Sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that certain behaviors are not conducive to a relationship. Therefore we have to develop a healthy self-awareness in order to be able to see our own mistakes in our relationships.

After all, we want to know what kind of energy we release, what aura surrounds us. Not everyone will show you your mistakes and more importantly, not everyone will have the patience to wait until you change something about yourself.

For this reason, it is very important to understand your own negative qualities that we relate so that you can work on yourself. However, this is not a matter of course for most people, because they usually look for the fault with their partner, rarely with themselves.



You are always direct, honest and relatively uncomplicated. These properties also shape your everyday life. You have a lot of energy by nature and pull others with you and your passion is pure fire. However, you are also very emotional and can quickly get into a relationship to a point where everything can become “too much” for the partner.

You leave your feelings in control of your life and act more impulsively when it would be more appropriate to act rationally. It doesn’t end well if you give fire too much power in a relationship, you tend to turn a relationship into ashes. 


You are a pragmatic person by nature and also in your relationships you are someone who looks at it from a “practical” perspective. You are well organized and always follow a plan and you also make sure that the relationship runs on a long-term basis.

You love it when things stay the way they are because you don’t like changes. But in a relationship, things rarely go according to plan and changes are part of it. You make the mistake again and again that you refuse to adapt to new circumstances or to make adjustments.

You are not flexible enough, especially when the first ups and downs occur in a relationship, then you tend to be unsettled by it. If you don’t learn to compromise and accept change, you may be left alone. 


You are by nature someone who likes to make others happy. You are always connected on a deeper level with the people around you. You are the kind of person who would do practically anything for the people who love them. And that is the noblest of your qualities but also your greatest weakness.

Your desire to love and be loved can sometimes cause you to put your own needs behind and this is never a healthy way to start a relationship. You have to be someone who likes to give and take little, learn to balance that in order to build and lead a relationship in the long term, but above all to be happy in it. 


You have a heart of gold, but you also tend to have high expectations of a partner. But you have to learn that nobody is really what you imagine in your head.

It is difficult for you to trust people, so the path to a new relationship is the biggest hurdle for you. If a relationship fails with you, then in the beginning, rarely in the middle, because you are someone who has to overcome a great deal in order to build up feelings for someone and really trust someone.

In order to be happy, you have to learn to see people for what they are, the moment you meet them, a blank sheet of paper, they cannot help you that you have been disappointed in the past.

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