Which lesson awaits you in October. According to your star sign.


Do not be so impulsive and do not act without thinking first. Do not blindly listen to your gut feeling without first thinking about it. Balance the options before you make important decisions, not always the first thought is the right one. Make sure you get involved so that you do not make a mistake that may not be reversible. Follow us on Instagram.


Do not allow poisonous people to be part of your life anymore. Do not give them permission to hurt you a second or third time. Do not give them the other chance they did not deserve because they blame you for being disappointed. Do not allow yourself to flee back into the arms, which will hurt you again. Follow us on Instagram.


Do not be so hard on yourself. Do not always list the things that you do not like about yourself or things that went wrong in your life. Stop persuading yourself that you are not beautiful in your own way. You deserve to know that you are beautiful and that it is you who keeps you from doing wonderful things. Follow us on Instagram.


Do not urge good people out of your life just because you’ve been hurt in the past. Do not always assume that everyone who comes into your life wants to hurt you. Do not let your past turn you into a bitter person. Do not let your heart become a block of ice. Follow us on Instagram.


Do not assume that the rest of your life will be as hard and chaotic as the last few weeks. Do not let your anger and disappointment consume you.

Also do not project your frustration on the people in your environment, who only mean well to you and who helped you to survive the last few weeks. Do not forget that there are also good people in the world and that good times will come again. Follow us on Instagram.


Too often, you forget yourself as you think about how others are doing. Too often, you forget that you are just a human with needs and longings, which leads to an inner emptiness plaguing you.

Do not be too distracted by others because you want to take care of them and forget to take care of yourself. Practice cultivating your soul. Practice self-love and practice respect for yourself. Follow us on Instagram.

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