters things she would only think in a sober condition. It may well happen that you hurt people because you can be too direct and ruthless.


When you’re drunk, you tend to revel in your memories and remember the good old days. You analyze, then old stories that you’ve gone through in your head 100 times.


If you are drunk, then the otherwise closed Scorpio very loving and would like to embrace everyone who stands in front of him. You then start to talk about the beautiful things in life and philosophize about your future and where you still want to go in life.


When you’re drunk, you tend to take funny pictures and publish them on social media. You then comment on strange photos of your friends and you tend to be embarrassed in a drunken state.


When you’re drunk, you talk very loud and often too much. You then laugh very strangely and generally make a lot of noise and ruckus. The otherwise so disciplined Capricorn then loses control of himself.


When you’re drunk, you’re making big plans for everything and you will not remember it the next morning. You then promise everyone you meet anything, just so as not to keep it as soon as you’re sober again.


When you’re drunk, you’re a dub. You spill drinks and destroy dishes. Your phone drops or you lose it. You’re acting drunk like a little kid.

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