Coffee is the most beloved drink of Brazilians, with annual growth in consumption. Be it at breakfast, after lunch, mid-afternoon to give that mood or at times when you need a little help to work at work, coffee can come in several different ways: fuller, pure, with milk or in made recipes, the fact is that each of us has his favorite coffee.

Like many other characteristics, the choices we make are often influenced by our signs. And it is from this principle that we throb below what would be the preferred coffees of each according to the native sign. Check if yours and those of your friends have hit!


Espresso is the face of the Aries. In the first place because it is strong, without frills and well-bodied;second because it is usually very quick to serve, and Aryans hate to wait. If it is sugar-free, the Aryans will like it even more, as they can taste the true taste of coffee.


Taurus like warm, tasty and well elaborated things, so the coffee that should please the palate of the sign of Taurus is the mocaccino; the mixture of coffee with chocolate and that creamy foam of the milk should fill the eyes and the palate of these natives.


Gemini usually get even more electric and talkative after consuming coffee, so it is important that they choose something that does not have as much concentration of caffeine. The affogato, which is an espresso with an ice cream ball, usually pleases this sign.


Cancer always cling to the sentimental side of what they taste. A cappuccino or coffee with warm milk should remind you of the afternoon coffees at Grandma’s house and make these natives sigh with such happiness.


Leo care very much about the appearance of the food and drinks they taste. Exquisite coffee, served in a bowl and with several layers can catch the attention of this native.


Virgo are correct and without much variation, they prefer to resort to what they are accustomed to and know that it works. A coffee with milk, served in a cup with saucer so as not to risk the soiling of the towel, is synonymous with happiness for this native.


Linked to aesthetics, this native likes beautiful presentations, but with flavors without many frills. It is of those who believe that less is more. A typical Italian latte (coffee with milk foam and chocolate powder) should please this native.


Scorpio like intense, spicy flavors. A well-taken coffee, with touches of cinnamon, cardamom or pepper, is a good request for this coffee lover in general.


Sagittarians are fun and often childish, so much so that they tend to prefer chocolate to coffee. If, however, they choose this classic drink, they tend to prefer ice cream with a milk shake face. A frappuccino is the definite choice of Sagittarius.


Capricorns are classic and practical, so a coffee ristretto tends to be your choice whenever possible. It is intense and full bodied, but also brings out the sweetness of the coffee toast.


Aquarius tend to always look for novelties and love to try new flavors. The Submarine, which brings a piece of chocolate melting slowly in the coffee, should make this native well happy.


Pisces are sensitive and like soft tastes, that allow them to taste gradually. A coffee such as caramel, which carries touches of caramel and a touch of milk, is best suited to Pisces natives.

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