What you have to let go before this year ends. According to your star sign.

The year is drawing to a close and the question is, are you ready for a new chapter? Are you a better person than last year? Did you really develop over last year? Read in this article what you need to let go before this year ends. According to your star sign.


Let go of the thought of always having to give everything.

You are someone who lives almost always in the fast lane and this is reflected in your private life as well as in your job. You define yourself too often about success and always want to be the best. Do not let this unruly will, which is in you, make you burn up and burn out. You can not always be the best and you should not spend your life in the fast lane.

Go from the gas, because there will be days when even you have no strength left. And on such days, you should remember that you, too, are just a person who sometimes needs a break from everything. Take this time out before this year comes to an end. Follow us on Instagram.


Let go of the idea of ​​being haunted by your past mistakes.

You are someone who always wants to make the right decision and does not work, then that usually hits you very hard. You have to learn that all of us make mistakes, some the others less, but we all do some. It is important to learn from these mistakes, so do not be afraid of mistakes.

It’s the mistakes that make us better people. You were in love with a toxic person? Well and, that can happen to anyone and it was not up to you, but the poison of the other, that it did not work out. Before this year comes to an end, try to make peace with your past and the mistakes in it. Follow us on Instagram.

GEMINI (22 ‘ MAY – 21ST JUNE )

Let go of the thought of always being afraid to miss something.

Somehow you always have the fear of missing something, so you never really enjoy the moment and live. You have to learn that being around everywhere is impossible unless you are a superhero and we both know you are not.

Let go of the fear and live in the here and now, or you will miss the beautiful moments, because you were afraid to miss something else. Before the year comes to an end, you should get along with you, and that will only work if you reflect and analyze yourself. Follow us on Instagram.


Finally learn that certain relationships should not have been, no matter how much you wanted.

As a cancer, you are someone with a hard shell while your soft heart is very sensitive. As soon as someone pervades this shell, you lose your inhibitions and begin to build up a profound connection to that person. And after you have a relationship with them, there is no turning back for you.

Because of this, you’re often hurt because you’re someone who does not just enter into a relationship while others do. You have to learn that not all relationships have a happy ending and before the year comes to an end, you should let go of the thought that behind every “I love you” a happy ending awaits you. Follow us on Instagram.

LEO (23 ‘ JULY – 22. AUGUST )

Let go of the thought of having to be polite to everyone, including those who do not mean well to you.

You do not owe anyone a friendly face. Even if you are someone who would like to be at peace with everyone. It is of course exemplary if you respect everyone, but there are people that you know, they want the plague on their necks, you do not have to be friendly to these people. Show them what you think of them and cleanse your inner circle and keep it clean.

Rejection is an integral part of life, which is why every now and then you should be reluctant to allow someone to enter this life. Before the year comes to an end, you should let go of the thought that everyone deserves the peaceful side of your personality, sometimes the lion just has to roar to make his point. Follow us on Instagram.


Let go of the idea, always want to get everything perfect.

Let’s face it, you’re a perfectionist. Everything you do is perfectly organized, planned and carefully thought out. If, despite your planning, something does not go the way you want it to, you are deeply disappointed. This perfectionist way is exhausting for the people around you and secretly for you as well.

It is power-consuming and consumes your nerves, even if you do not admit that. We humans can not always control everything. It is in the nature of man to make mistakes and be anything but perfect. Before the year comes to an end, you should let go of the thought of having everything under control so that it runs perfectly, you will never succeed. Find peace with a life that is full of mistakes but worth living. Follow us on Instagram.

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