We all have a soul animal with whom we feel deeply connected. Our attitude to life, to the people around us and also some character traits are strangely similar to our soul animal.

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Here you can read which animal shares a soul with you. Based on your zodiac sign.


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Sometimes you can be very intimidating to others. You are strong and have a strong self-confidence. As a rule, you always get what you want.

Others can rely on you and your support. You are a tiger because you are wild and indomitable and always know what you want. You will always find a way to assert yourself. Follow us here on Instagram.


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People get along well with you and find easy access to your being. You are generous and reliable. You love being independent and free, but you don’t mind spending time with people because you are a patient person.

For some reason, dolphins have a special bond with people and are very open-minded and you have a good feeling next to them, all of this applies to you too, dear bull. Follow us here on Instagram.


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You are known to be a “two-faced” person. One side of your personality is happy and wants everyone else to be happy (you are loved for this side).

And the other side of your personality is dark and emotionally unstable. You are like an octopus that is constantly changing color and you never really know which side of your personality you will meet today. Follow us here on Instagram.


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Having a deep compassion for the people around you is part of your being. You feel responsible for others and you take time for yourself.

You give most people a special place in your heart too, those who are not good to you, that’s how you are. A dog cannot be angry or be there for someone, so you are deeply connected to the dogs. Follow us here on Instagram.


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You are a very confident being. You trust your skills and your attraction. People can rarely resist your charm and your whole being. And like a peacock you love to put on a “show” and show yourself. The center is the place where you belong.


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Your everyday life is planned in detail and I don’t think you have to say that you are a perfectionist. But you’re also incredibly impatient when things don’t go according to plan. You like to take care of the needs of others and always put yourself behind.

Like a bear you have a big heart and are there for the family and the people who are important to you. Deep in your soul you feel connected to the bear. Follow us here on Instagram.


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You are someone who attaches great importance to having a balanced balance in life. You appreciate art and recognize beauty in detail. You like to speak, but you also love to listen, generally you love it when you are given honest attention.

The elephant is very similar there, he likes to be the center of attention and loves peace and quiet in his life, just like you, the elephant is a being who values ​​balance. Your emotional connection just makes sense. Follow us here on Instagram.


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You have the ability to look into people’s souls. You are mysterious and tend to build high and thick walls around you. Only people with whom you have a good feeling can look behind them. You are loving and warm-hearted.

Just like the cats, there is always something mysterious about them and nobody really knows what they are going to do until they open themselves up and let themselves be petted. Therefore your soul connection is the only sensible one. Follow us here on Instagram.


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You are someone who doesn’t let others down. Inner strength and reliability are two of your best qualities. You have learned to be your own best friend and you also know how to be a good friend to others.

And like a wolf that is strong and protects its pack, you are also there for those who are important to you. The wolf and you are one. Follow us here on Instagram.


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You are a born leader. An alpha being through and through. You can take responsibility, you are ambitious and the lion leads. Being emotionally reserved is exactly your thing.

You know how real power works and how to use it for good and you use all of this to your advantage. You share a soul with the lion. Follow us here on Instagram.


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Yes, you are a monkey. They are like you because intelligence is one of your best qualities. You tend to be intense what might be too much for others.

Sometimes you tend to be eccentric and unpredictable, but that’s how it is when you think in deeper levels. Follow us here on Instagram.


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You like to talk a lot, just like an owl that makes loud noises all day long. Intimate and profound conversations are exactly your thing. And you want to teach people something, so you are actually a born teacher.

Your world of thoughts is so big and complicated, that’s why your need for communication is so pronounced. Go ahead, people like to listen to you. Follow us here on Instagram.

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