We have all met people who had qualities that we absolutely couldn’t stand. Each one of us has these special things that we know we cannot do.

Today, based on your zodiac sign, you will learn which three things you hate so much in a relationship that you could never overlook it. Here we go!


1 . First of all, you can’t stand death not knowing what you’re at. If someone is ambiguous towards you, you could get out of your skin!

2. You also hate being ignored. If you send someone a message on Whats app and they don’t respond. Then you see red!

3. Last but not least, you could never have a happy relationship with a person who was just in a good mood and would cry like a baby the next moment. Stable emotionality is very important to you.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

1. You could never trust a wrong person to play games with you.

2. You also don’t want to feel locked up in a relationship. Distrust and ownership are a no-go for you.

3. That’s why you would split up immediately if a partner gets too pushy, needs to know everything and logs into your cell phone secretly. 

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

1. Sincerity is important to you. If your partner is hiding something from you or doing things behind your back, that won’t work for you!

2. Even white lies are things in a partnership that you absolutely abhor. Dishonesty is unbearable for you and makes a relationship impossible for you.

3. You also don’t like excesses. So you could never share life with a drunk. 


1. If someone moves you, and maybe even at the last moment, you lose confidence and feel very rejected.

2. Even if your partner makes you wait forever until he is finally there, you are absolutely offended.

3. It is another no-go for you if your partner denies the relationship with you before others and does not stand with you. 


1 . If your great love has led you around and betrayed you, then your pride will suffer extremely. You couldn’t take it.

2. And even if someone shoots himself with some mysterious substances, you immediately seek the distance. You don’t need something like that in your life!

3. In addition, you cannot do it at all if your partner wants to go on partying and is always persuaded to come along. 


1. You could never have a relationship with a dreamy loser who wastes his whole day and doesn’t care.

2 . Second, you would loathe someone as a partner who doesn’t have his life under control. Order and planning are essential!

3. Even with a childish partner you would never find your happiness because you would only be upset about him. 


1. An outgoing person who pushes you and gets annoyed quickly would disturb your harmony.

2. You can’t use a grim in your life either. If someone only sees black, you loathe the time with him because he is stressing you.

3. And thirdly, under no circumstances would you be able to share your life with a person who wants to keep telling you what to do or not to do. 


1. A partner who sticks to you all the time would be too exhausting for you and would be extremely upset.

2. Even someone who restricts you by seeing you as their property would be absolutely nothing for you.

3. You also cannot use psycho games between you and your partner. You want openness and honesty. If your partner lets you feel his anger, it will drive you crazy. 


1. First of all, respect for another person is extremely important to you. If someone treated you or a person close to you without hesitation, it would be over between you.

2. You only respect your partner if he has a backbone and also stands for what he cannot do or where he failed. An apology should definitely be in there!

3. You also find it pathetic if someone blames others for their botched life instead of changing something themselves. 


1. It drives you crazy when a message is delivered but not answered. Especially not if the other one intentionally neglects you.

2. You never understand a person who pretends to be something that he is not. You hate all the slimes and wrong people to your blood!

3. And just as hypocritical and obnoxious are the people who post everything on Instagram right away and continue to check for their likes. Follow us here on Instagram. 


1. A partner who always wants to know where you are and who is spying on you would not be able to accept.

2. You would also throw everyone out of your life who has a manipulative character and tries to influence you and make you compliant.

3. If you found that your partner looks you straight in the eye while telling you falsehoods, it would be over between you, because that too is a quality that you cannot abort. PISCES (FEBRUARY 20 – MARCH 20)

1. You prefer to avoid people who are very self-confident and who constantly have to determine what can or should not be done.

2. Even when someone is very arrogant and only sees their own opinions and actions as the only correct ones, you feel repelled. Such a person would not be your partner for long.

3. In conclusion, you hate it unbelievably if your counterpart has no depth, but only wants to talk about unimportant things that will be forgotten tomorrow. 

Nobody is perfect, but one or the other peculiarity of a person can drive us crazy. Now you know what your red scarves are and you can avoid them. Then nothing stands in the way of a relaxed life.

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