What the month of December has in store for you. According to your star sign.


December will increase your confidence in your abilities and yourself. You will be more motivated to get hold of certain things and detoxify your environment from negative people.


December will give you the peace and quiet you need to find yourself. The month will be marked by relaxation and peace, exactly to your taste.


The month of December will force you to become a more mature person. This is either triggered by a particular situation or because you reflect yourself and realize that you have to change a lot about yourself.


December will change your social environment fundamentally and that to the positive. People will disappear from your inner circle, of which you have always secretly known that they are not good for you.


December will be filled with gratitude for you, either because things are finally going the way you’ve been wanting them for a long time or because the work you’ve done for a long time is finally paying off.


December is full of passion and emotions. Butterflies in the stomach may also be possible. A month full of love is waiting for you.


The month of December will show you in a positive way how to deal better with conflicts. There are some dramas in your life that are slowly coming to an end in the coming month.


The month of December will show you that you should not be so hard on yourself, and you will realize, over the course of the next month, that you also have a soft side and need to put it more into practice.


December is waiting for you with lots of adventures, humor and excitement. The coming month is anything but boring and will take you in full.


The coming month has new plans for your future in the luggage. Some of what you had in mind, you will have to reject, because new is on the plan. You will have to realign your view of the future.


The month of December will be an exam for your relationships (friendships, family and love) but you will master them in your rational and profound way.


December is waiting for you with a few twists. Nothing is as it seems and even less is what you hoped for. It will be a tough and complicated month for you.

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