We all have different things that tick us off and make us angry. It’s how we deal with our aggravation that sets us all apart. Some people get all hot and bothered really quickly and their response is almost immediate. Opposite of them are the people who stew for awhile and keep their feelings inside, before finally exploding with rage. Either way, when you feel angry, you know it because your mood changes from relaxed and calm one minute to livid and intense the next.

If you want to know how you or someone you love handles their fiery emotions, look no further than the zodiac signs. Astrology offers a unique approach to the topic and can shine a light on our weaknesses. In effect, those can be further examined to see how we react to negative feelings and in the process they reveal how we handle anger. By knowing how the zodiac affects a certain sign, in terms of how those who fall under it act when their tempers flare up, you can instantly know a little more about either yourself, or anyone else who you may or may not want to incite! Below are the ways in which each zodiac sign handles feelings of anger:


Aries are the type who spontaneously erupt in an angry ball of brooding, impulsive anger. If you get caught up in the way of it be very careful because they will rage out and steamroll right over you without even slowing down. They also burn out fast and will withdraw into themselves, so keep them upbeat and moving forwards by distracting them with less stressful projects and they’ll get over it.


A general lack of patience makes Taurus very easy to anger. They also hate being caught off guard by anything sudden and unexpected, the instability caused by the experience freaks them out and makes them aggressive. It takes them awhile to get over it and they like to be alone when this happens.


Geminis have a knack for making themselves angry when they have no reason to be so in the first place. They can over-think a tiny slight into a huge, major problem and blow it all completely out of proportion. It’s also how they deal with anger, by imagining it away, turning it around, and channeling into something else.


When times get tough, Cancers get super clingy and emotional, and nothing angers them quite like someone who doesn’t put in the effort to support them. A perceived lack of understanding causes them to be insecure and from there they spiral into an irrational pit of negativity and depression. They’ll cut ties with people they view as bad friends, so give them a reason to trust you.


If a Leo is angry, you’ll definitely know it because they wear their emotions on their sleeves for the world to see. Usually it has to do with hurt pride and just as quickly as they’re prone to blow up, they settle right back down and move on. It’s best to steer clear and let them blow off the steam.


Virgos are the type who lash out at those around them when they’re stewing and if you say the wrong thing or push them, they will lay into you with no mercy. Their cruel outbursts push people away and that doesn’t help the situation when Virgo’s themselves become distant and cool after they blow their tops.


Libras are repression artists who deeply suppress all thoughts of sadness or feelings of anger down inside themselves. Eventually it all comes to a head, or something angers them just so, and that causes them to explode and unleash their notoriously hard to anger inner selves.


Scorpios are very mean when they’re angry, plain and simple. They say hurtful things and sometimes take it a little too far because they’re known to turn their wrath on people by trying to ruin their lives. Tread carefully and avoid them when they’re mid anger-streak.


Sagittarius are extremely hard to make upset and instead of angry they tend to become sad and depressed. Since they like to be free and go solo, it can be hard to tell if they’re in a funk because when they are around people they act happy and upbeat. Sit them down and have a talk to see where their head is at, direct and upfront is the best way to deal with them.


Capricorns push others away when they’re upset and use avoidance and isolation as their main defense mechanism. A prideful sign, they will regress into their work and careers as a way to nonchalantly detach from the rest of the world. Don’t try to use jokes or anything of the sort to draw them out because they lack a sense of humor, which makes them volatile.


It’s extremely hard to anger an Aquarius since they tend to always be on the positive and upbeat side of life. When they do become angry or hurt, you likely won’t even notice because they are so good at hiding it and keeping those feelings repressed deep down inside themselves. Instead, what they will do is become distant and aloof so watch closely for signs of detachment.


Pisces tend to be their own worst enemy when it comes to feelings of anger and resentment. They have a bad habit of slowly making themselves angry by going over and over in their heads old painful memories and traumatic experiences. It can get really bad and to the point where their usually mellow, care-free attitude is replaced by a bitter, angry one. If you can, try to help them break the cycle of negative thoughts and get them out of their funk.

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