There’s been plenty of debate as to the validity of zodiac signs – they’ve been around for 5,000 years at least so it doesn’t look like the matter will be cleared up any time soon. Whether it be the human desire to define ones personality traits or dvine predictions for your future, the astrological system is one we’ve all thought about at one time or another. While most lists regarding these signs tend toward the PG, here we have something a little raunchier.

What does your zodiac sign say about your sex style? How do you conduct yourself in the bedroom? If you’re curious as to just how close these are to the real thing, take a look and compare. Even if you’re skeptical, check out your sign and see if it matches the reality of your style in bed.

Aries Is Passionate

As the first sign of the zodiac, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Aries is passionate, adventurous, and maybe a little impatient in the bedroom. They enjoy the chase and live for the thrill at the finish line, even if it may seem like they’re rushing there sometimes. In the bedroom this can translate to rushing passed foreplay to reach the *ahem* end – Aries could stand to slow down and smell the roses, if you will.

Taurus Takes Its Time

Slow and steady wins the race. They’ll wait for you to come to them but it’ll be worth it. Sensual and attentive but maybe a little plain, either way they’re in it for the long haul. This applies to their personality both in and outside the bedroom. Without being too crass, consider a Taurus to be like a marathon runner.

Gemini Are Kinky

These types are big fans of dirty talk, making them especially good at flirting, something they do often. They tend to try lots of interesting maneuvers which can be exciting. Just make sure they don’t get bored, something they are prone to quickly become. If you’re looking for someone to send a saucy text or whisper something raunchy in your ear, a Gemini is the one for you.

Cancer Gets Emotional

A Cancer loves eye contact and holding hands. Put simply, they’re the romantic type who doesn’t subscribe to the no-strings-attached school of lovemaking (not a real school). Charming, witty, and occasionally insecure, these types are sensual and intuitive, plus they’re in it for the long term. A Cancer is perfect if your looking for something with a little more connection that isn’t just a casual hook-up.

Leo Is Proud

Charming, powerful, and engaging, a Leo can quickly draw you in and for good reason. Although a fragile ego is often present and requires attention and validation, a good Leo is a great Leo. They’ll give you a good time, but just try to be careful about hitting any of their insecurities in the bedroom. If you are willing to put up with a bit of drama, you’ll find a generous and charismatic partner in the bedroom.

Virgo Is Sensitive

They may not be fancy, but they care. Maybe a little too much. “How was that?” is something you may hear often. Since they’re often shy, it may take a while for them to be comfortable. Once they are though, they’re all in on making sure you feel great. It may fall on you to balance things out though, as they’re prone to put 100% focus onto how you’re feeling under the sheets. Their constant questioning and desire to make things ideal may be grating but practice makes perfect.

Libra Likes Foreplay

Libras may not appreciate anything too crude, but they are big fans of saucy wordplay, sexts, and foreplay. If foreplay was a sport, they’d be in the pros. Candles, playful banter, and music are the cream of the crop for getting a Libra in the mood. They’re solid in the bedroom but the lead up is what a Libra is all about.

Scorpio Is Steamy

Ever look at someone and just know they’re an animal in the bedroom? They’re probably a Scorpio. Just as steamy as they appear, they are seductive, lustful, and intense. They tend to be a little kinky and work like a force of nature. On the flip side, their desire for control and power makes them a bit possessive which can turn some off. But if you’re willing to put up with that, you’re in for a ride, so to speak.

Sagittarius Is Adventurou

A Sagittarius is a guaranteed fun time. They’re playful and adventurous with a desire to roam free. Just don’t be too possessive with this one – they like to do their own thing and if they’re bored or feel that you’re being clingy, they’ll be gone. Simply put, this is a casual fun time under the covers.

Capricorn Is Secretly Rough

You’ll find little in the way of PDA in these seemingly conservative and in-control people, but behind closed doors they have a reputation for being some of the most highly sexual and sensual people of all. Patient and goal-oriented, they’ll do everything they can to seduce and please you. They’ll want to win your heart and your libido – it just may take you making the first move. Don’t be surprised if they’re a little kinkier than you expected, too. They may have a bit of a condescending nature – even if they don’t mean to be – but if you two click, brace for a good time.

Aquarius Is Unconventional

Original with a trend toward experimenting? That’s Aquarius to a T. They come across as very casual about their sex lives and some may feel them getting distant, but they just hate being bored. They’re loyal but need to keep things fresh under the sheets. If you can keep up, prepare for a lot of variety and fun. Chances are they’ll push for something a more conservative person may be uncomfortable with, but if you’re into a little 50 Shades action then an Aquarius could be right for you.

Pisces Lives To Please

A Pisces lives to make you happy and they know how. Intuitive and caring, their whole focus will be on you in the bedroom. They can be sensitive and a bit fragile, but if you take care of them, they will most certainly take care of you. It may not be the wildest time under the sheets, but you certainly won’t leave disappointed.

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