Finding the perfect gift is complicated and more if it is at Christmas. We always encounter the same problem. We try to find a gift of the most original, different that resembles the tastes of who we are going to give that gift. But sometimes, and more at Christmas we have to give to family members that we have not seen for a long time and maybe we do not know so much what their tastes are. Therefore, we give you some ideas so you can give away objects that are related to your hobbies. And what better to be according to your zodiac sign . Our sign says a lot about our personality so that you are already Aquarius, Pisces , Gemini … you will find the ideal gift for this Christmas without complications.

The best experiences according to your sign

Giving experiences (and that they give us) is one of the things we like the most, and we have to admit that. Each time the material attracts us less as a gift idea and we like to share moments with other people from our circle of friends and family. Therefore, we bring you some ideas of very cool experiences so you can give this Christmas according to your zodiacal signs. Keep in mind that each person is different, and also each sign of the zodiac so with these ideas that we will give you you can not fail: 

1. Aquarius: plays, concerts or exhibitions are the best gift options for people of this sign. Everything that has to do with art fascinates them so they look for some special activity. We recommend the exhibition of the street artist ‘Bansky: Genius or Vandal? ‘ which opens in Madrid, from December 6 to March 2019.

2. Pisces: they are very passionate and hyperactive so try to conquer them with experiences such as massages or a spa. They are people who give importance to the senses so they prefer more sensory experiences. One of the places we like the most in Madrid, and which perfectly represents this ritual, is the Hammam Al Andalus spa . You can also bet on a romantic dinner so you can enjoy it with your partner.

3. Aries: they love challenges. They are very adventurous people so take the opportunity to give fun experiences. A good option is the escape rooms like the one in La Casa de Papel that is made in Madrid. It will be a great experience to give and enjoy with friends.

4. Taurus: you can not resist giving her a gastronomic experience. The Taurus prefer that you surprise them with a good dinner. They prefer to share moments eating and in good company. In Madrid and other capitals you can find many restaurants to enjoy a good special and original food.

5. Gemini: good music or any device that has to do with it will love it. Bet on giving away subscriptions to music playlist or some perfect speakers to carry even when traveling.

6. Cancer: all things that have to do with a story behind fascinates them. They are very sociable so they like to be interested in others and know their stories. They are very fond of craftsmanship and the value that it represents for people who dedicate hours to this work. Therefore, bet on design things, different and with a value of their own. In the Madrid Design Market you can find many brands that bet on the craftsmanship and talent of the youngest.

7.Leo: they love that they surprise them and that they risk with their gifts. Pay attention to their tastes, well you know that you will guess for sure.

8. Virgo: everything that has to do with stationery and beauty fascinates them. Look for gifts such as diaries, calendars or boxes to order your makeup . All addicted beauty will love having their beauty products well ordered.

9. Capricorn: they like to invest in gifts that last a long time. They usually prefer some clothes or accessories such as bags of good materials. If you are a fashion victim you can look for garments with higher quality fabrics. Also look for a brand that supports sustainable fabrics and clothes can last much longer.

10. Scorpio: they are the most difficult at the time of giving. They do not settle for any object. So if you want to surprise them you’ll have to think a lot. Those are very passionate and very flirtatious, so if you prefer to ensure a good option they are

11. Libra: they give a lot of importance to the decoration of their house, so they take advantage of it and bet on it when they give it away. In Ikea, where you can find safe decoration options, but if you want to look for a little different furniture, you could give it a eye to webs like Maison du Monde, Westwing, Desenio … where you can find furniture, vinyl and small decorative elements such as candles.

12. Sagittarius: they love to try new things and, of course, to be always up to date. A good option to give her some tickets for a concert or a wine tasting as a couple. He will love it!

Now you only have to take a day and go shopping to choose the best gift. With these tips, you’ll be sure to get your gifts right. Our zodiac sign says a lot, and it is also a good option so you can give it away and get it right at Christmas. Here we have left you very different options so that you can hit with your friends or family according to your zodiac sign. They will love everything!

Although the gift is everything, also the wrapping. So try to find ideas for original packaging that you can do yourself at home. We also leave you a selection of Christmas messages so you can accompany your gifts with a small card and thus completely succeed with your gift.

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