I agree to all 100%. Rich to be great. How many are not hard, that poverty is not a vice, and with money in your pocket you always feel better than without them. But why do some of them stick to their hands, while others, even by hard work, barely make ends meet? You can believe in astrology or not, but the fact that Taurus – as a rule, people with money – exists. Everyone can check it, remembering some familiar Taurus: eight chances out of ten for the fact that he, to put it mildly, does not live in misery. It turns out that it is not for nothing that since ancient times the Golden Taurus has been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

In connection with all this, a logical question arises: what should a person born under a not the richest star do?

The main rule of astrologers is: “The stars incline, but do not oblige.” Looking at your horoscopes, you can find in them tips on how to maximize the benefits of using the advantages of your zodiac sign and what its disadvantages should be noted.


Aries treats money calmly, for him it is not an end in itself, but only a means to help him achieve his goals. Aries’s equal treatment of money is best illustrated by the fact that, choosing between fame and money, he will almost certainly choose fame. However, Aries’s career aspirations affect his financial well-being. Aries can not only work well, but also make good money.



Taurus is a very monetary and purposeful sign of the zodiac. Welfare and property are at Taurus in one of the first places. In life, prosperity, comfort and convenience are very important to him, and sooner or later he will achieve this goal by accumulating considerable capital. Becoming the owner of a solid state, he got a hard work, Taurus is not inclined to throw money to the wind. He is not a meanie, but calculating and always spends money wisely.


For money, Gemini, like everything else in their lives, depends on their changing moods. Money in itself is not an end in itself for them, but they give them a sense of freedom and the ability to satisfy their eternal craving for novelty: to travel, try new dishes, shop. Depending on the mood, Gemini can then throw money to the wind, making senseless spending, then save every penny. However, the latter happens with them much less often.


Cancer is very thrifty and therefore a very money sign of the zodiac. He does not set himself a goal to save money in order to then lead a luxurious life. Money in his understanding is a stock, insurance, which must be kept with him for a rainy day. However, in the creation of this insurance, Cancer is often keen on and loses all sense of proportion, so that his frugality in everyday life begins to border with greed.
One way or another, but due to its foresight, Cancer eventually becomes the owner of quite substantial cash. At the same time, you can be sure that he has chosen the most reliable storage method for his savings, and he is not afraid of any crises!

a lion

Leo is a maximalist, and in relation to money he is also not inclined to know the measures, as in everything else. He likes to live in a big way, to dress in expensive clothes, to drive a car of the latest model. Usually, Leo’s house is a model of grace and not modest luxury, and his many friends and acquaintances know that they can always borrow a tidy sum from him. And this is despite the fact that the finances of Leo are not unlimited, and his habit of throwing money can from time to time put him almost on the verge of poverty! However, an energetic Leo usually quickly finds a way to fix things, so that he cannot deny himself anything else.


In relation to money, Virgo is extremely thrifty. Everything in life is given to them with difficulty, so they are well aware of the price of every penny. In addition, Virgo’s attitude to life does not imply the wearing of “rose-colored glasses”: she soberly looks at the world and understands that no one is immune from poverty, and you can only hope for yourself. It is for this reason that in everyday life the Virgin is able to deny herself even the smallest, just to create a solid emergency reserve on a “rainy day”. Even if a huge legacy falls on Virgo, you can be sure that she will continue to spend money economically, considering every step she takes. However, in no case can a Virgin be called greedy: she is thrifty, but compassionate, and in case of need she will willingly help with money to a loved one.


In relation to money, Libra often behave ambiguously. Depending on the whims of their changeable mood, they can either show excessive frugality, then make unnecessarily large spending. However, apart from extremes, in general, Libra is characterized by a fairly reasonable attitude to money: they prefer to buy high-quality goods at an affordable price.


By nature, Scorpio is a winner who knows how to get his way. He is infinitely confident in his own strength and on the way to his goal is able to overcome any obstacles, so he almost always gets what he wants. In relation to money as such, Scorpio is calm enough, but you can’t name him without silver medal – he likes comfort (even luxury) and is fully able to appreciate the freedom and independence that a person with big money has. Having set a goal to get rich, Scorpio will definitely achieve this.


Sagittarius is light as wind; in work and money, this is both its advantage and its main disadvantage. Even earning decent money, Sagittarius is able to live from paycheck to paycheck. In dealing with finance, he is extremely careless, and his generosity and compassion sometimes knows no boundaries. In the mood, he is able to throw money to the wind, to lend to casual acquaintances, with a generous hand to help those in need. With such a character it is difficult to accumulate anything, but often Fate spoils a cheerful Sagittarius, and the money goes into his hands.


Capricorn is very practical and prudent in regard to money. In his youth, not yet possessing large funds, he can lead the most modest lifestyle in order to accumulate substantial capital over time. Further promotion on the career ladder, as a rule, makes Capricorn a very wealthy person, but he still continues to spend money wisely. Throwing money into the wind, to lend without firm commitment, or even just to make rash spending Capricorn will never be.


Aquarius is quite calm about money. Thanks to his creative, talented, but not too practical nature, he can be a very rich man, and almost a beggar. And in fact, and in another case, he will not shake over his money, although you can’t call it a spender either.


Pisces is very talented, but impractical: in life they can achieve all or nothing. Money for Pisces is not a goal, but only a means. And a tool that can do little to enrich their already rich inner world. That is why Pisces is rather indifferent to money, and if they get rich, their compassion finds expression in generosity and charity.

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