Virgo is elegance itself, and Lions do not miss the opportunity to look sexy even at work. Astrologers believe that our zodiac sign affects not only the character, but also the style of clothing. The amount of money we spend on our own clothes and shoes is laid at our birth. So in everything, it turns out, the stars are to blame!

Aries (03/21/20/04)

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Aries are real avant-garde and fashion leaders. Their motto is best reflected in the words of Coco Chanel: “Fashion is that which does not go out of fashion.” As a rule, Aries are fans of shopping, which gives them great pleasure. They choose exclusive and easy to combine items. Aries women adore shapes that emphasize the figure: tight-fitting knitwear, leggings, belts. Men love simple, high-quality and relevant things.

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 Taurus (04.21-20.05)

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Taurus endowed with the talent to attract attention with their outfits. They know their figure well and know how to hide flaws. Choosing comfort and luxury, they are able to dress very boldly, capturing the views of others. Sometimes they blindly follow fashion trends, but at the same time they can stop in time. Their life credo: harmonious beauty without a show.

Gemini (05.21-21.06)

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The twins always look young and fresh, preferring the youth style, which is usually always admired by everyone. They easily follow fashion and are not lost in new trends. Representatives of this sign have the largest wardrobe, because for them the ability to constantly change outfits is important. Women of this sign give their preference to modern dresses, and men manage to dress both fashionably and practically.

Cancer (06.22-22.07)

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Crayfish are often afraid to look frivolous. Their motto is elegance and convenience. They like different styles: from sports – jeans + sneakers (but beautiful sneakers and trendy jeans), to chic cashmere and silk clothes. Cancer Women have a weakness for fluttering dresses made of chiffon or muslin and jewelry made of platinum, silver and gold. Men of this sign love strict suits and, even wearing jeans, skillfully combine them with a jacket or shirt.

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Leo (07.23-23.08)

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Leo loves luxurious clothes, furs and leather: he always wants the best! Aristocracy in their blood! Often, Lions cannot stop buying new things and never spare money for quality. Classics is the best direction for Leo. Lionesses are often admirers of haute couture, impeccable forms and women’s costumes, but they don’t even say no to airy dresses. Male Lions often prefer business style.

Virgo (08.24-23.09)

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Virgo prefers to combine beauty and functionality. Virgo never seeks to flaunt labels or boast about the prestige of a brand. When choosing quality things, they prefer simple but perfectly thought-out forms, paying particular attention to details. Representatives of the weaker sex try to look feminine and avoid complex combinations. Well, Virgo men prefer classics.bestchange

Libra (09.24-23.10)

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Scales are very harmonious in clothes. They always skillfully find a balance between shapes and colors. Libra, both women and men, likes to dress up, but at the same time, they do not become fashion slaves and prefer to create their own trends. In their style, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Libra likes clothes that follow the curves of the body. They have a unique flair for choosing colors, styles and styles, which, in the end, are perfect for them.

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Scorpio (10.24-22.11)

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Scorpions never look vulgar or sloppy, despite the fact that they are the most avid mods and provocateurs. Courage is their trump card, and, of course, a natural flair for fashion trends. Female scorpions will not wait until the dress from the fashion magazine appears in the store – raising a dozen seamstresses to their feet, they will achieve their goal and will be the first to demonstrate the new items of the season.

Sagittarius (11.23-21.12)

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Sagittarius, your middle name is Glamor! Sagittarius subconsciously create their image so that they inevitably attract the attention of others. They like to combine the incongruous: silk with velor, brocade of gold and silver. Perhaps someone else would have looked ridiculous, having resorted to such an experiment, but not Sagittarius. They will suit ethnic motifs, African or Indian outfits, as well as unusual jewelry that carries a spiritual meaning and emphasizes individuality.

Capricorn (12.22-20.01)

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Capricorn loves luxurious clothes, he has an innate sense of harmony and the ability to emphasize his dignity. Most Capricorns can be considered fans of the classic and, at the same time, sexy style. The basis of their wardrobe is an ever-fashionable classic, but otherwise they rely on intuition. Choosing jewelry, Capricorns are guided not so much by price as by originality of one or another thing.

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Aquarius (01.21-19.02)

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Aquarius is a refined, artistic nature that has a natural flair for fashion. Aquarians create their own directions, thanks to good taste and instinct. They adore everything that is not commonplace, and can endlessly wander around the shops in search of details that complement their image. Basically, Aquarius prefers casual style. But, be sure, at the Aquarius Lady party you will notice right away! A flowing dress, a dim, but expressive makeup, not a woman – a dream!

Pisces (02.20-20.03)

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Fish – dreamy and bright. Women-Fishes are brisk and plastic, so they prefer clothes that follow the contours of their bodies. Incredible fashionistas, they adore universal admiration. This feature is also characteristic of men of this sign – they attract the views of others, without making any effort. Fish are so natural that they are never vulgar. They love proven brands and solid materials, believing that the thing that they will wear should, first of all, be worthy of them.

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